Sunday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 169 – 171

Twinkle comes to her room’s door while Kunj is sitting inside the room, Twinkle asks if he is busy? She says she wanted to talk about business and if he can help her in the business as she don’t know much about it. Kunj says it’s great day that she want hia help and she can do everything alone, asking can’t she? He taunts her like shr helped his father without telling him anything, she can handle business too and she have taken the responsibility to handle the business then to do it alone.

Twinkle tells him to give her marriage album and she will get ideas to prepare for wedding planning business of dad ( Manohar ), she asks Kunj to give her their marriage album. He tells her to come inside the room and take it. Twinkle tells him that she won’t enter the room till he don’t bring her back there himself. Kunj brings the album and keeps it near Twinkle instead of giving it in her hands, she takes it and informs him that she will stay in the guest room till.. she thank him and leaves while Kunj looks on sadly.
Bebe tells Twinkle that she have turned Manohar’s study room into office. Mahi comes there, Twinkle asks her to come in, Mahi smiles and comes in seeing that Twinkle have starts the wedding planning business. Yuvi comes there too and smirks at Twinkle, Twinkle smirks back in his style and he is surprised. Twinkle starts setting up the office, she stands on a stool to tie flowers on a ceiling. Yuvi looks at her

and thinks that he know she won’t stop doing business by him asking her to stop and she is doing all this to get closer to Kunj but he won’t let things be easy for her.  Twinkle is still standing on a stool, Yuvi comes there and pulls rope which Twinkle is holding from the other end, Twinkle loses balance and is about to fall from the stool, she screams, she falls down but Kunj comes there and holds her in his arms in time, they share eyelock. Yuvi looks at them in anger.

Kunj is holding Twinkle in his arms whilst he walks away from the ladder, they look at each other, Kunj puts her down and tells Bebe that some people think that they can do everything alone, they can even hold mountains in their arms but when they fall, they get hurt alot. Twinkle says Kunj is right, some people are like this but she is not because she know before she fall, her husband will come and will save her and that he won’t let anything happen to her. Bebe smiles and nods. Kunj looks at her in surprise, Sajna Ve music plays in the background, he is speechless and leaves. Twinkle looks at Kunj and smiles. Twinkle is sorting out her decorations when all leaves. Yuvi comes to Twinkle and taunting her that she can prepare as much as she want but she won’t get any work and he will destroy her business before it even starts up, he won’t let her be successful and he won’t let her and Kunj reunite. Twinkle who have starts the wedding planning business says he will keep speaking and he will keep barking but she and Kunj will reunite infront of his eyes and she will make this business successful too, she walks out on him while Yuvi looks on.

Chinki and her uncle are at Twinkle’s house. She informs Twinkle that her cousin Pinky is getting married and she has suggested that Twinkle be given the contract to plan the wedding. Chinki’s uncle is very happy and tells Twinkle that he know her and Chinki from childhood but he just just wants to ask if she will be able to handle the marriage responsibilites? Twinkle says yes and assures him that she’ll handle everything. Chinki’s uncle says that he has a special requirement. He says that his daughter Pinky loves music from a DJ called RD. He asks Twinkle whether she can arrange him to perform at the engagement tomorrow. She asks him not to worry as she would get RD there and Chinki’s uncle leaves happily. Chinki asks her how would she get RD to come there. She further asks if he’s Twinkle’s friend. Twinkle says that RD is in Amritstar and they will go and request his presence and also make him agree for the engagement ceremony.

Twinkle and Chinki are at the hotel RD is staying. They spy on the guard. Chinki walks near the guard and pretends to fall saying her knee is hurt. The guard rushes to her aid. Twinkle uses this opportunity to get into RD’s room. RD is rehearsing a sound when he sees Twinkle. He gets up and asks her what she is doing there and how did she come to his room? Twinkle shakes his hand and introduces herself to him. She says she is a huge fan of his. He asks why is she there. He begins to call security but she stops him. She says she has a small job for him. He asks her if she came for a selfie. He gets ready to take a selfie with her. She says she doesn’t want a selfie but just time minutes of his time tomorrow. She explains that its her friend’s engagement and sh is a huge fan of his since childhood. She would love to have him perform at her engagement for just ten minutes. Twinkle begs him to make an appearance for just 10 minutes. He agrees and asks her to leave the address with his manager. Twinkle is elated and thanks him.

It’s night time at the engagement venue. The place is beautifully decorated. Pinky tells Twinkle that she have fulfilled her wishes and thanks her for convincing RD to perform at her engagement. Twinkle says to her that she is Chinki’s sister so then she is her sister too. She tells her to go and sit and enjoy. Meanwhile, RD and his manager are in the car going to the venue. The manager’s phone is ringing. RD asks who is calling. He says it Twinkle. Before he can take the call, a biker comes in front of the car and gets hurt. RD is shocked to see the man laying on the ground. They rush out of the car and they see the man unconscious. They try to wake the man. Yuvi comes there and asks if the man is dead. RD says nothing has happened to him. Yuvi asks RD what he did. RD says he didn’t do anything deliberately. Yuvi tells him to leave from this place as the police will arrive shortly and the media can come here too and asks him to leave. RD gets worried hearing about the police. RD’s manager says he is right and persuades him to leave from Amritsar. They leave thanking Yuvi and he smiles. The Manager calls up Twinkle and informs her that RD would be unable to make it and he ends the call before she tried to convince him. Twinkle is worried saying how can this happen and wonders what she would tell all the people. Yuvi asks the man who had accident to wake up, he compliment that he did good job and tells him to leave now and the man leaves. Chinki’s uncle asks Twinkle when is RD coming? Twinkle tells him that his manager actually called and said that RD is not coming as he went to Delhi. Chinki’s uncle asks how can this happen? He tells Twinkle that he bragged about him infront of everyone and scold Twinkle that if she can not work then she could have told him.

Yuvi talks to himself that Twinkle made plans but Yuvi is here and Twinkle’s plan won’t work. A flashback is shows where Twinkel tells the uncle that she will bring RD and how Yuvraj hears about Twinkle’s first job and decides to spoil it for her that he won’t let her succeed and to get ready to see her first plan being shattered, flashback ends. Yuvi says he is feeling bad for you Twinkle as she made big plans but RD is gone. Chinki’s uncle tells Twinkle that if she needed money then she could have asked him but why did she lie about RD? Adding that he was telling Pinky to hire a big wedding planner but she had faith in her and he did mistake by giving contract to her. Twinkle cries while Dhol Wale come there and seeing that someone comes there, he starts singing, he turns and it’s Kunj. Twinkle smiles seeing him. Even though Kunj is still upset with Twinkle, he still defends her from any insults and he recalls how he said that he won’t let Twinkle get insulted infront of anyone. Kunj tells the guests that the engagement happens once in a lifetime and it should not be dependent on some celebrity, they called RD but he ditched them at the last minute but because of that they can’t let Pinky’s engagement destroyed, he tells Chinki’s uncle to give them one chance and he will rectify everything, he will smile on Pinky’s face and proudly says the Punjabi’s enjoy Dhol most, he requests the uncle and the uncle agrees. Kunj asks Dhol song to be played and Jogi Mahi song starts playing, Kunj dances on the song and all enjoy it. Kunj dances near Twinkle, he brings the bride and groom, the uncle to dance with him and all start dancing together. Twinkle is happy to see this. Chinki brings Twinkle there too, Kunj and Twinkle looks at each other, she thanks Kunj for coming. Kunj says he is not doing this for her but for his dad as he can’t see his business failing, he plays Dhol. Twinkle lovingly glances at him.

The next mourning, Bebe tells Twinkle that she wish Usha was here and could see her ( Twinkle) taking care of Manohar and his business too. Twinkle reply Bebe that she is saying this as she love her but if Kunj had not come to the engagement party then it would have been a disaster. Bebe tells her not to worry that Kunj maybe angry with her but he will be with her in Manohar’s business as this is their family’s respect. Twinkle tell Bebe to keep blessing her, she informs her that she got one more client and she is going to meet him. Bebe bless her to always be successful. Twinkle looks at Manohar and tells him to wish her luck, she touches his feet and leaves.

Twinkle comes in her office and Kunj is checking files there, she tries to see what he is writing. Bebe comes there, she asks him to show her too, he says it’s not like she should know everything. Twinkle tells Bebe that he is not showing her. Kunj tell her to have patience that he will tell her and he inform her that he is going to meet a client. Twinkle says she want to meet him too and suggests they go together. Kunj says she don’t need to go, he starts to leave but Twinkle comes infront of him to stop him, they strike with each other, Sajna Ve song plays in the background and they share eyelock. Kunj tries to move but Twinkle sees her wedding chain stuck in Kunj’s shirt’s button, she tells him not to move and not to let this break as her faith is tied with this wedding chain. Kunj looks at her in surprise as Twinkle tries to free her wedding chain, he helps her. Kunj starts to leave and Bebe asks him to take Twinkle with him as she is lucky Manohar’s only business is running because of Twinkle’s name. Kunj says he don’t believe in luck and all but he believe in hardwork and if Twinkle want to go then she can go herself, he leaves. Twinkle complain to Bebe that he didn’t take her and asks how will they work together when he is not even talking to her? Bebe says she will count till 5 and Twinkle will see Kunj coming back, and if he comes back then Twinkle will bring chocolates for her. Twinkle says done, they both look at the gate.

Twinkle complain to Bebe that he didnt take her. Bebe assured her that he will come back to take her. Just then, Kunj comes back and both get happy to see him. Bebe asks if he forget anything? Kunj says actually.. he then tells Twinkle that if she don’t come out in a minute then he will leave her, and he is taking her as Bebe said, he leave. Twinkle happily peck Bebe’s cheek and leaves. Yuvi sees this and smirks while Twinkle leaves. Kunj and Twinkle comes to the client’s house, Kunj warns her to behave properly and that infact to stay silent that he will talk. Kunj and Twinkle comes inside house, Kunj meets his client Vikram Sahnvi, they sit and refreshment is brought to them. Vikram says he know Kunj have started business now but he give priority to passion over experience, they have sangeet first and if he like his work then the whole marriage’s contract will be his and asks what’s his plan? Kunj says for sangeet, they will have contemporary theme, light blue color with orchids but Vikram doesnt like it. Twinkle notices this and interrupt them, she suggests they should do it in traditional style like using marigold and all. Kunj says she is just giving suggestion and they should go with modern thought. Twinkle tried to convince Kunj that marriage is thing where they can flaunt traditions and marriage are incomplete without bollywood songs. Seeing that both are aurging over the wedding plan, Vikram asks who is boss among them? Kunj says he is, Twinkle says she is, he then says both? Kunj thinks in his mind that he should not fight with her here and will let her be the boss. Kunj tells their client that Twinkle is the boss. On  hearing this, the man says he liked Twinkle’s idea and tell them to make Sangeet preparation as traditional, he adds that they eat food free from garlic and onion but the guests like to eat with them so they should make food which is free of them and which has them too but to make sure they are separated, their pans, dishes and plates should be separated too. Kunj says they will do it.

Yuvi on the other hand comes in his room and says he don’t understand them as when they are angry with each other then they take care of each other and when they become friends then they fight but Kunj doesn’t want to see Twinkle’s face and asks himself why he is worried about her? He says they are mad and will make him mad, he angrily throws away things with the bed sheet, he says he was not successful in separating them but he won’t let their business succeed, he calls his man and says he have to keep an eye on Twinkle and Kunj and tell him all their movements, he ends the call and purposely burns Mahi’s dress with iron. Meanwhile, Twinkle and Kunj comes out, she apologises to him and explain to him that Vikram was not liking his idea so she had to intervene. Kunj says he was getting angry on her but in the end he liked her idea so it’s all good, but he don’t understand how she get this idea? Twinkle asks if he see his house? She then explain to Kunj that Vikram has decorated it in traditional style so she thought he will like it. Kunj says it’s seems like she is eating almonds and they have to prepare for Sangeet nicely so he gives them contract, he tells Twinkle that he will take the duty of arranging food as he asked to take care of it, she will take care of music and decorations. Twinkle remind him that he can only make noodles and asks if he know how to cook? She says she will cook, he can’t check if the food is cooked fine or not so she will take care of food department, he says fine and he goes to the car. Twinkle says he acts like angry man sometimes but he looks hot in that avatar. The man spying on them calls Yuvi up and tells him that there will be two kind of food in Sangeet, one with onion and garlic and other without it. Yuvi says he have got new plan, one plan failed so he have got another one and now he will destroy Twinkle’s plan. Mahi comes there and asks Yuvi if he didn’t see her dress getting burned by iron and what if anything had happened to him? Yuvi spark back at her that seeing her dress is not his responsibility, he scold her that he can’t even handle one thing, he pushes her on bed and grabs her from mouth, he warns her to stop her stammering from now on and she will speak only when he let her to, he leaves. Mahi cries and says what has happened to Yuvi and why he behaves like this with her after marriage?

Twinkle instruct the cook to make two types of food and make sure even their spoons are different, he says okay. She asks people to make mandap stand in right direction. Kunj says it doesn’t matter. Twinkle says it matters as marriage is when two people become one, two family unite and new life starts so it should start from right direction, she further tells Kunj that she know their relation started in not so good time, they were brought together by families but they were for each other in every moment and she want to move ahead with him, she know she did mistake of hiding the truth but she did it so that he don’t get hurt, she admit she did wrong, she apologises to him and request him to give her another chance to make their relationship perfect. Kunj looks on. The man decorating the place is about to fall from stool, Kunj and Twinkle goes to save him. Twinkle holds the ladder, Kunj puts his hand on her hand to hold the stool too. She looks at him and they both share eyelock, while Aadha Ishq song plays in the background, a curtain falls on them too, they both are lost in each others eyes, Twinkle smiles at him, she thinks that her talks have affected him, she just hope his anger goes away and everything becomes fine like earlier. Kunj takes off the curtain and scolds the man for not working fine, he says if he don’t want to work then to leave, he stares at Twinkle and leaves. Twinkle wipes her tears and says it will take time to pacify him but she won’t cry and all for that, she will pacify him by smiling and laughing.

Yuvi comes to Manohar’s room and talk to him that he is in coma and asks what he thought when he gave his business to Twinkle? He say he have rectified his mistake and today Twinkle’s business is going to end, and in Sangeet ceremony, drama must have started and evilly says congrats for their insult. Vikram on the other hand sees the food in Sangeet ceremony that it has onion and garlic, he shouts out for Twinkle and she comes there asking if there is any problem? He says it’s blunder and remind her that he told her to have food which was free of onion and garlic too but a Twinkle says she don’t know and that she kept the food separated and even serving was separate. Vikram shout at her that they just need money and she insulted him infront of his guests, adding that people would say that he couldn’t even provide food for them and threatened her that he won’t let her business succeed now as she destroyed his ceremony, he calls the guards and order them to throw her out of here. Kunj comes there and holds Twinkle’s hands, he dare no one should touch his wife. Vikram taunts him that he have no caliber and asks who is he to show mhime anger? He tells Kunj that he gave him contract and this is what he have done and that he couldn’t even provide foodfor them. Kunj tell the man that they will refund his money but an upset Vikram says he have no shame and asks his guards to throw them out. Kunj says if anyone try to touch his wife then he will kill him. A flabbergasted Vikram ignore his threat and asks them to get lost. Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and leaves from there. The man hired by Yuvi calls him up and tells him that his work is done. Yuvi laughs and says their business is doomed and that he feel happy to see Twinkle losing. Kunj brings Twinkle out of the venue and the gaurd throws their board outside the venue. Kunj stares at Twinkle.

Vikram’s men throw their board outside Sangeet venue. Kunj picks the board up and puts it back. Twinkle says she don’t know how this happened as she supervised everything but still it went wrong and thanks Kunj for being with her and for helping her. Kunj asks what else could he have done as this is his father’s business and he is trying to revive it but she will destroy it even before it started, he tells her to go home now, adding that already alot of insult has happened, he angrily leaves. A helpless Twinkle asks herself why this happens with her? And that whenever she try to do something, something wrong happens, she was there and asks how did this happen?.

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