Sunday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 327 – 329

Ishaan says that they want to give each other space for the next three days, which is his decision. Sandhya asks what this is now. Ishaan asks her not to interfere, as it’s between him and Urmi, and he doesn’t find it necessary and good to discuss this in front of all of them.

Sandhya’s husband agrees with Ishaan. Urmi is stunned. Ishaan asks her to sleep, and wishes everyone goodnight. Their husbands leave too, while Sandhya and Damini eye Urmi angrily.

At Jewellery Shop, as Samrat comes in the shop, the shopkeeper asks that he wasn’t seen much after coming out of jail. He asks Samrat about any new work, and tries to dig up the past. As Samrat asks him to show lavish jewellery, he comments on his financial status, as his earlier business got ruined. Samrat snubs him off, saying that he has loads of money, evilly smiles and says that his old days have returned. He starts to gloat about his rich and royal wife. Niranjan comes from behind, saying that he did see him once again. Samrat turns around and he is shocked, as past memories spring up. Niranjan comes amusingly, while Samrat eyes him tensedly and angrily. Niranjan leaves no stone unturned to mock him of his case. He talks about his new marriage, saying that he deserves a treat. Samrat says that he is not interested, while Niranjan threatens that he can snatch it from him. Samrat begins to go, while Niranjan pesters on. Samrat asks him not to interfere in his life, as he isn’t doing that to him. Samrat gets frustrated with his overbearing blackmailing nature, and asks what does he want now, after having robbed him of everything. He says that he wants just a small share of the lavish lifestyle that he has, due to his wife, on a regular basis. Samrat is shocked to hear his proposal, and asks him to stay in his limits, as he won’t get anything. Niranjan taunts him that Tani has a big heart, after knowing what Samrat did, and asks if she knows everything about him. Samrat complies. Niranjan says that he must have given her his version, that got his character faired, but he has the bitter truth and that too with proof, that might sabotage all his plans. Samrat grabs him by the collar and asks him how dare he do this, and how does he know. Niranjan says that he is a lawyer and can sue him for this, saying that he thinks about the far future. Samrat asks what he wants. Niranjan says that he wants ten lakhs in cash for starters. Samrat is shocked.

Samrat’s lawyer, Niranjan, blackmails him to give him 10 lakh else he will send him to mental asylum. Samrat doesn’t bow down and tells Niranjan that he can do whatever he wants, but he won’t get a single penny from him. Niranjan Khanna tells Samrat that he is back in his life and hence he would make his life hell if he does not clear his payments.

Shashi and fake Kanchan are eating samosas. Tani comes there after waking up late and seeing her, they immediately hide all the samosas. The fake Kanchan taunts her for waking up late. Tani says she normally wakes up this time and yesterday night she couldn’t sleep well either. Meanwhile, Samrat’s family members adhere to his advice claiming they all are hungry and ask her to prepare dinner for everybody. Samrat comes there and he too joins them in their drama. Tani tells Samrat that she does not know how to cook but Samrat with his sweet talk convinces her. Tani doubts why Samrat’s brother and sister-in-law speak different language. She further asks Samrat that why do his brother and sister-in-law converse in Bangla. Shashi and Samrat are speechless. In the end, Samrat saves himself and further tells Tani that his brother resided in Kolkata Tamil state for a very long time and hence he speaks in Bangla as he got used to that language. After Tani goes to the kitchen, the fake sister-in-law says she will take extra money for being hungry and all. Samrat makes fun of her asking if she takes money for every small thing from her husband as well. Tani comes back and all get excited to eat. Shashi starts praising her new daughter-in-law. She checks the food and it’s all burned. Tani reminds them that she said she doesn’t know how to cook. No one wants to eat now. The fake Kanchan again starts that she will take extra money for eating such food. Tani is confused, but Samrat again lies and saves himself. Tani says whether anyone eats or not, Samrat will eat because he loves her. Samrat has no choice and he eats the burned food forcefully.

Samrat is again threatened by Niranjan. Samrat asks him to stop dreaming as he is not going to give him anything. Niranjan tells him that he will regret for this. Samrat doesn’t seem to care.

Damini and Anirudh question Ishaan why Urmi married when she doesn’t even love him. Ishaan says he wanted to marry her, not her, and she is a wonderful person. She doesn’t love him now, but soon she will. They are very good friends and he’s just giving her time and space. Anirudh says he is proud of Ishaan while Damini is not happy.

Later, Damini questions Urmi about the same and says men have expectations from marriage, and they need love. Urmi who understand where her mother-in-law is heading to says love is not everything, trust and support are more important things which is between her and Ishaan. Love can develop later on if there is trust and support, but without that marriage means nothing.

Damini then tells everything to Samrat. Samrat advices her to break the faith that Urmi is talking about which is not too hard. To save her son, she will have to become somewhat evil, at least in front of Urmi.

Next morning, Damini goes to Ishaan and apologises for her behavior. She then suggests to give some gift to Urmi. Ishaan says she doesn’t like it. She says every woman loves gift and who knows by giving surprises she might fall in love faster. She gives example of herself. Ishaan becomes thoughtful.

Damini again tells Samrat about it. Samrat says that idea is great and tells her to keep it up. His support is always with her. Samrat returns home and sees someone sitting with Tani. He goes inside and seeing Niranja sitting in his house, Samrat gets a bit shocked.

Seeing Niranjan sitting in his house, Samrat gets a bit shocked. Niranjan hugs Samrat and tells Tani that they are childhood mates and have shared a lot of good times. Samrat is shocked to see Niranjan chatting and cozying with his wife Tani, who is happy listening to his childhood affairs. Samrat sends her to make tea, while after she is gone, Niranjan threatens Samrat and further tells him that he just has two days to clear his debts or else Tani will be told the truth about his youth this time. He leaves, while Samrat is frustrated.

At Ishaan’s residence, while Urmi is smiling at herself, remembering Ishaan’s care and affection towards her, she does not realise that he is in the room and watches her smiling in amusement. He starts flirting with her, while she is amused. Meanwhile, Ishaan asks Urmi to close her eyes, and after she complies, on his insistence, and he surprises her with a present packet. She asks what this is, and begins to open it. He asks her to open it after he is gone, and wear it tonight on his request. He leaves and she silently complies. He comes and thanks his mother Damini for this wonderful idea, and hopes that she likes his gift. Later, Ishaan out of his innocence tells his mother Damini that he is taking Urmi out on a dinner date. He thanks her again and gets to seeing the preparations. Inside, Urmi gets ready to open the gift, but before she can do this, she gets a call saying that her work is done, and Samrat has been trapped from all corners and ends. It turns out that she is talking to Niranjan, who is doing what he is doing, on her insistence. Urmi says that Samrat doesn’t have that kind of money, and then he will do exactly what she wants. She thanks him, saying that she never thought that he would help her. He says that he never thought she will ever call him, but as destiny would have, it’s his chance of retribution, to salvage himself from what he did wrong. Urmi says that he will get the money. She disconnects the call, thinking that just once, Tani should come to terms with Samrat’s reality, then she will come back herself.

At Ishaan’s and Samrat’s residence, Later, in the evening, as Urmi eyes the gift, still unopened, she opens it. She finds a dress material inside, which when she opens, she finds a simmering lingerie type camisole. She remembers her mother-in-law Damini talking about Ishaan’s needs. She is shocked and bewildered. Meanwhile Ishaan gets the best orchids and having arranged for a beautiful dinner, he drives and reaches outside the house. As he comes inside with flowers, he goes to her, and asks why isn’t she dressed still, as tears stream down her cheeks. She shows him the dress, asking if this is what he wants to see her in. She says that it’s his right as a husband. He tries to speak, but she says that he too became the same, like other men. Urmi asks Ishaan what does he think of her, and after all, he too wants the same thing from women, that all the men want, and who want women to be a play object. Ishaan is shocked and hurt. She bears hard stinging words, that for this desire, women are always men’s play toys. Ishaan asks if she doesn’t know him in all these years. But she is beyong any conviction, saying that he too demeaned her just like evereyone else, making her strip off her self respect. He asks her to listen to him, but she keeps pointing out that he too wants physical contact and nothing else, and that she is just like every man, who she misundrstood and hence she is disgusted with herself and at him too. She is in tears, while he stands distraught, as the bouquet falls on the flowers. She tells him that from this day onwards, he too is one of the many men who have objectified her in one way or the other. She turns away, while he stands dejected and disappointed, tears stream down his cheeks, as he retreats from the room.

The next morning, Sandhya and Damini observe a tension between Ishaan and Urmi. Rati wishes him good morning. He asks Rati to make him coffee. Sandhya taunts him as to why he didn’t ask Urmi. Rati asks her to stop making issues, and asks Urmi if she will make coffee. Urmi says that he told Rati to prepare then she should. Ishaan asks Rati if she will make him coffee or not. Rati leaves for the kitchen. Sandhya and Damini evilly eye each other. She asks Damini what just happened. Damini then decides to utilize this opportunity to plan a conspiracy against Urmi and tells her sister-in-law Sandhya that she wll play such a game that soon Urmi would leave this house. She eyes her son Ishaan, who is tensed.

Damini tells this to Samrat, and he applauds her for this wonderful effort. Damini says that exactly that happened, which was expected. They both compliment each other on the brilliance. Damini tells him how she too had the nighty gift packed, and then mixed it up, at the cash counter in the market, where Ishaan bought a dress for her. Samrat smiles evilly after disconnecting the phone.

While arranging things in the room, Urmi’s eyes fall on Ishaan’s gift, and she is mortified and embarassed yet again. Damini comes to find Urmi tensed holding the nighty. She interrupts her, and Urmi turns around surprised. Damini asks if they had a fight, and if all is okay. Urmi apologises, for not understanding her advise that day, and Damini pretends to be sympathetic and oblivious of what happened. Urmi is instigated by Damini to understand what he means, and that after all he too is a man with needs, and hence he didn’t have to put up the charade of love and understanding to get what he wanted from urmi. She furthermore instigates her that he is angry at her on top of this. Damini says that he won’t realise like this, and maybe if she goes back to her house for some days, then he might understand what he did. Urmi turns shocked to face her.

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