Season Finale Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 480 – 482

Anirudh tells Damini that he has forgiven her all his life, but now
the law will not forgive her, and ask the police to take her far away
from their eyes, and get her punished severely. Damini eyes him
venomously. he moves away while the police takes Damini, as she retreats
while eyeing her house, away, Urmi bursts into tears. Ishaani hugs her

In her room, Urmi begs for an apology to send her
mother-in-law Damini into jail, as she never knew that she hates her so
much, that she could even go to the extent of killing her. She tells
Ishaan that she feels very weak right now, and desperately feels the
need for him to be here, to support and get her out of this, had he been
here. She breaks down into tears. Just then, Ishaani comes from behind
saying that she is right here to support and assure her, her daughter,
addressing her as mother, as her reflection silhouettes Ishaan’s
picture, which Urmi eyes, as she looks up. Urmi turns towards her and
hugs her. Ishani makes things right between her and her mother, she
cries too, apologising profusely for the years of hurting and torture
that she out her through, and gave her punishment for the mistakes that
she never did. Urmi makes her sit down, and then makes her understand
that she wasn’t at fault, in what happened, as her grandma had totally
instigated her against her mother, and made her hate her own mother.
Ishaani says that she should have understood, when they tried to clarify
time and again, but she never made the effort. Urmi says that it’s good
that she realised, and once realisation comes in, the biggest of
mistakes can be forgiven, and that what pains the mother the most is
that the child hates the mother, but when that same child loves the
mother, that makes her the most happy. Ishaani promsies that she would
never hurt her again. Urmi hugs her, saying that she doesn’t need
anything, as she got the greatest gift in getting her daughter back.
They both confess their love to each other. Urmi eyes Ishaan’s picture
and says that she got her Ishaani back, and feels that he is too is
somewhere near them.

Shaurya gets Diya back to the house, in a
wheelchair, and all happily welcome them back. A lighthearted banter
follows, where finally Shaurya amusingly teases Oshaani that she too
should get married now. He is in turn teased by everyone to bring a
child soon in the family, while Diya is flustered. He tries to excuse
themselves to get to the room. They ask him to hurry as otherwise their
wish won’t be fulfilled. Diya and Shaurya are embarassed, while Diya
tries to get up on her own but is unable to. Shaurya comes there and
helps her out of the wheelchair, and picks her up in his arms, taking
her by surprise while others watch amusedly. Diya and Shaurya engage in a
romantic eyelock. He carries Diya up to their room. Seeing them like
this, Urmi hopes that it would have been nice, had her mother-in-law
Damini been with them on this special day of happiness, but where her
arrogance and hatred led her to.

In their room, Shaurya feeds
Diya who quietly complies. She eyes him overwhelmingly, as he cares for
her. By the night, while Diya is asleep, he comes in with medicines, and
caresses on her head, and she wakes up. He gently gives her the
medicine, and then asks her to go back to sleep. She is overwhelmed to
see him caring so much for her. When she has trouble donning the
vermillion on her head, he helps her do it, while she gets tears in her
eyes, being emotional. He insistently takes care of her food and juice.
When she wakes up from sleep in the night, he finds her sitting by the
side of the bed and dosing off. She gently gets up and tries to caress
his head, that wakes him up, and she shys away but he is all smiles as
she sees her close to him. He asks if all is okay. She complies and then
lies down. He gets up and lies on the sofa. They both dose off. She

The next morning, at the breakfast table, Anirudh asks
Shaurya, while Diya is serving them all, intentionally if he has packed
everything that he needs. Urmi asks Diya to come and join them as she
has been working hard. Urmi asks him when’s the flight, and Shaurya
responds that it’s a late night flight. Diya is boggled, and then asks
what flight. Urmi and Anirudh eye her, as she seems interested to know.
Shaurya is amused and says that in the entire hussle and busy schedule,
he forgot to tell her that he is going to UK, in the next few days. She
gets tensed that he going so far. Diya asks why so suddenly. Shaurya
says that a big multinational company wants to tie up and merge with
them, but asks her not to worry, as it’s just for 6 months. Much to
their amusement, Diya is shocked, but doesn’t totally express it. He
tells her not to worry, as all will be here, and Chiku too. They assure
her, while she isn’t able to still digest that he would be gone for 6
months. He says that it’s a big oppurtunity and such chances never come
again hence he will have to go. She excuses herself to hide her tension
and worry, while Shaurya is amused and waits for her to respond.

In their room, Diya comes and finds Shaurya working. She still addresses
him as sir, and he interrupts her. She fumbles and then says Shaurya,
and he interrupts her yet again. She finally utters his name, and asks
why didn’t he tell her such a big thing. He acts naive, while she
reprimands him for not telling her. He continues to be indifferent, and
then says that she should be happy he won’t be around, and therefore
didn’t consider it that it’s a big deal. She asks why would she be
happy. He reminds her that she was the one who wanted a divorce, so this
is the perfect setting for her, as she won’t have to bear him. She gets
tensed, as he reminds her the whim that she had. He asks her to
consider that they have separated. She says that’s what she wanted then
but not now. He asks what’s the changed now. She says that she doesn’t
want it now. He insistently asks her what does she want now. She
flusters and doesn’t respond. He asks her clearly. She fumbles but
finally manages to say that now she wants him as she loves him. He
smiles at finally having gotten what she wanted. She finally says, I
LOVE YOU, to him, while he eyes her emotionally overwhelmed. But then
acts pricey as if he didn’t hear and asks her to repeat as he didn’t
hear it earlier. She turns to him, and then smiles, and repeats the
confession of her love. Shaurya who manages to play a trick on Diya, to
make her confess her love for him smiles at her, and says that he loves
her too. A passionate and romantic eye gaze follows, and they both hug
each other.

Urmi, Anirudh, Alok and Ishaani come in clapping for them.
Diya is shocked. Anirudh says to Shaurya that they had told him that
this plan will not fail. Shaurya smiles. Diya stands boggled. Urmi and
Ishaani clear that this was just a surprise, as he isn’t going anywhere,
and this was just to get her to express her love. She is shocked, that
they all were together in this conspiracy. Shaurya says that he wasn’t
involved as it was his grandfather Anirudh’s idea. He apologises, and
says that despite their immense love, they were being as strangers, and
they couldn’t see it anymore. Urmi too tells that they wanted that
couple like understanding between Diya and Shaurya. Anirudh asks them to
get ready, as happiness is being showered on them, and for that, they
will pray, and the puja will be done by Shaurya and Diya today as a
couple. He hopes that god keeps his blessings like this. He blesses them
both. Diya and Shaurya eyes each other while Diya’s smiling.

Diya comes out of the bathroom taking a head bath, she accidentally
collides into Shaurya, and predictably falls in his arms. A passionate
and romantic embrace follows as they engage in a mesmerising eyelock.
Then he teases her by setting her back on her feet, and his eyes boring
into her, while she shys away. She begins to go, but he holds her back
yet again and brings hjer close to himself, with her back against his
chest. She smiles. He asks if she remembers how he had said he likes
short haired girls and adds that he had lied, and says that he just
likes her, and everything about her, her attitude, and only her. She
smiles and asks why did he lie that day then. He says that he was angry,
love type anger. He then caresses her hair away, as she lies tucked in
his arms. He caresses and kisses the nape of her neck, as she tingles
with a shivering sensation, that runs down the back of her spine, as
they both bask in the glory of their new found love. She turns around
and hugs him. He too hugs her back.

At The Police Station, Damini
escapes from jail while the police van passes by, Damini hides in a
pile of bamboo sticks kept at a distance. Damini thinks that she will
create such disturbance for Urmi and now even her family too. She adds
that she has lost everything and doesn’t have anything more to lose. She
swears revenge and then thinks that she is coming back yet again, and
will see whether now Urmi will be able to save her family or not.

Later at Urmi’s residence, downstairs, the prayers and the puja begins.
Urmi gets a call, but doesn’t receive it seeing that it’s unknown, it
rings yet again, and finds that it’s a message from the inspector,
saying that it’s urgent. She gets tensed and decides to talk to him. She
gets up to go. Anirudh asks where is she going in the middle of the
puja. She says that she would just come. She goes aside. The police
calls and tells Urmi that Damini Sinha has escaped and with the service
revolver of one of their officers. Urmi is appalled and aghast, as he
asks her to be careful. He says that they doubt she will come there, and
in the meanwhile she is sending police security there. She asks them to
hurry up. After disconnecting the call, she decides to tell this to her
father-in-law Anirudh. As she comes out, she finds Damini at their
doorstep. Damino starts exclaiming that they are living peacefully after
her departure. She continues to taunt them, while the priest asks her
not to interefere with the puja. She says that she has already
intereferd and that no-one can save the house, and the family will be
finished today. Urmi asks if she has escaped from the jail, and asks her
not to play with the law. The priest asks her not to interefer. He
complies. Urmi asks her not to disrupt the puja. Damini says that she
will perform the puja, and give all of them as sacrifice to the lord,
right here, and now whatever is to be fired, she will do it. She takes
out her pistol hidden till now, behind her. They are aghast.

asks if she is in her senses, or has become mad. She says that she has
indeed turned mad and had every reason to become like this. She tells
that Urmi snatched everything from her, her family, her house and her
people, starting with her son. She collapses on the floor, teary eyed,
as she eyes Ishaan’s picture, and aims the pistol at Urmi. They are
scared. She then says that Urmi even bewitched Anirudh, who wants to
dirvoce her due to Urmi, and even Alok, and hence she has a legitimate
reason and all possible excuses to go mad, and then finally Ishaani, who
she loved terribly all her life, and only loved her, she too got the
police for her arrest. She asks if they all concocted this all along,
and now wonder why she has gone mad. Shaurya comes in front of Diya to
save her. Anirudh asks her to throw the pistol away, as it’s dangerous
and not a playtoy. she says that she knows it’s a toy, and will play
with it, to her heart’s content, as one by one, she would lay out all
dead bodies, and till that doesn’t happen, she would continue playing.
She says that she will start with Urmi and adds that now they will start
the puja. Anirudh tries to make her understand that she has lost
everything due to herself, and she is just being punished for all the
wrong deeds that she did, and that Urmi isn’t at fault, for anything
that happened to her. Shaurya says that they love her terribly. Damini
asks him not to speak of love, as he is Samrat’s dirty blood. He is
aghast. Ishaani pleads her not to do anything to her brother. She tells
her that he isn’t her brother, but is linked to her by her step-status.
She says that all love each other, but she isn’t loved by anyone, just
due to Urmi. She comes to Ishaani and asks if she knows why she ran away
from there, as she had to be killed here by her own hands. Anirudh asks
what’s this nonsense, and rushes towards him, but she fires a bullet in
his leg, causing him to collapse wincing in pain.

Others are
traumatised and shocked. They rush to him, and make him sit on a chair.
Urmi asks what is she doing and says that she has a problem with her,
and she should take her life, but to spare the family. Alok reminds her
that they are her own, and she tied rakhi on this hand. She then asks
them all to tie up the brother and sister together, or else the next
bullet will be through Anirudh’s chest. Shaurya hurriedly asks his uncle
Alok to do exactly what she says. Ishaani and Shaurya sit, while Alok
ties them up. Urmi turns to her feet and begs her mother-in-law, Damini
not to do this, as she can kill her, but spare everyone else. Damini
jerks herself away, taunting them that she is satisfied that Urmi is in
her legs, but her brain is still hot. She asks Alok not to come in her
way. Alok steps aside. She then comes to Ishaani and Shaurya tied, and
then teases who should she kill first, the son or the daughter. Urmi is
appalled as it’s up to her to protect the whole family from her
mother-in-law’s wrath, and asks her not to do this out of revenge, and
spare her children. Damini asks Urmi if she remembers how she burnt her
son in fire, and she will do the same to her children. She picks up the
oil and sprays it around Shaurya and Ishaani. Anirudh meanwhile signals
Urmi something, while Damini spills oil around the brother and sister.
she then picks up a wooden stick, and lights it into flames. Urmi
signals Diya to rush to Damini to distract her. She complies, and begs
to Damini holding her feet, to let them all go. As Damini gets irritated
and asks Diya to let go, and she doesn’t, she then says that now she
has no option but to kill her first. Shaurya and others are shocked.
Shaurya desperately asks her to move away from there. Urmi stealthily
leaves from there, while Damini doesn’t notice. She searches for
something in the cabinet. Finally a shot is fired, shocking and stunning
them all and it’s turns out to be Urmi, who fired a shot into her
mother-in-law’s brain, ending her finally. They are all shocked to see
Urmi’s determined face.

Epilogue: Urmi then tells everyone that
her life started as a married girl, with ambitions, dreams and hope, and
some of them got fulfilled, and some got lost. She says that in this
incomplete life, she has achieved a lot, and tried to set an example out
of her living. She says that she tried to send a positive message to
the society. She says that evoked a new hope for the coming generation,
that they should treat the daughter-in-law of the house, with utmost
love and affection, as she is the one who will handle everything and
keep the entire family bonded together. Anirudh and Ishaani, and Shaurya
come there. Urmi joins her family. She says that this house taught her
to stand on her feet, and today she has made a standing for herself
along with the support and blessings of her family. She says that she
always has and will always continue to stand in front of her family, to
face any and every trouble. Diya comes there and takes her blessings,
and Urmi says that she has passed on the torch of the family, to her
now, and she is sure that she will handle it well. She says that
generations have changed but the relations and their importance never
will. She says that she can’t say for sure that she changed the society,
but promises that her teaching will stay behind, as she did her bit.
The entire family smiles for one last time.

The End…

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