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Telemundo: False Identity Teasers – August 2019

Here are season finale teasers of the series,  False Identity showing on Telemundo in August. Thursday1 August 2019The conflict between father and daughter reaches its climax, with Gavinodeclaring that only one Gaona can kill another Gaona. Friday 2 August 2019Circe and Gavino face off - and the consequences prove fatal. Salas

False Identity Teasers – July 2019

Below are July teasers of the Telenovela,  False Identity showing on Telemundo. Monday 1 July 2019  The court comes to a decision on the charges against Gavino. Marlene worries about Nuria, while Isabel is conflcted in her feelings towards Corona. Tuesday 2 July 2019  Gavino orders Piochas to search for Diego. Nuria is in

False Identity Teasers – June 2019

Read teasers of the novela,  False Identity showing on Telemundo in June. Monday 3 June 2019  Diego manages to rescue Circe from Joselito’s clutches. Paloma thinks about getting an abortion, while Fernanda and Salas go on their first date. Tuesday 4 June 2019  When Margot arrives at Isabel’s house asking for Max Guevara, Isabel lies

Telemundo: False Identity Teasers – May 2019

Read teasers of the novela,  False Identity showing on Telemundo in May. Wednesday 1 May 2019  Diego tells his mother that he accepts some responsibility for his brother’s death, but says that she is guilty too. Piochas threatens Don Mateo. Thursday 2 May 2019  Joselito learns that the Colombians are dealing with another Mexican cartel. Meanwhile,