The Top 5 Worst Driving Habits

Driving Habits

The Top 5 Worst Driving Habits



There’s a major difference between average drivers and good drivers – the former are ones you need to be worried about whenever you’re on the road. Being a good driver is harder than most people think and it requires lots of skills, practice, and patience. Developing bad driving habits is something we all do instinctively, but the sooner we forget about them the better.

Therefore, here are five of the most catastrophic driving habits and how you too can get rid of them easily, no matter how old you are and whether you’re an experienced driver or not.

Parking illegally

This is one of the most common negative driving habits, but it’s not as dangerous as the other ones. Parking illegally will cause you some embarrassment and discomfort, though, and avoiding these situations is something we all need to do. Luckily, there’s a simple solution for this problem: just don’t park in illegal areas!

Some of the areas where you can’t park include single and double yellow lines, loading bays, handicap and reserved parking spots, private driveways, as well as the pavement. All you need to do is keep these things in mind and avoid parking your car there. This will save you lots of money, but lots of energy as well.

Last-minute lane-changing

We all know those people who change lanes without letting anyone around them know their intentions. Those people are also responsible for countless accidents all around the world, and if you’re acting that way as well, this is the right time to stop doing that.

Changing lanes is quite all right, but only if you signal that properly. Be sure to do that on time instead of opting for last-minute signals that don’t really do you – or the drivers around you – any good. This kind of behavior is particularly dangerous for cyclists and you could easily kill someone if you don’t signal before you change lanes.

Drinking and driving

This isn’t just the worst driving habit in the world, but it’s also the most dangerous one. Wherever you are, from Australia to Canada, you need to remember that drinking before you drive is a sure way to cause accidents and put your life in danger, as well as the lives of your passengers and other drivers. That’s why this is a habit you should kick as soon as possible – preferably before you do something risky.

Most people are still unaware of how serious this issue is, but you need to take facts into consideration. Millions and millions of people are injured because of careless drivers who don’t understand the importance of being sober when driving. In case something like that happens to you, though, you need to find the right lawyer as soon as possible. Looking into those great criminal lawyers in Parramatta, for instance, might be a good way to go because they know how to help you minimize the consequences of your momentary mistake.

Cutting other people off

Weaving between the lines and trying to get from point A to point B is something we all do when we’re in a hurry. However, this isn’t just a sign that you’re a bad driver, but it’s an accident waiting to happen. After all, just because you feel that cutting people off isn’t that serious doesn’t mean other drivers will agree with you.

Therefore, you need to learn how to drive without changing lanes too frequently and getting in front of other drivers and squeezing between two cars. Wherever you’re going, try to leave your home 15 minutes before and don’t hurry to reach your destination. Nothing good will come out of such reckless behavior, and you could cause an accident or two without even realizing it!

Talking and driving

Finally, this is another major problem we’re seeing more and more frequently on the roads around the world these days. The number of people using their mobile phones while driving – it doesn’t really matter if they’re talking, texting, checking their email, or doing something else – is, unfortunately, getting bigger and bigger. That’s why this is becoming a global problem we all need to address together.

Sometimes, we check our phones and use them unconsciously, and that’s probably the most dangerous thing a driver could do. Instead, you need to learn how to avoid using your mobile phone when you’re behind the wheel. Try switching to hands-free – but keep in mind that this might be dangerous as well –  and turning your phone’s volume to silent, while, at the same time, ignoring all those notifications that are coming your way. You’ll have enough time for them after reaching your destination, so just relax and keep your eyes on the road.

Avoiding these bad driving habits won’t just make you a better driver, but a safer one as well. So, start paying attention to these things right now and inspire other people to do the same!




Peter Minkoff is a guest writer.

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