My style is chic and classy – Irene

Irene Anthony is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Iryanthys Apparels, a fashion outfit.  She told www. in this interview that she loves clothes that makes her sexy, but not vulgar. Her style, she says, is chic and classy most of the time as she loves to wear fitted clothes.

What is style to you as a fashion designer?
I think style is you. It is being comfortable in what you are about to showcase.
Define your style?
My style is chic and classy 90 per cent of the time.
What is that fashion item you cannot do without as a woman?
I love shoes. No matter how much you dress, when you wear a set of some six inches high-heeled, fine shoes, it just changes the definition of whatever you are wearing. High heel shoes add this very classy touch to your dressing.
What kind of clothes do you love to sport?
I love fitted clothes; I wear armless clothes a lot … clothes that make me sexy but not vulgar. I love long armless dresses that show some cleavage.  
If you have to show off any part of your body, where will that be?
It would probably be a little bit of cleavage. I think it is where I am actually endowed so I think I need to be proud of it.
Who would you say is your fashion role model?
Wow, I don’t have a particular fashion role model. But I like anything that looks good because it gives me the drive. If I have to pick, I would say the likes of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. In Nigeria, I will say Genevieve Nnaji and Joke Sylva. Genevieve dresses in a high class way but she is never vulgar and I think for a woman, if you can put classy, chic and sexy together, which is what she does, you will go a long way.
What is your philosophy of life?
In life whatever you want to do, first of all, try and understand it. When you understand it, make up your mind, put your strength together, focus and of course with the help of the Almighty you will always make it.
How do you love your make-up?
I love it not too loud. Even if it is going to be loud, let it just be a part of my face. It is either I flaunt my eye shadow or my lips, but not too flashy and not too dull.
How do you love to carry your hair?
I like to carry hairstyles that just suit my face because I am not crazy about hairstyles. I carry hairdos that don’t make me feel hot and uncomfortable.
Everybody has one fear or the other in life; what’s your greatest fear in life?
My greatest fear is not achieving destiny. For instance, career-wise. Destiny has come to make me to understand that I am going to be a great fashion designer. In the nearest future, there is a fear that I might not make it but 90 per cent of the time, I know that I can make it.
How do you relax?
What I call relaxation is actually boring. I just sit at home, watch movies and sleep.
What are your hobbies?
Apart from reading and watching movies, my passion is sewing.
How would you rate the dress sense of Nigerian women as a fashion designer?
Over the years, the dress sense of Nigerian women on the scale of 10 to 100 per cent, I will say it is 80 per cent. I will say among the African countries, Nigerian women are the most fashionable.
What’s your best perfume?
Burberry, for female.
What is your best colour?
I would say red. But really as a fashion designer, I am comfortable with a lot of colours, especially bright colours like blue, red, yellow, wine and white.
Have you made any fashion blunder?
Yes, but I can’t remember any right now. I think any time I dress and my fiancée says you know what, this is horrible, I know it would have been a fashion blunder.
Are you a jewelry person?
No, I am not crazy about jewelry at all.
What kind of books do you read?
Inspirational books
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