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Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Dec 11, 2018

Sarla feels uneasy as she senses that Pragya is in danger. Before Abhi could realize, Pragya starts to drown. As Dushyant dies, Abhi runs back towards Pragya’s direction to help her and meets Purabh midway and tells him Pragys is wounded. They both proceed towards Pragya and when they

Tuesday Update On Iron Lady2, Dec 11, 2018

The mystery behind who is locked in the forbidden room is getting the best of Indus’ curiosity as both mother-daughter go to check what or whose is inside that room. However, there is a lock on the door and they don’t have keys to open it. Indira takes rock

Friday Update On Gangaa, Dec 7, 2018

The principal comes looking for Gunwanti. Gangaa inform her that her mother is ill so she has gone to her house. The principal Ma wants some papers from Gunwanti because she had received a call from the Principal of Lawrence School and she has to submit them today only,

Friday Update On Iron Lady 2, Dec 7, 2018

Indira affirms her decision of meeting Rishi to Kulbhushan's wife while, Jamuna Tai notices their conversation. Jamuna Tai goes to Ammu and like always adds fuel to the fire (Ammu) ie they have to do what the priest said. She continues doing what she is best at and smirks.

Sunday Update On Gangaa, Dec 2, 2018

Madhvi returns home and rushes to tell everything to Niranjan. She shows him the video. Amma is short of words. She comforts a crying Sudha. Babli who is standing outside the door had heard everything. Omkar calls out for Sagar as he has brought jalebi for him. Sagar is about

Sunday Update On Iron Lady 2, Dec 2, 2018

Indira tries to give Pappi the directions of her room because she want her to sleep in her room as all rooms are taken. Indira is about to say where her room is when the dumb boy Rishi opens his mouth and puts his foot in by saying the exact

Sunday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Dec 2, 2018

The goon who went in to check on Abhi asks him to take a selfie with him as his wife is his fan. Abhi poses for him and tries to keep him engaged. There all other goons walk out and Pragya gets a chance to sneak in where Abhi is

Sunday Update On Iron Lady 2, 2018

Indira tells Indu if she remember her promise to listen to everything that she say. Indu asks what promise? Indira says, the one that she did in room when she was crying. Indu makes weird face. Indira laughs and kisses her and Indu gets annoyed. Indira sees that the only

Sunday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Nov 25, 2018

Sarla whose condition is not good, but still she arrives at the wedding venue in Mehra house to tell Abhi about Pragya abduction. Meanwhile, Tanu is taking pheras ( wedding vows ) with Abhi. Daadi and Purabh get worried thinking about Pragya. Pragya thinks of her mother and cries. Abhi

Thursday Update On Gangaa, Nov 22, 2018

Gangaa asks for a discount and says 7k is too much. The shopkeeper tells her to talk at home first that she will have to pay that much only to get it in a working condition again. Gangaa heads back. Pulkit meanwhile is checking Sagar’s laptop but it isn’t working.