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Married Again Teasers – February 2019

Here is what will be coming up on Married Again (Punar Vivah) in February. Friday 1 February 2019 Episode 40 Neelam attempts to commit suicide. Yash and Aarti go off to the pre wedding party in disguise, to try and stop Neelam's arranged marriage. Mr Sindhia and Gayatri come to know that Aarti and Yash went out against

Married Again Teasers – January 2019

Here is what will be coming up on Married Again (Punar Vivah) in January. Tuesday 1 January 2019 Episode 10 Yash's family realises Aarti does not have a wedding party with her. Shoba tries to tell Aarti the truth about her marriage to Yash. Wednesday 2 January 2019 Episode 11 The engagement ceremony is underway and Shoba continues to

Married Again Returns On Zee World | December 2018 Teasers

This is definitely good news for lovers and fans of Married Again. The exciting Indian soap opera, Married Again (Punar Vivah) will be airing on Zee World once again!   The re-run of Married Again starts on Sunday, December 23, replacing The Promise 4 which ends a day before. The series was among the

Friday Update On Begusarai

The doctor informs Poonam about the critical condition that Lakhan is in and he asks her to take utmost care of Lakhan, if he is to survive. Meanwhile, Priyom gets furious when he finds out about Bindiya's behaviour towards Badi Dadi. He gulps down a few sips of wine and

Friday Update On My Golden Home

When Sanskar asks Abha how Karan is related to her, she tells him that Karan is her husband. But at the same time, her family comes there and they hear it. The doctor tells Jagmohan that Abha has signed the consent form as Karan's wife. Jagmohan gets upset with Sanskar.

Monday Update On Begusarai

Lakhan orders Poonam to do the worship for him instead of doing the regular prayers before the statue of God. The family is surprised and try to protest but Lakhan asks them to keep quite. He also begins to speak of Poonam's involvement with Priyom and this forces Poonam to

Monday Update On My Golden Home

Karan tells Uday that he has brought a marital proposal for Abha. Uday is furious and he asks Karan as to what nonsense he is talking about. Uday shouts and then gets a chest pain. Everyone rush to him whiles Karan leaves. Just then Abha realizes that she had

Monday Update On Iron Lady

Indira receives a call from a kidnapper, who asks her to pay Rs 5 core as ransom to get Rishi freed. Indira is left shocked. The family too gets shocked when Indira informs them about it. Mr Chadda and his office staff visit Sharma Niwas to congratulate Indira as they

Sunday Update On Begusarai

Guddi makes up her mind to teach a lesson to Dolt who has been pestering her for a while and she succeeds in doing so to a certain extent. Later, the family comes together for their meal but Lakhan does not arrive at the table. Mithilesh, in his irritation, asks

Sunday Update On My Golden Home

Sheetal is happy that she has received money from Shelly. She safely puts it in her closet. Raghav enters the room and he has borrowed money from his friend for the first time, he tells Sheetal to keep the money safe for him but Sheetal says no adding that