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Lord Of The Skies 5 Teasers – August 2019


Check out what will be coming on Season 5 of  Lord of the Skies which premieres on Monday, August 5 as Season 4 ends on Friday, 2 August.Monday 5 August 2019Officially a dead man as far as the authorities are concerned, Aurelio re-emerges when he learns that Victor is planning an attack

Telemundo: Lord Of The Skies 4 Teasers – August 2019


The season finale of  Lord of the Skies 4 comes up on Friday, August 2. And season 5 premieres on Monday, 5 August. Below is the remaining teasers of Lord of the Skies 4. Thursday 1 August 2019Emiliana is shocked to receive a proposal from Aurelio. Chema manages to escape from jail,

Lord of the Skies 4 – July 2019

Read what will be showing on Lord of the Skies 4 (El Señor de los Cielos) in July. Monday 1 July 2019  Catalina and Feyo spend the night together. Rivero asks Salazar about his relationship with Esperanza, while Victor apologises to Monica. Tuesday 2 July 2019  Esperanza makes a confession to Salazar. Monica realises that Eunice

Lord of the Skies 4 – June 2019

Read what will be showing on Lord of the Skies 4 in June. Monday 3 June 2019  Victor asks Monica to go to Colombia, but she declines. Meanwhile, Armando tells Javier that Eunice is not interested in doing business with them. Tuesday 4 June 2019  Tata Guerra asks Aurelio for permission to leave the house. Gustavo

Telemundo: Lord Of The Skies 4 – May 2019

Read what will be showing on Lord of the Skies 4 in May. Wednesday 1 May 2019  Due to his illness, Ismael is unable to donate his kidney to Aurelio. Victor feels depressed about Monica’s miscarriage. Jorge offers work to Rivero. Thursday 2 May 2019  Rivero tells Salazar that his wife, Rutila, is Aurelio’s daughter. Meanwhile, Eleazar is

Lord Of The Skies 4 – April 2019

Read what will be showing on Lord of the Skies 4 in April. Season 4 premieres on Monday, 15. It will continue from where  season 3 ends on Friday, April 12. Monday 15 April 2019 Season 4 starts today! Feyo Aguilera makes an attempt against Rivero and his family’s lives. Meanwhile, Monica takes President Abel’s father

MCM: Rafael Amaya

No doubt Telenovelas are full of beautiful ladies; however, it’s also a fact that there are lots of handsome as well as hunky actors. So today, our MCM is versatile Mexican actor, model and singer, Rafael Amaya, one of Telemundo hunks known for his role as the big bad guy drug lord, Aurelio Casillas

‘Lord Of The Skies’ Premieres In April On Telemundo Africa

The series Lord of the skies (El Señor de los Cielos) is based on the life and work of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the former leader of the Juarez Cartel described as the most powerful drug trafficker of his time. It stars Rafael Amaya as the main character. The series has won several awards including International Emmy