Monday Update On My Lost Home

Veer and Cherry both sit in the car for their various duties. Cherry
shows a bracelet to Veer and says that she made a huge mistake to break
Jeet’s bracelet as Jeet is very possessive about it.
Veer takes a look
at it and says that if Cherry has given such a lovely gift to Jeet then
it’s obvious that Jeet will be possessive about it. Cherry smirks and
tells him that she didn’t give it to Jeet. She also added that she
thought it was Veer who had gifted it to Jeet. Veer says no and once
again become restless after remembering Soni and the bracelet issue.
Cherry told the driver to stop the car as she had reached the jewelry

At the office, Veer is still thinking about the missing
bracelet and how Soni was hiding something from him. He decided to phone
the jeweler to know the truth, first he stops himself but then he
phoned the jeweler shop and asks the owner about the person who bought
the bracelet from his shop. The jeweler tells him that the person was
from the Khurana family and then Veer asks the name of the person. The
shopkeeper replied that it was Soni Khurana who bought the bracelet .
Veer becomes shocked and thought as to why Soni gifted it to Jeet and
also hide the bracelet from him.

Veer starts to question Jeet
about the bracelet when he returned home from work. They both argue to
the extent that Veer tried to slap Jeet. Durga looks upset as her two
son’s are fighting each other. She looks towards Cherry with anger
filled in her eyes. She’s talking to herself by saying that what she did
not want to happen is happening. She says that her two son’s that were
like Ram Bharat Jodi were both fighting with each other today just
because of Soni. Soni is shown crying very badly . Durga is still
talking to herself that all the fights were because of Soni. Veer is
also crying and he puts his hand down slowly and he walks away. Durga
runs behind him. Durga pleads with Veer to listen to her once, while
Veer remembers a flash back when his mom told him on his anniversary
that Soni gave the coin to her. He asks his mother whether if he knew
everything? That he knew the truth from the beginning. But yet still she
covered it all the time for their act. Durga looks down upset. Veer
walks towards Soni and Jeet while saying this. Soni is continuously
crying while Jeet looks down. Cherry smirks and also feels happy upon
seeing that her master plan has finally been successful. Veer held up
the coin and told Durga that she gave him this fake coin saying it is
mata rani’s. Veer tells Durga that she deceived him and also the Mata
Rani as well. Durga says that she admit she has made a big mistake. Veer
says mistake? He question his mother again.

Veer tells her that she
found out the true of his life and it turns his life upside down and she
was saying it was just a mistake? Veer couldn’t stop himself from
shedding tears. He tells them that they all knew what was happening in
the house but still they hide it from him. He furiously shouts why? And
also asks if he didn’t have the right to know? And nobody found it
important to tell him? He says that he was stabbed in the back all the
time but they all just watched it. Even though they knew that when he
gets to know the truth and what he will go through. Veer shouts that
they all deceived him. “YOU ALL DID”. He walks towards Cherry . He
asks Charanjeet (Cherry) whether if she also knew everything and yet
still did not tell him. Cherry tells Veer to remember how many times she
tried to tell him but she just shut her up all the time. Veer remembers
a flash backs of a time Cherry was telling him something. Veer looks
down and Cherry just smiles looking down. Veer says he remembered, he
remembers everything . Soni looks towards him crying. He tells Cherry
that she did try to tell him but its his fault as he did not think about
it, and also by thinking that they were his own that why he had to see
this day. Veer asks why didn’t he die before seeing this day, as he will
never forget this day. He says that today he got his punishment of
never trusting anyone. As he has seen everybody’s real face in the
family in which he was proud of. He says he has lost trust of every
relationship in the world. Jeet goes up to him and begs Veer to forgive
him and also give him one chance to tell him the truth and also prove
himself. Veer says for what? And asks what does he think that will be
able to trust him. Soni asks Veer to try to understand. Veer cuts her
in-between and puts his hand up

Durga shouts at Soni by
asking if she was happy now that she has finally caused a fight between
his son’s? She tells her that she should be happy that she was
successful as this was what she wanted. Durga tells Soni that she has
won. And that she did all this. She says so much bad hurtful words to
Soni. Durga tells Soni that a deer always saves it own but she (Soni)
was worse as she did not save her maternal home nor her marital home.
She tells Soni that she has done what she wanted. Durga tells Soni that
she was not going to let her stay in their house any longer. Durga holds
her hands. Soni begs Durga that she did not do it on purpose and also
pleads that she shouldn’t throw her out of the house. Durga tells her
to get out of her house. Chery smiled evily. DD tells Durga not to jump
into conclusion. Durga does not listen. DD tells Durga that they can sit
down and sort it out. Durga furiously tells DD not to say a word today.
DD looks shocked and he’s quiet. Durga tells Soni that she will
definitely throw her of their house. Soni is constantly trying to stop
her from doing it but Durga does not listen. Veer puts his hands on his
face and walks away. Jeet watches him with Cherry. Soni shouts for Veer
and pleads with him to listen to her but he just walks up the stairs.

On the other hand Mahi and her mother are in the car. Her mother asks
Mahi that she did not tell her were they were going? Mahi tells her
that Soni wanted her to stay with her for a few days that’s why they
were going to her house. Her mother gets happy. She tells Mahi that the
two of them were very small when they used to fight to sleep on her lap
all the time and she used to take it turns playing with both of them.
Mahi looks towards her. She sadly says that time has turned upsidedown.
As some days she will stay with her and some days with Soni.

Durga has held on to Soni’s arm very tight and she is taking her to the
gates. Durga shouts at her to stay away from them. Soni pleaded to
Durga to listen to her once. Durga asks her to be quiet as she was a
girl from a lower class and yet still she got her married to her house
was the worst mistake she ever made. Soni is pleading to meet Veer once.
Durga chucks her all the way and she falls at Mahi’s and her mother’s

Mahi and her mother are shocked and just watch Soni for a
few seconds. Durga just looks at Mahi. Soni puts her head up with tears
coming down her face. She tries to get up. Durga tells Mahi that she has
come at the right time. And that she should take her sister away and
never come back to their house as they don’t want to see her again.
Three of them have tears in their eyes and Durga walks away. Mahi bends
down quickly and picks up Soni. Mahi asks Soni to tell her what
happened. Finally Soni says everything is finished as Veer has found out
everything. Mahi looks at her in shock.

Durga shouts that
nobody should mention Soni’s name ever again in the house and she tells
all of them to go to their various rooms as she wants to be left alone.
She looks towards Cherry with an angry face and goes towards her. They
give each other mean looks. Durga asks her why she did all this? As she
had told her not to get Jeet involved in all of this and she also
promised her that she didn’t want to. Cherry points her finger at Durga
and tells Durga not to raise her voice at her. Durga is shocked. Cherry
tells her that because of this house she has been burning everyday. But
still she tolerated everything and asks Durga if she knew why? She tells
Durga that she has got no happiness from this marriage, not even for a
moment . But still she did not open her mouth just for the happiness of
their house. She says that what she did today was for the welfare of
their home. She tells Durga that she still do not understand why she was
blaming her for everything. And that she should think with a cool mind
what they wanted has happened today, as she had to do everything to
make sure Soni would not stay in their house. Cheery says that if she
had not have done what she did then Soni would have been with them
today. She tells Durga that she chucked Soni out herself. Cherry then
walks away, Durga tells herself that ” A girl born today was trying to
get away with what she has done but she does not know that she Durga
Khurana will set her straight.

Mahi feels sad for what happened
to her sister. Soni asks Mahi to go inside and talk to Veer for her but
Mahi tells her that what can she ask him when they all don’t have any
feeling for her tears, she tells Soni that she would not stay there and
she took Soni with her to her marital house.
At the Khurana
mansion, Durga tries to convince Veer but Veer remained silent and sad.
He didn’t give any response to his mom. Durga also become sad and

Tayaji/Tayjiji, Kamya and Gauri are chatting with each
other, then Mahi comes home with Soni and her mom. All becomes shocked
to see them and asks Mahi what happened with Soni. Mahi tells them all
that happened. All of them feel sad for Soni. Tayi ji tells Mahi that
Soni can stay with them until everything has been sorted out as it was
Mahi’s own house. But she ask Mahi to take a decision about the lady.
Mahi tells her that she was ready to take her to the old age home . Mahi
is just about to go with the lady, she opened the door then everybody
become shocked to see Shabd there at the door. The lady looks at Shabd
and tells him that she was so happy to see him. She then tells Mahi to
bring tea for Shabd, but again she stops Mahi and says that she will
make tea for Shabd herself as Shabd used to like tea made by her. Shabd
also gets shocked to hear all this from the lady. Shabd enters the house
but he is angry with Mahi and says that now he knows why Mahi denied to
go with him and he enters his room with anger on his face. Mahi
becomes sad then Tayiji asks Mahi to go to Shabd and try to talk to him.
Mahi rush into the room and says sorry to Shabd for whatever she did to
him and says that she will do whatever he says and will not make any
mistake now onwards. She also tells Shabd that Soni has full believe
that she is their mother, so how can she ignore her too. Mahi convinces
Shabd that still she is ever ready to drop the lady to the old age home
because she doesn’t want to see him sad any more and then goes from
there. Shabd remained silent.

Mahi comes down stairs and everybody
asks her about what Shabd said to her. Mahi tries to say something but
Shabd says nothing as she already knows his answer. Mahi holds her
mother’s hands and just as she was about to leave with her to the old
age home. Suddenly Shabd tells Mahi to stop. They all looked amazed and
shocked at the turn of event.

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