MCM: Luis Ernesto Franco

Ernesto Franco
is currently playing the role of immigration
police officer, Daniel Phillips, in the on-going series, Woman of Steel 3 (Señora Acero 3, La Coyote) where he, Vicenta
and her clan will be mainly responsible for unmasking the corrupted Mexican
government and destroying Chucho Casáres and Heriberto Roca.

The talented
actor studied acting at the Centro de Formacion Actoral of TV Azteca. The
Mexican’s desire to become an actor was because he was a fan of the movie, “My
poor Angel” which he watched more than 50 times. He added that when he understood
that the movie was a fiction and that the
movies were acting and not like the videos that were recorded at weddings or
birthday parties, he discovered that he wanted to be great. 
Luis is a television and film actor and
producer widely known for his appearances in productions like Bajo el Mismo
Cielo, Camelia La Texana, I Don’t Know Whether to Slit My Wrists or Leave Them
Long, 2033, Obediencia Perfecta, Amar, Sonares,
Sin verguenza and many others
 Some of his
production credits include the 2011 film Los
and the film, Lo Que
Podríamos Ser
which he both wrote and produced.
In 2016, he won award for The Best Bad Boy in Your World Awards
for his role, Rodrigo Martinez “El Faier” in the
American telenovela, Under The Same
(Bajo El Mismo Cielo).
He was married to
Mexican actress, Marimar Vega. However,
on May 22, 2018 Luis Ernesto Franco and Marimar Vega confirmed their divorce
through a message broadcast on their social networks. The couple got married in

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