The Legal Wife Ep.46: Max Bids Monica Goodbye, Adrain Meets An Accident

The Legal Wife is a Filipino series airing
on TelevistaTV on DStv channel 194 and GOtv channel 15.  
Max bids Monica goodbye. He also asks Nicole to go
out with him for old times’ sake. Nicole exhorts Max not to give up on Monica.
On the contrary, Max says Monica still loves Adrian. He then advises Nicole to
forget about Adrian.

 Monica tells Adrian that she and the kids are going
to the U.S. after she wraps up her current projects. But she will no longer
deny Adrian access to their children. In turn, Adrian finally agrees to the
annulment Monica wants.
Javier covers for Dante with the police by claiming
he got hurt in a robbery gone wrong. Eloisa knows where to find Dante and the
latter asks for forgiveness.
Alas! Adrian meets an accident and is in critical
Both Monica and Nicole rush to the hospital
claiming to be Adrian’s wife. But Monica is still the legal wife and she throws
Nicole out.
It airs on Televista TV (DStv Channel 194 &
GoTV Channel 15): Every weekday, 04:00 PM & 11:00 PM local time (WAT)

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