This Is Fate 2 Update Sunday 2 August 2020

This Is Fate 2 Update Sunday

This Is Fate 2 Update Sunday 2 August 2020



This Is Fate 2 Update Sunday 2 August 2020 begins as Sherlin thinks that she does not want him to remain against her and will eventually break him. Mahesh gets furious with Raj, he says that he has wasted enough time and now if he doesn’t tell the truth then he will kill him, he asks his men to count to three and kill Raj he then gets nervous and agrees to tell the entire truth if they let him live, he says that he will do the entire arrangements if he shows some proofs because he doesn’t believe him, Raj gives him his phone mentioning that the name saved as mam is of Sherlin.

Mahesh takes his phone and checks it with his own, he thinks that Sherlin has destroyed his family but now he will not let her make any smart move, now no one will save her and it is time for her to go to jail. Rakhi is massaging Dadi on her pain, Karina comes asking what the issue is, she says that she has got habitual of massaging and now feels, Karina ask if she wants them to call Preeta but Dadi refuses asking Rakhi to take her to her room as she wants to rest also asking Rakhi to ask Rishab for hiring a new doctor.

The bell of the house rings , Karina wonders if it is someone from the Aurora family and if they are planning to make a scene, Ganesh opens the door but it is Mahira, she comes and greets everyone, Dadi inquires Rakhi if she knew, she says yes, Mahira asks who told her, both mention that it was not them, she informs that she did it herself but forgot it because she came in such a hurry, she explains that she knows that they will find it odd that she came on such a short notice, Karina and Dadi however say that it is certainly not the case as they all are very happy that she came to live with them. They ask her how her parents are, she says that they are fine and also happy that she came to live with them, she says that her parents know Rakhi very well and have sent her an apology letter, Rakhi reads it but gets very angry, Dadi asks her to not be so angry and remain calm.

Rakhi plans to show her the guest room but she mentions that she knows the house, however Rakhi insists and then takes her to the room, both Karan and Sameer are delighted to see her, Risahb comes asking for his file he also gets very naughty and starts to tease her, Rakhi however asks her to not blush because they all are teasing her. Mahesh walks out he is very angry, he hits his car and wonders how they have wronged the Aurora family, they all said a lot of things to them which hurt them and he has to apologize, he decides to call her but she doesn’t pick it, Preeta is in her thoughts and does not know that her phone is ringing. Mahesh decides to correct their wrongs.

Rishab asks Rakhi why she was calling him, Rakhi says that they have to go, Rishab gets nervous asking where they have to go, they all inform him that they have to go for the ritual which is the family tradition, they all plan to take Mahira with them, Rakhi says that she has gone for the seminar. Rakhi calls Mahesh but he does not pick up, they plan to call him on the way.

Sherlin thinks of making an excuse to stay behind as only then will she be able to find the papers, she sits down pretending that her stomach is hurting, she insists on staying back and they all agree.
Preeta is in her room, she picks up the phone and is shocked to see that Mahesh called her, she wonders why he would have done it because he never does, she calls him back but he does not pick the call.

Sherlin enters the room, she thinks of where to start her search but then decides to do It and think while she is searching because there is less time, she goes through his files but find a photo of Preeta, she gets angry thinking that he has still kept the photo of Preeta even when they are married, she tears the photo, Sherlin again starts the search she finds some keys and then gets a call from Prithvi. He asks her if she has found the papers, she says that she has instead found some keys but there is no safe, he makes her think that she has to check in the room of Rakhi because a child only gives money to his mother, Prithvi’s mother comes, she asks him who he is talking to, he mentions that it is Preeta , she insists on talking to her he however makes the excuse of low network, Sherlin gets angry hearing their conversation asking to talk to her but he makes her focus on finding the papers.

Sherlin ends the call and goes to the room of Mahesh and Rakhi, she opens the cupboard and finds the safe, she opens it, finding the papers of the company and other documents, she starts to look at the jewelry of Rakhi trying some of them, she believes that all this belongs to her and Prithvi, as all this of them, they also had this but it was taken from them by force so now they will also take it.

She thinks that now no one will be able to stop them from taking their revenge, she turns to call them only to find that he is standing there, she gets really nervous.

Preeta thinks the reason Mahesh could have called her but is not able to find any sort of answer, she wonders if everyone is okay and decides to call Rishab, his phone is not able to connect so she calls Karan. He thinks why she is calling him because he does not want to talk to her, he picks the phone asking what she has to say, because he knows that she will lie, she says that he must listen that she is the one telling the truth and when he will com e to know of it then will feel guilty and ashamed.
Samer comes and asks Karan why he is still standing outside, he gets worried seeing him shocked, Karan answers that Preeta called and he is very angry to know that she still has the guts to call him, he leaves, Samer thinks that it is all because of Sherlin but she will not get away as god is all watching.

He comes in and is very angry asking her to go out, she apologizes but he gets even more angry mentioning that a girl of her status has no right to live in his house, she says that he cannot do this because she is his daughter in law, he however says that she is not worthy and must get out of the house, he mentions that Sarla was telling the truth, Sarla also saw her marrying some other guy so she had her kidnapped, she also tried to kill Preeta but no one trusted them, a family which always tried to stand from them, she has instead proven that she has no character, he mentions that he was curious regarding her character but now wonders that he should have believed Preeta and Karan when they both saw her in the hotel room with some other guy but she proved them wrong by somehow wiping out the video proof, he know knows that she is very clever. He says that he is sorry that they do not know the person, but he knows that it is Prithvi and both these characterless people are coming into either his family or Preeta, the question now arises why they are doing this because they should have gotten married themselves.

Sherlin tries to defend herself saying that it is not her who is after Prithvi but Preeta is after Rishab and now even she has gotten married so she is running after Karan, Mahesh gets angry, he slaps her threatening her to not speak Preeta name.

Sherlin explains that Preeta wanted to marry Rishab but now when they are both married, she went after Karan and would even sleep with him, he slaps her ordering her to not take Preeta’s name from her mouth, he mentions that Preeta did not tell him and he asked Raj who told him the truth, he did not think it necessary to find the name of the person she was marrying, but she said it herself and now he knows that it was Prithvi. Mahesh takes what she is holding, he asks her why did she take the property papers, what does she have to do with them. He is sure that she first took the keys from Rishab wardrobe then she came to find the papers in Rakhi’s room, she tries to explain, he however mentions that he never had the courage to open her wardrobe so how did she do it.

She tries to explain but he does not listen asking her how did she do such a heinous act, he knows the truth and raj has given him his mobile which has all of his calls with Sherlin so now he has proof, he mentions that Preeta always said that she was not the right girl but his family always insulted her, he now knows that she has come to his family for her revenge, he takes the jewelry and papers, after he puts them in the wardrobe, he tries to throw her out but she insists that she will not leave, she claims that she will never meet Prithvi but will stay with them.

Sanjana walks in, she hears Sherlin’s voice and goes up stairs, Mahesh says that he cannot forgive her because she is pregnant with someone’s else child, Sanjana is shocked to see what is happening between Mahesh and Sherlin, She pleads that she will try to be a good wife and take a fresh start, Sanjana plans to get away from the Luthra family, she also decides to hire a new lawyer as her daughter will soon need it.

Mahesh answers that he is not moved by her words, he knows that Rishab loves Preeta, Sherlin was just a mistake and he will do everything to correct the wrong which his family has made, he leaves Sherlin.
Karan is inside the Mandir, Rishab asks what the matter is, he says that Preeta called him but his phone was switched off, Pandit asks where Mahesh is, they all worried because he is not answering his phone, Karina decides to text him, informing the entire incident.

Preeta is scolding Karan for his behavior, Shrishti comes asking what the matter is, she explains that entire incident that happened with him, she says that Mahesh called her but she was not able to answer, she got worried so called Rishab but his phone was also switched off, she had to call Karan even though she did not want to but he instead of listening to her started to say bad things which angered her, she is feeling sorry for the girl who will have to marry Karan because of his attitude, she leaves the room, Shrishti also feels worried thinking that Preeta is in love with Karan, she also has fallen in love and now does not know what to do.

The Pooja is continuing, Kartika is thinking of what Sherlin said, she leaves the Pooja, Chachi goes to ask her what the matter is, she explains that Tanvi came to her room, she was scared of Sherlin, not able to tell anything, she also left their house without telling anyone but Rakhi that she was sick and need to go, Chachi is sure that it was not sickness but fear of Sherlin that lead to her leaving their house, she assures Kartika of a plan which she has developed and will tell her after the Pooja otherwise Rakhi will become suspicious.

Preeta is calling Mahesh she is very worried because he is not answering his phone, Mahesh picks the call, Preeta apologizes to him asking if everything was alright, Preeta ask if everything was alight, he thinks that she still cares for his family even after everything that has happened, she again asks him, he mentions that everything is fine and he wants to meet her to apologize, he asks her to wait or him as he is coming to her house where he will explain everything, she also assures that she will wait for him. Preeta wonders what has happened which has caused such extreme tension to Mahesh, she is waiting for him.

This Is Fate 2 Update Sunday 2 August 2020 ends as Shrishti is with Janki who asks her what she is thinking, she explains that everything has reached such a low point that she does not understand how to correct it, Janki mentions that nothing is such wrong, Shrishti tells her everything that has happened between the two families, she explains that she is trying to find a solution while everyone else is looking at the problems, she explains that she has planned to delay her wedding.

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