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Monday Update On Begusarai Sept 17, 2018

Lakhan recalls Poonam dressing his wound. Rekha comes in and says she have made him sweet. She also tells him that she is so happy today he made them fight because of what she said and he should eat sweet. Lakhan meanwhile agree that he is happy as well and

Monday Update On Twist Of Fate 2

While Abhi's family is surprised looking at Pragya, Aaliya and Tanu are surprised to see Pragya with Abhi and think as to how Abhi is normal even after meeting Pragya. Abhi adds on that Pragya would be helping Aaliya with her business and he has hired Pragya as his assistant

Monday Update On My Golden Home Sept 17, 2018

Abha fails to notice someone sneaking out of Jagmohans room. Abha gets a missed call from the same number again. Jagmohan tells Abha that he will think about Sania and Sanskar after the case. Abha tells Samarjit that he will be punished for his deeds. Samarjits lawyer tries to prove

Monday Update On Iron Lady

Rishi smiles at the monitor and cries fondling her and begging her to see the mark of their love and it's heartbeat. He cries holding her hand and gets flashbacks of his first meeting with Indira and other happy moments with her and tells her that she have sacrificing

Wednesday Update On Iron Lady

Indu asks Rishi what is happening in this house and why would police be behind Munna. Rishi says it could be coz of the bag. He tells that Radhe was also saying that DB ( Dulari ) was behind the bag too. He says something is fishy about the bag.

Wednesday Update On My Golden Home

Grandma visits the Thakurs to invite them for the puja. Shaili tells Sheetal to convince the Thakurs to come for the puja. Karan visits the Thakurs and convinces Chandra to attend the puja. Abha writes a letter to Chandra requesting her not to come for the puja, and sends it

Tuesday Update On My Golden Home

Karan and Abha miss each other badly. While Shaili is thinking about how to get rid of Abha, Sheetal calls her to ask what is to be done about the jewelry. The differences between Karan and Abha still continue. Raghav informs the Thakur family about Karan winning his first case against

Monday Update On Begusarai

Poonam says to dadda that i will make breakfast for you, he says yes, Bindya says i will make breakfast for him today, he should give chance to other daughter in laws too to show how well mannered are they, Dadda says ok go and make it, but not for

Monday Update On Twist Of Fate 2

Aaliya comes to Abhi and says Mr. Sethi agrees for all terms and conditions and asks him to record the song. Abhi says I am not yet ready with the song and says it should fall in heart. Aaliya says if you don’t record song on time, then your bank

Monday Update On My Golden Home

Sanskar vows to break Abha and Karans relationship forever. Veer tells Abha that he gave the money to Jagmohan on behalf of Karan. Jagmohan finds out about it and chides Karan. Seeing Karan hunting for a house, Singhal offer him to stay in his house. Singhal informs Jagmohan that he has