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Below are weekly updates of your favourite series showing this week on StarLife. While The Inseparables and Game of Love air Monday to Friday, others series air Monday to Sunday, Oct 7 -13.


Family Affairs

Family Affairs Teasers - October 2019Monday 7 October 2019
Episode 141

The goons give Sarla five days to arrange the money. They take Amit with them. Shivam scolds Riya for not helping Kaushalya with the household chores. Sharmili warns Pari against visiting the locked room.

Tuesday 8 October 2019
Episode 142

Shanti blames herself for the wrong upbringing of her grandchildren and decides to take an ice water bath to wash away her sins.

Wednesday 9 October 2019
Episode 143

Pari is shocked to see Sujeev’s split personality. An angry Shivam screams at Riya; says he regrets marrying her. Bunty convinces Riya not to leave Shanti Sadan. Pari refuses to help Sarla with money.

Thursday 10 October 2019
Episode 144

Teaser unavailable.

Friday 11 October 2019
Episode 145

Shanti becomes emotional when she hears that Sarla has cancer. The goons call Sarla for money. Riya asks Sarla for her medical reports. Sarla feels that Riya is doubting her illness.

Saturday 12 October 2019
Episode 146

Raghav returns home to find Riya arguing with Shanti. He agrees with Riya about depositing the jewellery in the bank. Sarla asks Rajinder and Bansi to arrange a fake cancer report.

Sunday 13 October 2019
Episode 147

Sarla gets a fake cancer report. Shanti hesitantly marks her thumbprint on the mortgage papers of Shanti Sadan that Raghav has brought. Riya learns that there are no cancer doctors at Mughal Sarai.

Premiere episodes of Family Affairs air on Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 18h00.



Kulfi: The Singing Star

Monday 7 October 2019

Episode 226

When Loveleen tries to oust Nimrat, Kulfi tries to influence Sikander to let Nimrat stay in the house. Later, Sikander is hospitalised.

Episode 227

While Kulfi is confident of Sikander’s recovery; the doctors give up all hopes of his survival. Will her prayers be answered?

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Episode 228

Sikander complains to Mahinder about Loveleen after crediting his recovery to Kulfi. Meanwhile, Kulfi regrets not being able to reveal the truth to him.

Episode 229

Sikander declares his final decision after Loveleen misbehaves with Kulfi and Nimrat. 15 days later, nothing is as it used to be.

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Episode 230

An exasperated Loveleen blames Sikander for the failure of their marriage and humiliates him. Sikander loses his calm and ends up making a shocking declaration.

Episode 231

Amyra has a panic attack when she learns that Sikander is marrying Nimrat. Next day, Sikander throws a party on his birthday and announces his wedding publicly.

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Thursday 10 October 2019

Episode 232

Teaser unavailable

Episode 233

Teaser unavailable

Friday 11 October 2019

Episode 234

Sikander snubs Nimrat’s ex-boyfriend when he tries to expose her real identity. After this, Kulfi and Amyra execute their next move.

Episode 235

Sikander is grateful that Nimrat wants to share his load. While he asks her to accompany him for an event, Kulfi and Amyra try to keep her away.

Saturday 12 October 2019

Episode 236

An infuriated Sikander abandons Nimrat after Kulfi exposes her. Meanwhile, Loveleen decides to play her trump card. What’s on her mind?

Episode 237

Sikander blames himself for Amyra’s plight. Later, Loveleen puts Amyra’s life at risk to threaten an emotionally challenged Sikander.

Sunday 13 October 2019

Episode 238

While Amyra battles for life, a shattered Sikander agrees to Loveleen’s demands. Later, Loveleen forces him to choose between Kulfi and Amyra.

Episode 239

A paranormal event saves Kulfi from having an accident. Later, Loveleen targets Kulfi and tells Sikander that he can meet Aymra, but on a condition.

Premiere episodes of Kulfi: The Singing Star air on Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 19h00.


Made For Each Other

Monday 7 October 2019

Episode 39

Ronita frantically chases Naveen’s car when she spots him in the market. Prerna’s mother puts an unexpected demand on Anurag.

Episode 40

Anurag admires Prerna. He hospitalises an injured Ronita after Naveen and Madhuri try to kill her!

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Episode 41

Madhuri speculates that Prerna might be in love with Anurag. Meanwhile, Anurag and Prerna spend some time with each other. Madhuri spots Ronita in Anurag’s room.

Episode 42

Anurag is dejected to witness Prerna dancing with Naveen on the occasion of their sangeet ceremony. Later, he confesses his feelings for her.

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Episode 43

Anurag and Prerna are in a dilemma about their feelings for each other. Ronita shouts for help when Naveen tries to kill her.

Episode 44

Naveen hides beneath the bed when Anurag visits the room. On seeing the marks on Ronita’s neck, Anurag suspects that someone tried to kill her.

Thursday 10 October 2019

Episode 45

Teaser unavailble

Episode 46

Teaser unavailable

Friday 11 October 2019

Episode 47

Naveen feels cornered when Ronati accuses him of cheating on her. Later, he tries to manipulate everyone against her and Anurag.

Episode 48

Anurag loses his temper, witnessing Ronita’s shocking behaviour. Mohini slaps Anurag when he assaults Naveen.

Saturday 12 October 2019

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Episode 49

Naveen remains undaunted when Anurag confronts him. Prerna thinks that marrying Naveen for her family’s sake is the right decision. Meanwhile, Anurag dreams about her.

Episode 50

Shivani speculates the reason behind Prerna marrying Naveen after she finds the notice sent by Mohini. Anurag visits Prerna’s house for her haldi ceremony.

Sunday 13 October 2019

Episode 51

The Sharmas and the Basus celebrate Prerna’s haldi ceremony. Anurag applies haldi to Prerna. Nivedita tells Mohini that Anurag called her to Prerna’s room.

Episode 52

Prerna requests Shivani not to tell Anurag her real reason behind agreeing to marry Naveen. Meanwhile, Anurag tries to get Naveen and Madhuri’s marriage certificate.

Premiere episodes of Made For Each Other air on Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 20h00 and 20h30.


Game of Love

Game of Love Teasers - October 2019Monday 7 October 2019

Episode 657

Rudra and Omkara are unhappy with Shivaay as he refuses to sign the documents. Later, Rudra condemns Shivaay and demands that he sign the documents.

Episode 658

At the press meet, Rudra tries to prove that Shivaay is mentally unstable. The situation soon gets out of control after Shivaay slaps Rudra.

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Episode 659

Anika witnesses the bonding between the brothers. She is determined to reunite ShiOmRu with Gauri and Bhavya’s help. Later, Anika has a car accident!

Episode 660

Shivaay decides to take control of the Oberoi business and later deliberately avoids Anika. He regrets putting Anika’s life at risk

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Episode 661

Shivaay flirts with Tara in front of Anika and even belittles her. He refuses to accept Anika as his wife and later does something shocking.

Episode 662

Shivaay forces Rudra to sign the business deal. On Karva Chauth, Anika tactfully compels a reluctant Shivaay to help her break the fast.

Thursday 10 October 2019

Episode 663

Shivaay sends the divorce papers as the Karva Chauth gift for Anika and compels her to sign it. Anika comes up with a plan to deal with Shivaay’s panic attacks.

Episode 664

Shivaay faces an embarrassing situation due to Anika. Rudra implements his plan to target Shivaay.

Friday 11 October 2019

Episode 665

Aruna refuses to accept Anika as Shivaay’s wife and asks him to marry Twinkle. Shivaay and Rudra have a heated argument.

Episode 666

Shivaay and Anika are blissfully happy in romance. Meanwhile, Rudra gets abducted!

Premiere episodes of Game of Love air on Star Life from Mondays to Fridays at 22h00.


The Inseparables

The Inseparables Teasers - October 2019Monday 7 October 2019

Episode 196

Maanvi overhears Swamini telling Dadaji that Viraat’s spoiling his future on Maanvi. She decides to avoid Viraat and behaves rudely to him. Viraat finds out about Maanvi’s plan and vows never to leave her.

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Episode 197

Maanvi hides her chemo session from Viraat. Later, Viraat learns about Maanvi’s chemo session and goes to the hospital. Jeevika is worried seeing Viraat and Maanvi’s closeness.

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Episode 198

Jeevika sees Viraat hugging Maanvi at the hospital. Viren advises her not to confront Maanvi about it. Meanwhile, Viraat removes the mirror from Maanvi’s room after learning about hair loss from chemotherapy.

Episode 199

Maanvi shaves her head and is ashamed to come out of her room. She refuses to let anyone come into her room. Jeevika lends moral support to her. Later, Viraat barges into the room to see her.

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Episode 200

Viraat starts shaving his head in order to support Maanvi. Meanwhile, Viren breaks the door and enters Maanvi’s room. All the family members are astonished seeing Viraat’s new hairstyle.

Episode 201

Viraat declares his love for Maanvi in front of the entire family by shaving his head to comfort Maanvi as she undergoes chemotherapy. A shocked Maanvi reacts angrily.

Thursday 10 October 2019

Episode 202

Vanshika is worried about Viraat living his life in fear of losing a loved one. Maanvi is angry with Viraat but admits to Jeevika that she too is in love with Viraat. Will she confess her love to Viraat?

Episode 203

Viraat tells Vanshika that loving Maanvi is his sole aim now. Vanshika fears for Viraat’s emotional stability in the face of Maanvi’s death. Maanvi leaves for Rishikesh despite Viraat’s pleas.

Friday 11 October 2019

Episode 204

Viraat and Maanvi bid an emotional farewell to each other. To surprise Maanvi, he arranges a visit to a movie set and to meet Bollywood stars.

Episode 205

Badi Beeji advises the family to not react to Maanvi’s hair loss from chemotherapy. Maanvi’s farewell letter to the Vadhera family leaves Viraat emotional.

Premiere episodes of The Inseparables air on Star Life from Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

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