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StarLife Debuts New Telenovela, Kulfi: The Singing Star

StarLife premieres a new series, Kulfi: The Singing Star, (Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala) a musical spin on the channel tomorrow, Friday, June 14 at 19h00. The story centres round Kulfi (played by Aakriti Sharma), a sweet and charming seven-year-old who has a nightingale voice.  In the series, Kullfi embarks on a journey of discovery as she searches

StarLife: New! The Inseparables Teasers – June 2019

Check out teasers of what will be airing on The Inseparables this June. Monday 3 June 2019Episode 19 Madan tells Dadi about finalising the wedding date. Viren tells Jeevika that if he gifts a laptop to Maanvi, the sisters can video chat even after their marriage. Virat finds out about Jeevika and Mannan. Episode 20 Beeji,

StarLife: Family Affairs Teasers – June 2019


Below are teasers on Family Affairs showing this June. Saturday 1 June 2019 Episode 13Priti tells Shivam that she might have failed to delete the video. Dadi asks Raghav to watch the video. Later, Dadi is furious as she fails to show the video to Raghav. Riya is depressed believing that Shivam does not

StarLife: Game of Love Teasers June 2019

Check out teasers of Game Of Love the thrilling story of three brothers and the women in their lives this June showing on StarLife channel. Saturday 1 June 2019 Episode 415 Gauri mixes a love-inducing drug in Shivaay's juice. Anika plans to make Shivaay watch a romantic movie. But, their plans go horribly wrong! Episode

New! The Inseparables Teasers – May 2019

New soapie about sister’s bond, The Inseparables, premieres on StarLife on Tuesday May 21 at 21h00, replacing Family Secrets, which ends the day before. Below is what will be showing in the first episodes: Tuesday 21 May 2019 Episode 1 Maanvi runs away from the hospital as she is scared of injections. She is furious at Jeevika

New! Family Affairs Teasers – May 2019

Family Affairs premieres on StarLife on Tuesday, May 20 replacing Chasing My Heart which ends on Sunday May. 19 Monday 20 May 2019 Episode 1 Dadi (Shanti Srivastav) is a dominating character and the orthodox head of the Shrivastav family. Raghav is her obedient son and Kaushalya, her meek daughter-in-law. Dadi is over concerned about Sarla, her

Family Affairs Premieres On StarLife, Full story

A new series, Family Affairs with the original title, Mere Angne Mein in India premieres on StarLife on Monday, May 20 at 18h00. It replaces Chasing My Heart which ends a day before. The series tells what happens when a family's grandmother goes mad with the power she's been given by her family and social conventions. Shanti

StarLife: Game of Love Teasers April 2019

Check out teasers of Game Of Love this April showing on StarLife channel. Note that premiere episodes extend to Sundays from this month. Monday 1 April 2019 Episode 344 Gauri and gang convince Vikram to back out from the plan, while he manipulates the situation and is all set for his engagement with Anika! Tuesday

StarLife: The Crossroads Teasers December 2018

Check out teasers of The Crossroads this December showing on StarLife channel. Monday 3 December 2018 Episode 21 Asad pours his heart out to Radhika on Rose Day but is met with a rude shock! Ramkatori gets Leela drunk on thandaai and tries to get the truth about her and Subhash! Pyaremohan records their conversation. Episode

StarLife: Game of Love Teasers December 2018

Check out teasers of Game Of Love this November showing on StarLife channel. Saturday 1 December 2018 Episode 167 Anika tells Shivaay that she has given his blood sample to Dr. Chaterjee. Later, Soumya tells Shivaay that he is the father of Tia's unborn baby. Anika confronts Tia and challenges to expose her. Episode 168 The Kapoor