Monday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 218 – 220

Leela asks what has happened to her girl. She comes to Twinkle and
slaps her hard, all are shocked, Leela asks Twinkle to come back to her
senses, and asks if she is insane that she is calling this cheap man hee
husband? She asks if she forget what he did with her till date.
asks why is she not allowing her to talk to her husband? Leela is
stunned, Kunj asks Twinkle if she has gone mad? Twinkle tell Yuvi that
they will go away from here and he don’t want to stay here. Anita tells
Twinkle that she is acting like Bengali girl and warn her to stay away
from her son, Leela asks what has happened to her daughter and why is
she talking like this?

Twinkle comes to her room and is doing
pooja. All come there, Leela asks Twinkle what she is doing? Twinkle
says she is doing pooja for her husband and nobody can separate her from
her husband, she is wearing Bengali saree and doing pooja. Bebe asks if
some evil soul is possessing Twinkle and what is she doing? Yuvi and
Anita comes there. Twinkle who pretends to have lost her mind and calls
Yuvraj her husband. She accuses Anita for seperating her from Yuvi. Yuvi
thinks what is Twinkle trying to do? And this is for sure her new drama
otherwise Twinkle in this avatar for real is not possible. Twinkle
looks at Yuvi, she goes and hold heavy bed with her one hand, all are
shocked, Bebe says some evil soul is possessing her for real. Twinkle
asks Anita if she will let her stay with her husband and further asks if
she will get her husband or not?. Twinkle comes to Anita and says Yuvi
is her husband, if she try to snatch him from her then she will kill
her, she throws a knife at her, Anita and everyone is shocked. Yuvi who
think Twinkle is acting asks Twinkle if she want to live with him as his
wife? Twinkle nods, Yuvi says he want this too but there is some
confusion. He tells her that his mom is not vamp, she loves her, she is
his mom and want them to live as husband and wife and the real villain
of their story is Kunj. Twinkle angrily looks at Kunj, Bebe says what
rubbish? Yuvi tell Twinkle that if she really want to be with him then
she have to kill Kunj, if she want his love then to go ahead and kill
him and will only believe if she kills Kunj. Yuvi thinks that Twinkle is
a good actor but she can’t fool him with her acts and he know she can’t
hurt Kunj even in her dreams. Yuvi gives her dagger and asks her to go
ahead. Bebe try to stop Twinkle. Twinkle throws the dagger at Kunj, he
moves back and gets saved. Yuvi is shocked and believes Twinkle. Leela
asks Twinkle if she have gone mad? Bebe says she is trying to kill her
husband? Yuvi is stunned and says Twinkle hit Kunj for real? Twinkle
nods. Anita tells Yuvi they should go from here, she takes Yuvi from

While Anita and Yuvi are in room, Anita discuss with her
son whether Twinkle is actually mentally disturbed or is she just acting
and that maybe because of his antics, she has lost her mental balance
or asks if she has gone in the past birth or evil soul is possessing
her? Yuvi says he don’t know why she is doing all this. At the same
time, they hear Kunj trying to talk Twinkle out asking if she have gone
mad that she is calling Yuvi her husband?. Yuvi comes from behind and
listens their talk. Kunj says to Twinkle why is she doing all this? He
tries to remind her what happened and how Yuvi took her to the Jungle
and tried to take advantage of her and he came and saved her. He adds
that she hurt herself on the head and maybe that’s why she is saying all
this. Twinkle doesn’t believe Kunj and denies from accepting the
reality and tells Kunj that Yuvraj is her husband. She says she wants
her husband and her Yuvi. Yuvi listens to all this and thinks that
Twinkle is not acting as she is not even listening to Kunj and tried to
hit him too, he think there is some problem with her. Just while talking
to Kunj, Twinkle falls unconscious. Kunj gets worried and Twinkle is
later attended to by a doctor.

The doctor tells Twinkle’s family that
she is mentally disturbed as she got hurt on head and might take a while
to recover but she will become fine with time, and they all have to be
careful to give her what she wants. Yuvi and Anita listens to this, the
doctor leaves. Yuvi tells his mom that Twinkle is not in her senses and
they have to take advantage of the situation till she doesn’t get her
senses back. He comes to Twinkle’s room and Kunj tell Yuvi that Twinkle
is in this condition because of him. Yuvi confidently admit it that he
have made her like this so he will take care of her, he is her husband
and tells them leave as he want to spend sometime with his wife. Twinkle
becomes conscious. Yuvi apologize to Twinkle that he didn’t listen to
her and that she was right that he is her husband and she is his wife,
he smirks at Kunj. Yuvi promise her that he will not do it again.
Twinkle refuses and says he needs to tell everyone as he made mockery of
their marriage, and that his mom did it too, Anita deny it and says
they both love her alot but they were just scared of seeing things and
they are fine now. Twinkle refuses saying they both have made fun of
pious marriage. Yuvi apologize to her that he did wrong and will do
anything she say and tell her to just say what she want and he will do
it for her. Twinkle tells Yuvi that he dont need to say sorry to her as
he have made fun to pious relation marriage so he should say sorry to
people, she him to go outside and say sorry to people. Yuvraj falls for
it and is ready to do whatever she says. Anita is confused, Yuvi leaves.

Yuvi and Anita comes on street, Yuvi tries to talk to people about his
marriage. He tells a girl that he want to talk about his marriage but
the girl calls her husband and they scold Yuvi for eve-teasing girl as
they think Yuvi was doing. Twinkle comes there and asks what happened?.
She asks if no one is listening to him? She decides to help him. She
calls the women around and says Yuvi want to say something to them. She
asks Yuvi to lean in front the women then talk what he wants to say and
they will listen with concentration. Yuvi says it’s a good idea. Yuvi
says to the women that she never took marriage seriously but then he
realized how pure, how powerful this relationship of marriage and that
he realized it very late, hr wish he had realized it earlier, he have
tortured his wife alot and he have never given her respect and he is
ready to ask forgiveness by sitting on his knees. Yuvi apologies on his
knees and he admits what he has done that he will respect Twinkle from
now. Twinkle is happy and she tells everyone what Yuvi has done as he
have made fun of such pious marriage, he has tried to temper with it, he
has played dirty tricks using pure relationship of marriage and that he
has broken the marriage. On hearing this, Yuvi is confused as to what
she is saying against him, one women ask what has Yuvi done? Leela, Kunj
and Bebe comes there. Leela says they will tell them, they stare at
Yuvi who is confused. Twinkle smirks.

As all are gathered
outside. Bebe asks Leela to tell the ladies present what the matter is.
Leela tells them all that Yuvi has done. She says that her daughter
Twinkle got married to Kunj but Yuvi was always after her daughter as he
has tried to destroy their happiness, he kept torturing her and he
stooped so low that he got Twinkle and Kunj divorce each other by
cheating then he got married to Twinkle by cheating, he wanted to have
his wedding night with her by cheating so he mixed intoxicating element
in her juice and took her to the jungle to take advantage of her, he is
that much cheap. Yuvi tries to defend himself. Ladies are shocked to
hear Yuvi’s crimes and say they will not forgive him, they should set an
example that no one does this again. Kunj asks the ladies what they
intend to do upon hearing Yuvi’s truth. The ladies say they won’t spare
him. They decide to beat him. Kunj gives the okay to beat Yuvi whole
heatedly with their slippers. Bebe tells the ladies to beat him more and

Twinkle reveals to Yuvi how he got trapped and ask if he
think he is oversmart but he is stupid and further asks if he think that
she drank that intoxicating juice?. She tells him she never consumed
the water and that the dagger she threw at Kunj was plastic. She tells
him she did all that to teach him a lesson as he have stooped so low to
come near her and now these ladies will punish him for his deeds. She
lectures him on the sanctity of marriage and relationships that he
should know what is result of playing with married girl’s respect and
with pious relationship of marriage. The ladies take off their slippers
and beats Yuvi up. Anita is shocked as Twinkle gets her son beaten up in
public. Kunj laughs while Anita tries to stop the ladies but the ladies
beat Yuvi non-stop and Yuvi is helpless. Anita yells at Twinkle saying
that she will soon avenge this insult. Twinkle says it’s Yuvi’s fault
all this is happening, she didn’t do anything but her son did everything
and she was always with him in his plans and he is getting punished for
his deed and she is not doing anything new and reminds her that they
did the same to her as she lied to people and they beat her up, adding
that today these women are doing justice so she is feeling bad and if
she is feeling bad then to go and save her son and asks why is she
standing on a side? The ladies continue beating Yuvi.

At night in
the Sarna Mansion, Bebe and the others recall Yuvi’s beating and enjoy
it. Leela says that Yuvi would want to avenge his insult as he got
insulted in public and he will try to answer them back. Kunj says
whatever he does they will stop him together and if he tries to do any
stunt then it will be bad for him. Yuvi is at Luthra Mansion sitting on
the balcony recalling the day’s incidents. Twinkle’s word ring in his
ear as how Twinkle said that he should get punished for trying to play
with married girl’s respect, he looks confused.

Usha tells
Twinkle to rest. Kunj says they are young and can stay up but they all
should take rest. Leela agrees with them. The lights get turned off.
Bebe asks Leela to switch on torch of her mobile. Leela puts on
flashlight on her phone, she, Bebe and Usha leave to check the lights.
Twinkle starts to follow them but Kunj holds her hand and tells her to
come with him. He takes her from there. Yuvi has a crazed look as he
recalls what Twinkle did. He says till today he did everything for
Twinkle’s love, he did everything to get Twinkle but Twinkle never
respected his love, never gave attention to it, she always insulted him
but he kept ignoring it in a laugh but today what Twinkle did, he will
never forgive her for what has happened and she will get punished for
today’s deed. He sees a bottle of kerosene and smirks.

Twinkle is
wearing purple saree. Kunj covers Twinkle’s eyes and brings her to a
romantic location. The room is decorated beautifully. Twinkle says that
Bebe and her mom will catch them. Kunj says so what, she is his legally
married wife. He removes his hands from her eyes and she looks around.
She is awed by the decorations and asks him if he did all of that for
her. He says she did it for Angelina Jolie and smiles and then says of
course he did this for her. She blushes while he comes near her and
lovingly caresses her face. He tells her that this is their night and
it’s only him and her. Yuvi on the other hand is driving like a mad man.
He keeps eyeing the kerosene.

Kunj comes closer to her and is
about to kiss Twinkle but she gets shy and runs away. He hugs her from
behind and she leans back into his arms. Aaja Piya song plays in the
background and they slow dance to it. Twinkle keeps smiling and
blushing. Their forehead rest on each other’s, their noses touch.
Twinkle again gets shy. She sits on a swing. Kunj comes and joins her
there. He kisses her on her shoulders. She smiles and closes her eyes.
She feels shy and gets up to run away. He pulls her back and she falls
onto his laps. He puts his hand around her waist and continues kissing
her shoulder. She blushes and gets up and run. Kunj smiles and walks to
her. He lifts her in his arms. She wraps her arms around his neck. They
continue romancing. Kunj tells her he has one more surprise for her. She
asks one more? He says how can he forget it, he puts her down and runs
to get it.
Twinkle is awed and wonders how many more surprise
Kunj will give to her. Yuvi stands behind her and says this shall be the
last surprise. Twinkle is shocked seeing him. Yuvi says she thought
it’s Kunj? And he is lying unconscious outside. He informs her that he
has knocked Kunj unconscious with rod. She wants to go meet Kunj but is
stopped by Yuvi. He hold her hand and shows her the kersonine. He tells
her he will burn the place down if she try to move from here.

asks if he is mad and what will he get by doing all this?. He says
today’s insult was the last straw and now everything will end. He opens
the bottle and says everytime she destroy his every plan but this time
the insult she made him bear was alot, he is feeling really bad about
it, and she thought that she will make fun of him and he wont do
anything to her and says what she did and she made him get beaten up by
public in the market and she thought that he will forgive her and she
thought she won?. He tells her that Yuvraj Luthra always wins and nobody
can win over him. She took wrong turn and now she have to pay for it.
Twinkle says it will create fire badly, Yuvi asks what about fire inside
his heart? He pours the kerosene around the room, he says he did
everything for her but what she did, she left him for Kunj and others.
She became his habit but then she left him, he will end this matter for
once and if she can’t be hid then she can’t be of anyone else. She calls
out to Kunj for help. He shows her lighter, she says he have gone mad
and that he won’t get anything by this and asks what will he get? Yuvi
says he will get it by doing this and says now they will be together
forever as they both will die here today. Twinkle is shocked. Yuvi says
they will be immortal after death, people will give examples of them,
they will say that they became one after death, Twinkle says he have
lost it and keeps calling out for Kunj to save her. Yuvi tells her he is
fed up hearing that name and they are in this state because of him, if
he was not in picture then they would have fairy tale story today but no
issues. Yuvi says now their story would be like Romeo and Juliet and
that they will die, they will become immortal, they will become one,
everything will become fine, he have set everything, he told her that
their story has not ended, fate has made them meet and fate can never be
wrong, she will become his with this death and then Yuvi and Twinkle
would be forever one. He lights the lighter. Twinkle is shocked.

Yuvi throws the lighter on the floor and due to the kerosene, the entire
place is engulfed in flames. Twinkle is frightened and asks why is he
doing this?. Twinkle tries to battle the fire and escape the house but
Yuvi, who has lit the fire himself prepares to die along with Twinkle.
She calls out for Kunj. Kunj is lying outside the room unconscious, he
listens to Twinkle’s voice and gains consciousnes. Yuvi says to Twinkle
not to stress herself as everything is going to be fine and this is the
new start of their love, he asks her to give him a hug and they will
live happily ever after. All family members come outside the house and
asks how did this fire start? Bebe says Twinkle is inside, thus must be
done by Yuvi, and curse him that he should rot in hell. Kunj comes
there. Leela asks Kunj to save her girl, Kunj ask them to move back.
Inside Twinkle cries, Yuvi asks her to be happy as they are going to be
one now. Kunj is on the outside trying to break down the doors and
windows to go inside house. Yuvi and Twinkle feels suffocated inside due
to the smoke. Kunj pushes door, he kicks it, the door breaks and
fire comes out, he moves back and coughs. Kunj asks Bebe to call fire
brigade and he will look around for Twinkle, he goes inside, they leave
to call fire brigade. Kunj comes inside the room and sees Twinkle and
Yuvi standing with fire around them.

Twinkle runs to Kunj and hugs him
tightly, Yuvi angrily looks at them, Yuvi pulls Twinkle towards him, she
asks him to leave her hand. Yuvi says Twinkle wont go anywhere. Kunj
holds Twinkle’s other hand and tries to rescue her but Yuvi holds on to
Twinkle wishes to die with her and tells Kunj that they never became one
because of him and today when they are dying, he came here again? He
tells Kunj to leave Twinkle, he pulls Twinkle to his side, a pillar
falls inbetween, Twinkle and Yuvi stands on the side of the pillar while
Kunj stands on otherside of the pillar, Yuvi falls down on floor. Soon,
Kunj manages to free Twinkle from Yuvi and tells Twinkle to jump to his
side and to lets them leave but Twinkle refuses to let Yuvi die in the
fire as she sees wood sticks falling here and there, and tells Kunj they
can’t leave Yuvi here and they can’t let him die for humanity sake,
they have to save him, she asks Yuvi to come with her. Kunj tells
Twinkle to leave him as he is bearing the punishment of his sins.
Twinkle comes to Yuvi and tells him come with her, he says she won’t go
anywhere and will die with him. Kunj comes to their side and pulls Yuvi
with Twinkle. Kunj and Twinkle help Yuvi to get out of the fire and they
rush him to the hospital as he is badly injured due to the fire.

Kunj tells Twinkle that Anita will again blame them for Yuvi’s
condition, Yuvi did everything and still she saved his life. Twinkle
says Yuvi just keep thinking about revenge and revenge but she think
about Anita as she has only one child, there is no one except Yuvi for
her and she will breakdown seeing Yuvi in this condition. Kunj says some
people can never change. Just then, the doctor comes there and informs
them that the patient is fine and they can meet him.

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