Zee World: The Good Son September 2021 Teasers

The Good Son September 2021

The Good Son September 2021 teasers can be viewed on this online platform. Check out The Good Son September 2021 teasers below… Wednesday 1 September 2021 Episode 65 At night, Pankhuri rehearses lying in front of the mirror while checking that her pulse rate doesn’t change. Thursday 2 September 2021 Episode 66 While Sanju studies for his exam, Purva makes tea for Vedant to portray herself as a good wife. Friday 3 September 2021 Episode 67 Pankhuri collects Purva’s blood sample and exchanges it with the sample of an AIDS…

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Zee World: Curse of the Sands June 2021 Teasers

Curse of the Sands June 2021 Teasers

Check out what will be coming up on Curse of the Sands this June. Tuesday 1 June 2021 Episode 23 Mohini contacts her sister. The evil spirits help her get her powers back. Wednesday 2 June 2021 Episode 24 Mohini’s sister proves that Mohini’s attempts are futile and will never work compared to hers. Thursday 3 June 2021 Episode 25 The prince dies and in order to wake him, someone from the family has to die. Friday 4 June 2021 Episode 26 Sia has to die after midnight. Saturday 5…

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Zee World: New! The Good Son June 2021 Teasers

The Good Son September 2021

Zee World will also be premiering a second series this June, The Good Son (Rajaa Betaa). The series also replaces Ring of Fire’s 18h00 episode, from Mondays to Fridays, starting on Thursday, June 3. The Good Son tells the story of Vedant, who struggles for acceptance after being adopted by the Tripathi family. He was adopted by a doctor and becomes a doctor too – a gynecologist but his adoptive family have never accepted him. Despite this, he takes on the responsibility of caring for them to be The Good…

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Zee World: All You Should Know About ‘Curse of the Sands’ Premiering in May

Curse of the Sands

Zee World: All You Should Know About ‘Curse of the Sands’ Premiering in May           A new supernatural romantic series, Curse of the sands with the Hindi title, Manmohini will be premiering on Zee World Africa in May. Curse of the sands is about a witch who is waiting to reunite with her unrequited love for 500 years, and a wife trying to save her husband from forces that are stronger than her.   Plot Summary A witch named Mohini has waited for her unrequited love…

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Top 20 Handsome Zee World Actors Female Fans Really Adore

Handsome Zee World Actors

Top 20 Handsome Zee World Actors Female Fans Really Adore     Today, we are taking a look at Zee World’s top 20 handsome actors. Yes, you read correctly! These actors all have striking looks, swag and good dress sense. They are actors from the different series that is currently showing or that has aired on Zee World. They have not only entertained the African audience with their acting skills but wowed viewers with their good looks as well especially female viewers. So, I present to you my rating of the…

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Zee World: Twist of Fate Teasers – June 2020

Twist of Fate September 2020

Zee World: Twist of Fate Teasers – June 2020     Coming up this June on Twist of Fate showing on Zee World. Monday 1 June 2020 Episode 62 Tanu is happy to finally have Abhi to herself. However, their affair is short-lived. They receive an unexpected visitor that gets in the way of all their plans. Tuesday 2 June 2020 Episode 63 Tanu realises that her efforts to break Abhi and Pragya apart seem to be bringing the two together. Wednesday 3 June 2020 Episode 64 Pragya and Abhi…

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Our Perfect Place Teasers – May 2020

Our Perfect Place Teasers - May 2020

Coming up on Our Perfect Place this May. Friday 1 May 2020 Episode 35 Niranjan visits his children unexpectedly, but this causes a vicious fight between him and Rita, so Ila gets involved. Hetal feels her coffee is much better than Rahuls, so it’s down to Hate Vs Love at Hetals café, who will win? Saturday 2 May 2020 Episode 36 Niranjan won’t tell Rita what he did and its making their marriage suffer, so Rita hires a marriage therapist. However, the therapist looks exactly like Tanu, will Rahul recognize her…

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Mehek Teasers – May 2020

Mehek Teasers - May 2020

Coming up on Mehek this May. Friday 1 May 2020 Episode 23 Shaurya saves Mehek from harm at the engagement party. Ajay takes Mehek to a dingy club. Shaurya offers Dennis a chance at a job with his partner Rajeev. Monday 4 May 2020 Episode 24 Leleti calls Karan out for being mean to Norah. Some thugs try to hurt Mehek in front of Shaurya, his reaction is unexpected. Tuesday 5 May 2020 Episode 25 Mehek’s henna ceremony is held and Shaurya is impressed with Dennis’ quality of work and…

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Deception 2 Teasers – April 2020

Deception Teasers - May 2020

Read what will be coming up on Deception 2 showing on Zee World in April.   Wednesday 1 April 2020 Episode 27 Naren takes Pooja away from town to seek help for her condition, and on their way a clown comes and distracts Pooja. Everyone in the house is looking for them. Thursday 2 April 2020 Episode 28 Pooja manages to convince Naren to wear female clothing for the day. Friday 3 April 2020 Episode 29 Pooja wants to see more magic tricks, and she has no idea the magician…

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New! Jodha & Akbar Teasers – March 2020

Jodha & Akbar

Zee World’s new novela Jodha and Akbar premieres on Sunday, 1 March at 21h00, replacing Gangaa 3 which ends the day before. Below are the teasers for March: Sunday 1 March 2020 Episode 1 This is the story of princess Jodha, who is forcefully married to a hard-hearted king who conquered her father’s kingdom. She reluctantly goes to his palace only to find that she is one of many wives. She faces opposition from the word go and discovers that she will have to fight for her husband’s affection. Her…

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