There’s more about me than just boobs – Foluke Daramola-Salako


Actress Foluke Daramola- Salako is one woman who enjoys a huge fan base. In this interview she talks about her marriage, career and style.
What is the title of your latest movie?
latest movie is titled Cobweb. Incidentally, my husband featured in it
as well. He made his debut as an actor and executive producer. The
cobweb is an intriguing story which will always attract the love and
passion of every typical African family for the purpose of learning that
the wish of destiny over who and what a child becomes in life can
always supersede that of parental domination, force and probably undue
influence most times. The movie features stars like Funsho Adeolu, Uti
Nwachukwu, Saidi Balogun, Princess 2p, Dele Odule, Ayo Adesanya and a
host of others. It is coming out in October by God’s grace.

You are glowing; is there a secret behind that?
peace of mind and, thank God, I have the right man beside me. I have a
friend beyond us being husband and wife. He is a friend that someone can
relate with. If you have a friend in your man, you don’t need any other
friend outside. Having the right kind of man is in true friendship and I
think God has blessed me with that.
What is marriage like for you now?
Marriage is fulfilment, contentment.
Does your husband sometimes feel jealous that you get all the attention being a celebrity when you attend events together?
jokingly he says maybe in another life, he will like to become a star
like me. He does not have a complex problem. My husband can deal with a
man toasting me; he will just smile because he trusts me. And I gist him
a lot about who my toaster is and he will laugh over it and say he
hopes somebody will not take away his wife.
But it is just the
fact that we are friends, we can share everything. Even if he admires a
lady, he will tell me, ‘Foluke that lady is cute, what do you think?’ So
it is beyond marriage. Marriage is not supposed to be rigid; it is
supposed to be a relaxed thing. That way, you will both enjoy it. My
husband can be sweet and he can be firm. Sometimes when we go out
together and I am hasty with my fans, he will say, ‘what is wrong with
you? I told you to smile. You should always force a smile, they are your
fans and they appreciate you’. So, he is like my teacher in that
regard. At the end of the day, he is one person who has been able to
push my career positively.
How would you define your style?
style depends on my mood. I wear more of jeans because I am a casual
person. I have always been a tomboy since I was young. I am more of a
matured dresser now and I guess it goes with age. Earlier in my school
days, I used to be the one to expose everything. But now, aside being
older, the fact is that I am more matured and I am a mother.
So you are saying people will be seeing less of the exposures?
I want to do a bit of mentoring to the younger generation. And because I
want to do that, I don’t want them having the wrong ideas about being a
celebrity. When I was much younger, people used to say ‘Foluke Daramola
exposes her boobs’ and all that. But now I think I am more grown. Also,
my daughter is becoming a teenager and I don’t want her having the
wrong ideas about who her mother is. I want her to grow up like a
responsible young lady as well, so I have to set the pace to give her
the right direction.
How do you feel when people speak more of your boobs like you’re defined by them?
pains me because there is a whole lot to me than just the boobs and
entertainment. I am an intellectual. I am one person who relate with
education but unfortunately or fortunately, I will say that people just
think about Foluke and the next thing they think about are my boobs. I
count it as an asset and I have grown to just appreciate it the way it
Your dressing has changed remarkably. How does your husband love to see you dress?
husband is not the type that would want me to look old school.
Sometimes, he wants me to look sexy, sometimes he wants me to wear bum
short, but that is when I am around him. He never complains about what I
wear or what I do but I am the one who knows the limit because of what I
want to represent.
This is your second marriage. What advise will you give to young single ladies?
and foremost, they should not rush into marriage. Sometimes you should
be complete in yourself first. When I got married and I missed it the
first time, I didn’t want to get married again because I felt that I
already have two kids. But I discovered that if you can actually be
complete in yourself and be yourself, you will enjoy that companion.
all have our misdeed, but it’s just for us to face the positive, ignore
the negative and be able to respect each other. There are challenges no
doubt – like my husband and I argue sometimes – but then it is about
the fact that we understand that it is beyond just being married but
having true friendship. So, single ladies should be complete in
themselves first.
What is your advice for women who face domestic violence and still stay in the marriage?
am an advocate against domestic violence. I always tell my husband at
every given opportunity that if any man dares raise his hands to touch
me or abuse me in any way, I will not be ashamed to walk out of that
marriage. I have been a victim of something like that in the past and I
knew the effect it had on me. I had low esteem and I didn’t have any
hope for the future. It is like you are dead while alive. It is better
for you to walk out of that marriage to discover yourself. It is better
for you to be alone and be the true value of what you are supposed to be
than for you to be somewhere hurting yourself and dying gradually.
What has life taught you?
has taught me that there is nothing you can compromise than your
happiness. And then, it is good to be able to impact humanity. How about
your signature perfume? It is a combination of a whole lot of perfumes.
I combine like 10 perfumes because I don’t want people to know exactly
what I am wearing.
Are you a shoe freak?
am a shoe and purse person but more of a wristwatch person. My favourite
designer is Michael Kors. I can buy up to 15 Michael Kors fashion items
at a time. That is how much I like this designer.

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