This is Fate Teasers – March 2019

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Friday 1 March 2019
Episode 80

It’s another celebration at the Luthra mansion, it’s Holi time and everyone is
dressed in white ready to be splashed with different colours. While they all
plan to have a great time, the two love birds Prithvi and Sherlyn are up to no

Saturday 2 March 2019
Episode 81

Purab has a beautiful surprise for his mother and he has invited everyone to
come see it. The Luthra and Arora family are under one roof once again.

Kareena decides to invite Sherlyn and this is what turns a great moment to
trouble. A cricket match is in order and teams are chosen between Prithvi and
Karan – watch to see who is in whose team.

Sunday 3 March 2019
Episode 82

Sameer is distracted during the cricket match by Shriti serving the ball,
forgetting that he is putting his team under a lot of pressure. It’s Karan’s
turn to bat but his gift turns on him which gives Prithvi and Sherlyn a moment
to celebrate.

Monday 4 March 2019
Episode 83

Karan and his team win the match, hitting Prithvi and leading him to disappear
from the farm house. Preeta is worried and is accompanied by her love interest
to look for her future husband.

The journey to finding Prithvi turns into a mini vacation.

Tuesday 5 March 2019
Episode 84

It is all fun and games in the haunted mansion between Preeta and Karan,
pushing Prithvi to go back to the farm house to poison the families against
Preeta and Karan in their absence.

Wednesday 6 March 2019
Episode 85

Everyone is back in Mumbai, except for Karan and Preeta. This proves to both
families what Prithvi has been trying to say the whole time.

Thursday 7 March 2019
Episode 86

It is obvious how Prithvi sees his future wife and Sarla refuses to allow her
daughter to marry a man like him, but Prithvi finds ways to win Sarla over.

Friday 8 March 2019
Episode 87

The priest is in the Arora house to read Prithvi and Preeta’s horoscopes to
finalize the engagement date. Prithvi pays Janki a visit and gets what he least
expected from her.

Saturday 9 March 2019
Episode 88

It’s a double date with Karan and his single self in the mist. Karan follows
Prihvi and discovers old news that will help him expose Prithvi.

Sunday 10 March 2019
Episode 89

Preeta sets Aunt Kareena straight by standing up for her mother, and Karan has
a date with Prithvi’s teenage love affair.

Monday 11 March 2019
Episode 90

Tapsi and Prithvi find themselves in hot water when Sherlyn walks in on them in
his bedroom, she makes a tough decision in this moment of anger and forgets
their plan to destroy the Luthra family.

Tuesday 12 March 2019
Episode 91

Shriti’s love for Sameer is evident and her mom and sister are worried about
her love interest. She denies everything but because of Preeta’s wedding and
the two families spending so much time together, she can’t help but fall in

Wednesday 13 March 2019
Episode 92

Karan invites Tapsi to Preeta and Prithvi’s engagement, he sets a camera in his
bedroom to comply enough proof to win Preeta but Prithvi is 10 steps ahead of him.

Thursday 14 March 2019
Episode 93

Janki spells out the name of the person who injured her, but fear gets in the
way and she leaves out the last few alphabets of the culprit.

Friday 15 March 2019
Episode 94

Karan tries to convince Preeta out of this engagement, but her mind is made up.

Saturday 16 March 2019
Episode 95

Prithvi strangles Tapsi to death in Karan’s room. How will he get away with
this murder?

Sunday 17 March 2019
Episode 96

Karan shows everyone the recording of Prithvi and Tapsi – it is all up to
Preeta to say if she wants to continue with the wedding or cancel it. Grandma
Daljit is disappointed and convinces Preeta to make the right choice for

Monday 18 March 2019
Episode 97

Prithvi wins against Karan and the war between Preeta and Karan

Tuesday 19 March 2019
Episode 98

The only language Prithvi knows is murder, he hires thugs to find Tapsi and
hurt her to keep her silent, but there is a close family member who witnesses
the thugs run over Tapsi.

Wednesday 20 March 2019
Episode 99

Shriti is in trouble and has to keep running before the thugs catch her. She
makes it home and confides in aunt Janki. Tapsi is dead and Shriti could be

Thursday 21 March 2019
Episode 100

The scarf Shriti was wearing on the night of Tapsi’s wedding is found on the
scene – it’s a lead and the thugs go to her house and find her home
alone.  At the Luthra mention, Kritika is hiding her pain about her fiancé
from Preeta.

Friday 22 March 2019
Episode 101

Aunt Janki, in her state, finds a way to give Karan the name of the person who
took Shriti. Karan, Purab, Sameer and Preeta are looking everywhere for the
culprit and Shriti. Will they find her dead or alive?

Saturday 23 March 2019
Episode 102

Shriti is found alive by Sameer but getting out of the abandoned factory is a
mission. Prithvi is also making his way to the factory to pay the thugs the
money he promised them.

Sunday 24 March 2019
Episode 103

No teaser available.

Monday 25 March 2019
Episode 104

Prithvi gets to the abandoned warehouse, only to find out that Preeta, Karan
and Purab are already there. Preeta unaware calls Prithvi to come rescue them
from the thugs. How will Prithvi get himself out of this one?

Tuesday 26 March 2019
Episode 105

The entire Luthra and Arora family are at the disowned warehouse where Shriti
was kidnapped. It is war and Prithvi is the reason. He tries to hide away from
the thugs, but they tell the police information that can get Prithvi caught by
the families.

Wednesday 27 March 2019
Episode 106

They are all safe and the police arrive just in time to get the thugs. Preeta
calls Karan late that night and she finds evidence in Prithvi’s car that proves
Karan has been right about Sherlyn and Prithvi.

Thursday 28 March 2019
Episode 107

Shriti is about to tell Sameer how she feels but there is interruption at the
mansion. Akshay is abusive and no one sees that Kritika is unhappy, she
continues playing happy couple with Akshay in front of her family.

Karan tries to expose Sherlyn and Prithvi with what Preeta found but it
backfires on Preeta.

Friday 29 March 2019
Episode 108

Prithvi is called in at the Luthra mansion, but him and Sherlyn have a plan up
their sleeves to get away with this one.

Saturday 29 March 2019
Episode 109

Rakhi is excited about the love growing between Sameer and Shriti. There is
another dinner at the Luthra mansion and the Arora’s are invited.

Sunday 30 March 2019
Episode 110

Karan and Shriti are investigating Sherlyn, stealing her phone and working
together to protect Preeta. Rakhi’s excitement between Shriti and Sameer is
childish and is irritating Sarla.

Monday 31 March 2019
Episode 111

The Luthra family are celebrating the wedding anniversary between Rakhi and
Mahesh while Karan, Shriti and Preeta are planning an investigation at
Sherlyn’s house.

Premiere episodes of This is Fate air on
Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 19h00.

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