StarLife To Pause All New Series Over COVID-19

Teasers Showing Feb 3 - 9

As from Wednesday, 1 April, all new series will pause because of COVID-19. These include Kulfi, Made For Each Other, The Inseparables, Family Affairs and A Perfect Lie.

The StarLife studios in India and South Africa have had to go into lockdown, which means the channel’s production operations have been locked down too.

New episodes can’t be filmed or distributed, the dubbing studios are closed and none of the usual processes can be implemented to ensure that new series are on air.

The result: the channel will be airing binge sessions of shows that have aired.

This will happen for the next seven to eight weeks and the timeline afterwards will depend on what’s happening with lockdowns etc.

When the new shows return, the channel will repeat the last week of episodes that we’ve just seen as a way to catch-up and continue.

This is what the primetime schedule will look like from Wednesday:

18h00 to 19h00: The Crossroads (1 hour daily / two episodes)
19h00 to 21h30: Forever Yours (2.5 hours daily / five episodes – sometimes three if they’re an hour)
21h30 to 23h00: Chasing My Heart (1.5 hours daily / three episodes)

These will air Mondays to Sundays.

The daily Bollywood movies will continue at 15h00.

We’ll be reloading the teasers for the three series for those of you who haven’t seen them and also to keep you in touch with what’s happening on the channel at all times.



Source: TVSA

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One Thought to “StarLife To Pause All New Series Over COVID-19”

  1. zee

    Thanks so much for the info on the pause of airing Kulfi, Family affairs etc on Starlife!
    I was in shock when I tuned at my regular time of 4GMT, only to see
    a strange show and unrecognizable TV guide; in silent protest, I tuned off and shunned the channel!
    Since then, i’ve been checking online for any info i might have missed but, apart from this blog, I didn’t find any other explanation elsewhere!
    They could’ve alerted in advance, even if it’s a banner message.
    Thanks, again, for easing my tension!

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