Sunday Update On My Lost Home

Shabd’s uncle cries for Soni and a smug is on Buaji’s face. But suddenly the monitor beeps and somehow Soni breathes again by moving her hands slowly. Everyone is happy to see her back to life except Durga and Buaji.  Jeet rush to her to open her eyes that she will be fine. She slowly opens her eyes and there is relief in her eyes to see Jeet beside her. Mahi happily hugs Aunt Billo that Soni is okay.
Moment later, while Soni is resting, she remembers everything her mother-in-law has said and done but then she looks sideways and is happy to see beautiful flowers by her side which have been kept there by Jeet. They both smile at each other. Mahi spoon feeds Soni. Shabd also give Jeet is medicine to drink. Mr Khurana comes there to meet her. After several weeks, Soni is getting more better. Later the nurse is putting cream on Soni’s burns and she feels uncomfortable on seeing Jeer at the entrance door. Jeet takes the cream from the nurse and puts it himself. Mohini and Mahi give medicines to Soni. Jeet helps Soni to walk and Shabd comes there with the medicines. Then gestures both of them and tells them they make a very nice pair. He goes from there and then Soni rests her head on Jeet’s shoulder. Jeet help her to wear her wedding necklace and hugs her from behind. While Mahi and Shabd are sitting in the room, Mahi gets up as she recalls how Durga matret her sister,  what Soni told her on phone that her mother-in-law send her to the outhouse to get some blankets and also remembers how they had seen Soni burning in the fire. Then she says to herself that she won’t let Soni stay with those murderers. Later that day, Mahi is lying on the bed, Rahul ask Shabd why Mahi is sad. Mahi hears Rahul’s voice and gets up. Shabd tells Rahul that Mahi has just fallen asleep and needs her rest, he then suggests Rahul to let’s them go and he sees Mahi and she looks at him.

Soni recovers from hospital and Jeet brings Soni home and takes her upstairs. Buaji notices Durga’s restlessness and assures her that nobody will come to know about their crime. Jeet tells Soni to rest and goes to get her medicine. Mahi comes to meet Soni and gets mad at Jeet for not taking care of her before. She tells Soni that she cannot let her stay with the Khurana’s and has come to take her home. Soni refuses and says that this is her home and she cannot leave from here. She tells her that she won’t leave Jeet here and leave. Soni and Mahi turn to see that Jeet is standing at the door.

Mahi angrily leaves from there and a curious Jeet asks Soni what is the truth about her getting burnt is. He asks her how it happened and whether all this was an accident or not and Durga overhears this. He asks if Buaji or someone else was involved. Soni begins to tell Jeet about how his mother had sent her to the outhouse and set the place on fire herself. Jeet is beyond angry and storms from there into a room, ignoring everyone’s pleas. Soni comes back to reality, realizing that it was all a daydream, and decides not to tell Jeet. Durga is on the terrace and Soni goes up to confront her about her actions. Soni asks her why she did what she did. Durga calls her a manhoos and tells her that she is a curse to her family and children and that she had to get rid of her. She asks Soni what she did wrong in trying to protect her family from more grief.

Shabd tries to comfort Mahi but she is still worried as Soni is still living in that house. Shabd reassures her that as long as Jeet is with Soni, nothing will happen to her. He puts her to sleep when Rahul comes in and insists that they both follow him. He leads them to the hall where the whole family surprises them with a party. Aunt Billo tells Mahi that Rahul had given them the idea of holding a party so that she and her mother would cheer up. Rahul brings a heart shaped balloon and makes Shabd lovingly give it to Mahi. Shabd’s uncle puts some music on and Rahul pulls Shabd and Mahi to the centre, asking them to dance. They close-dance to Tumhi Dekho Na while Sapna watches them with a sad smile. She leaves from there and Mahi asks Shabd what happened to Sapna. Rahul guesses that she is missing his father and Shabd looks down guiltly. Soni remembers Durga’s words on the terrace when Jeet notices her crying and goes to comfort her. Soni walks away from him but turns back and goes into his arms.

Sapna asks Mahi if she needs any help in the kitchen and Mahi asks her to go give Shabd some juice. As she walks to the bedroom door, Shabd calls out for Mahi telling her that his button is broken. Sapna puts her hand out hesitantly and Shabd, mistaking her for Mahi, pulls her inside the room and against him. The juice glass breaks and Mahi rushes inside seeing Sapna against Shabd’s chest. He is shocked as Mahi sees Sapna in his arms, Shabd tries to clear the awkwardness and Mahi brushes it aside, as if nothing happened. She gives Shabd a new shirt and asks Sapna again about Rahul’s father, saying that the school will need the name for Rahul’s admission. Sapna says she will find another school for him and leaves from there. Mahi pleads to Shabd to talk to the principal of the school. Buaji tries to make Soni’s life difficult and creates a fuss on the breakfast table and refuses to eat if Soni is serving. Jyoti serves her when Jeet comes to the table. But Jeet stands by her through thick and thin. He asks for Soni to serve him and tells her to eat with them, much to Durga and Buaji’s disappointment. They both are upset that he is feeding Soni. Suddenly Durga’s phone rings and she agrees to meet with the caller on the other side. Durga goes to meet Cherry in a deserted area. Cherry tells her that she wants her old position in the Khurana household back as Jeet’s wife. Durga tells her that Jeet will never agree but Cherry tells her that Durga will have to handle that. She tells Durga that she wants Soni out of the house. She gives Durga one month to get Soni out of he house.

Mahi asks Sapna about Rahul’s father with so many questions then Sapna reply her that Rahul already met with his father without knowing he is his father. Then Rahul comes to Shabd and asks if he found something about his father. He aks Shabd to find his father soon as her mother will be very happy to see his father. Mahi comes to Shabd and says that how can one person leave a wife and a kid like this. She asks Shabd to go to school and talk to the principal for Rahul’s admission. Shabd says okay that he will go. At the Khurana’s house, Soni is show coming with food tray and seeing her Durga starts acting crying and saying things that how Soni is responsible for Veer death and also killed her grandson and now she is after Jeet. Soni hears all this and the plate fell from her hands. Durga tells Buaji that all this time she has been doing what Buaji has said, and now she will do things her own way to ensure that Soni gets kicked out of the house.

Bua slaps Soni and asks why she was listening to her conversation and why don’t she dies in the fire. She suggests her suicide ideas and Durga also says mean things to her. Durga then scolds Soni and Soni goes to her bedroom doing what she is good at and cry. Durga tells Bua she will get Soni out of her house and Jeet’s life at any cost. Mahi calls Soni up and she asks her why she is crying, she then asks if somebody said something to her but she covers up that their is nothing of such. Mahi again asks her and then says she knows she is not happy there. She asks her to tell her who did this to her and how can she live in that house who tried to burn her. Soni tells Mahi that she is forgetting that Jeet is also here and he loves her a lot. Mahi admit that he married her and he should have taken care of her but he didn’t. She asks why women’s bear this, one is her ( Soni) and the other is Sapna who won’t tell her Rahul’s father name. She tells Soni that she know what happened to her is not an accident and she know who did this to her and that she know what she is saying is the true. Soni somehow change the topic to Rahul but Mahi is not fool and understand that she is trying to divert the topic. She tells Soni that her house is hers and she can come there whenever she want.

Sapna, Shabd and Mahi goes to school with Rahul and they are watching the admission list and can’t found Rahul’s name on the list. They went to meet principal and talk to him. Shabd plead with him to do something but the principal says because of his family reputation they will reconsider and give him admission. He gives him admission and they thank the principal for. They leave but Mahi forgets her purse in the principal’s office so she goes to get the purse. Someone is coming towards them and Shabd recognise him as Vinay and calls him as they were college friends. But he mistook Sapna as his wife and he tells them that atlast they both are married, he introduces her wife and kid to him. He then reminds Shabd that he said he will never marry and now he is married and also with kid. Shabd tries to tell him he is misunderstood but before Shabd can say anything further, he tells Sapna that she wanted to marry Shabd from day one and now she is Sapna Sareen and everything is heard by Mahi in back. Vinay again asks Sapna how he trapped Shabd. Mahi is shocked to hear this.

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