Thursday Update On Iron Lady 2, Nov 22, 2018

The entire family goes and hugs Indu. Indira wants to hug her too but
she looks at her from a distance. Rishi asks Indu to go and hug Indira
as well. He try to convince her that her mummy loves her a lot, and
that’s why she came to the place to save them, risking her own life.
Indu doesn’t move.
Indira asks her if she is angry with her mummy?. She
holds her ears and apologizes to her. She asks Indu for a hug. Everyone
also tells Indu to go and hug her, but she doesn’t move. Rishi then
carries her and puts her in Indira’s hand. He tells them to sort out
their stuff as he can’t handle 2 iron ladies. Indira kisses Indu and
Indu doesn’t seem to be liking that. Indira tells Indu, that she is her
little doll and she won’t let her go away from her now. Indu is all
quiet. Indira asks her to say something, but she is still quiet. Rishi
tells her, these people might have scared her that’s why she is quiet.
Rishi takes Indira’s hand and slaps himself. He says, he is not worth of
her forgiveness, but if possible, then to please forgive him for what
he did and promise to do everything that she say. He will become murga
and will change his name to Rishi Indira Sharma. Everyone laughs. Munna
suggests him to start putting vermilion of Indira’s name. Rishi jokingly
says he will do that too if she forgives him and request everyone to
tells Indira to forgive him. Indira says, on one condition and asks if
he have forgotten the promises that he made during their marriage and
further asks if she should remind him again?. She reminds him that a
husband and a wife are like wheels of same vehicle and it only works
when they are together and that family’s happiness comes by that only.
Rishi promises her that he will be with her in everything now. Indira is
worries seeing Indu’s serious face.

Although everything is safe
and sound back at home with Indu back and Rajrani behind bars, things
are still heavily tense between Indu and Indira. Later in the night,
Indu gets a scary dream where a scary person comes and dancing and then
locking her inside a cage. She wakes up all of a sudden. Indira and
Rishi are sleeping. Indu gets up and sits alone, recalling Indira
refusing to stop the car. Indu breaks into tears, as she recollects
Indira’s confession to the media of sacrificing her daughter to Rajrani,
in order to protect the lives of the other kids and when Rajrani saying
Indira doesn’t have a mother’s heart. Indira wakes up and looks at her
daughter crying from a distance. She realizes her mistake and hence,
decides to fulfll Indu by providing her the essence of motherhood. She
says to herself that she know her daughter is hurt a lot, but her mother
will get rid off her pain with lots of love. She have to give her all
the love that she missed in the last 8 years, and will show to the world
that iron lady may be strict for the whole world, but for her daughter,
she is a mother only who loves her child a lot.

and Rishi both go to the market and buy a surprise gift for Indu to
cheer her mood. Both challenge each other that Indu will like their
respective gift. Indira buys birds in a cage, and Rishi buys Indu’s
favorite pizza. Both arrive at home at the same time, and they have a
cute romantic fight to enter the house first and to give the gift first.
People see them and say Indu is so lucky to have such parents. Inside
the home, everyone is watching news in which the media is praising
Indira. Indu is sitting quiet. The Sharma family asks her to praise her
mummy too, but she just leaves. Munna tells Indira and Rishi to do
something about Indu. Both search for Indu and it’s Indira who finds her
first. Both give their gifts to Indu. Seeing the cage, Indu however
gets annoyed after Indira tries to gift her as she remembers her scary
dream, and she sees Indira’s face in that scary person now. She pushes
Indira back and takes a stick in her hand. Rishi tells Indu both of them
are there, and no need to be scared. Indira tries going closer to her,
but she pushes her back harder this time. Indira recalls Rajrani’s words
that he took revenge by making Indu hate her. The Sharma’s family
together tries to cheer Indu, they comes in funny costumes and does
comedy to cheer her up but they fail. Indu finally has smile on her
face. Munna tells Indira not to sod and remind her that she only said
she is her daughter and it will take lime to make her happy again. He
asks her to join.

Indira goes to Indu and Indu keeps seeing scary
face in Indira. She pushes her back again and runs away. Munna’s wife
gets emotional and tells Indira she knows the pain when their children
are angry at them. Ishaan taunts her once again and she is sad, but
controls her feelings. Indira comes to her room crying. Rishi follows
her and says, he never saw her giving up like this before and asks what
happened now?. Indira says, now she is a mother and people say it right
that no one can win against children and Indu rejected her mother’s
love. She hasn’t talked with her properly since she returned and keeps
going away like she is not her mother. Rishi says she is still scared as
she stayed at Rairani’s place. And that she risked her life and saved
them. He asks her to tell him if her way was correct?. Indira says she
was lust following her plan. Rishi advice her to leave the past behind
which reminds Indira of last 8 years. She says when children need their
mother most, she wasn’t here and he ( Rishi ) seen her growing up, but
she didn’t see anything. Rishi tells her that he understand her very
well because Shweta raised Indu. Indira then asks him if Indu will
accept her like Shweta. Rishi says they have to be good parents and make
Indu’s good today. Indira says they will become best parents and will
start today. She asks him to promise her that he will never shout at
Indu because she doesn’t want Indu to hate Rishi like her.

promises her and asks Indira to promises as well to make Indu how she
was before, and to ignore her principles if they come in between Indu’s
happiness. Indira in a thought, she promises that she will make sure
Indu doesn’t miss her mother. Rishi asks what about other promise?.
Indira leaves saying Indu must be hungry. She decides to go and give her
food. Ishaan and Sehar explain Indu that she shouldn’t hate her mother.
Ishaan says Indira took care of him like a mother and she seems strict
from outside, but is very soft from inside. Indira comes there and hides
listening to them. She calls Sehar and gives her food. Ishaan and Seher
convince Indu to have her meal. Sehar asks Ishaan to bring a younger
brother for Indu so she will get happy when she sees him, lust like how
Ishaan used to get happy seeing Sehar in childhood.

This puts
Indira in thought. Indu eats from Ishaan’s hand and Indira is happy
seeing that. Munna’s wife comes there and tells Indira that they are
right. Sunaina then suggests Indira to plan for a baby boy, with view to
help Indu have an accompaniment to share her joys and sorrows and that
Indu will be happy with him.

Munna, Rishi, and some
other people are drinking. They have birds cage there. Munna indirectly
explains to Rishi that Indu needs a company. He tells Rishi how a single
bird feels lonely without another bird. They also need company, and
like them Indu also needs company. Rishi asks if he is saying that Indu
needs a sibling. He comes to his room. Both Rishi and Indira want to
talk with each other about their another child. Rishi doesn’t know how
to say it, he starts reading magazine wrong way. Indira gets angry and
says, she know him very well that he need something that is why he is
behaving like this. Rishi shows her an egg. Indira asks what this is?.
He says random stuff, and then finally says he wants another child.
Rishi urges his liking to Indira of having a baby from Indira in a
drunken state and asks her, if she want another child as well?. Indira
feels shy and says yes. Little romance happen between them. The next
morning, Rishi asks when Indira will give him good news. He hears
Indira’s voice and finds a pillow beside him.

Indira searches for Indu
around. Sehar tells her that she already left for the school. Indira
wonders if Indu eat anything since morning and didn’t take lunch box
with her either. Rishi comes there excitingly and hugs her. Indira is
upset and tells him about Indu. He says they will have to be with her
everytime because of incident that happened with them. When Rishi is
going to work, he sees Munna talking with bunch of people who have their
case files with them. Indira also comes and realize that the few people
from her locality reach her doorstep, to gain her help to solve their
judicial matters. Everyone happily tells her they saw how she fought on
Tv and they also want justice. They consider her wise and strong enough
after they witness her attitude in Rajrani’s case. They give their case
files to Indira and she asks why are they giving her the files?. She
politely tells them that she is not a lawyer and plead with them not to
comes and tries to create difference between her ( Indira ) and Rishi
saying usually husband is ahead, but here it’s opposite. But this has no
effect on Rishi as he just smiles. He tells Indira to go to school and
give lunch box to Indu and also asks to pick her up. Indira says okay.
Rishi leaves.

Indu is sitting alone in school park and other kids
come there and make fun of her. They taunt her that she do iron lady in
school and asks what happened there where she was kidnap. Someone
starts throwing bones at those students who are making fun of Indu. Indu
looks around who is it and it’s turns out to some fat guy. The students
go to scare him but he beats them with more food. Indu laughs seeing
this. The students threatened to see him and his girlfriend ( Indu) some
other time. Indu looks at the amount of food the fat guy is eating. The
fat guy asks Indu if she wants to eat. Indu says yes. She starts
talking with him. The fat guy jokingly asks if she don’t think she is
his girlfriend, and then blunt out that he don’t like skinny girls. Indu
angrily puts the food down and spark back that she don’t like fat guys

Meanwhile, everyone is still asking Indira to help them.
Indira finally agree to help them all but for now, she plead with them
to lets her go as she is getting late to go to school. Everyone keep
praising her that she fought with Rajrani and declared her as a Goddess.
Indira spark at them that she is not a Goddess but she just have
strength to fight against injustice. She then promise to meet them
later, as her daughter is waiting for her. On the other hand, everyone
is leaving the school. Indu is standing alone and talk to herself that
no one came to pick her up. Indira is seen going to school in an auto
and just when Indira has another chance to prove her love for Indu,
another crime is committed as she sees some people attack on a girl and
watches as they try to get the girl burnt on a road. Indira goes to help
her immediately and prevents the woman from getting burnt. The woman
turns out to be Shweta but she is unaware she is Shweta. She takes her
to the hospital. While on their way, Indu has an accident and no one
helps her. Indira passes from there in an auto. Indu sees her and calls
her, but she doesn’t listen. The auto man says he again started
believing in God after the way Indira helped the lady. He hope God sends
someone to save that girl too. A rich guy comes out of his car and
takes Indu with him.

In the hospital, police asks Shweta who is
pregnant, who attacked on them. She doesn’t answer. Indira tells the
police that she is stressed and scared, and request them to ask her
later. After the police leave, Indira notices Shweta looking at someone
in the newspaper. She asks her, if it’s that person who attacked on her
and further asks why didn’t she tell the police. Shweta informs Indira
about her relationship with a guy she shows in the newspaper and that
she don’t want to see him behind the bars. Indira on the other hand gets
call from Rishi who is angry at her that he told her to be with Indu
all the time and she didn’t even reach her school. He informs Indira
about Indu’s road accident and Indira is in shocked.

Jaswant Rai Singhania a doctor by profession, brings Indu to his home
after she meets an accident. She is being taken care there by Jaswant’s
wife. She gives her food, and then Bheem, the fat guy whom Indu met in
school comes there and asks her how she dared to touch his food. Indu
says the food is hers and she won’t give him. Bheem snatches it away,
but his mother tells him he don’t behave like this with guests and gives
it to Indu. Rishi is waiting for Indira. She comes and he is angry at
her and doesn’t let her say anything. They both reach Dr Singhania’s
house and are happy to see Indu fine. Indu again avoids Indira. They
thank Bheem’s mother, but she says it’s her husband who saved Indu. Her
husband comes there and Indira gets stunned after meeting Dr Singhania
who happens to be Shweta’s husband and the father of Shweta’s child. And
also, Dr Singhania happens to be person who sent his hired men, to kill
Shweta. Rishi is all praising him, while Indira just stares at him.
Meanwhile, someone gets in the hospital to attach on Shweta. He calls
his boss, who seems to be Bheem’s father, and his boss order him to kill
her. Indira imagines that Bheem’s father accepted the truth and Indira
shoots him in her imagination. Bheem’s father sees Indira very serious
and tells Rishi that his wife still seems stressed, and tells him to
tell her that their daughter is absolutely fine. Indira says that she
was reading the news about him in the newspaper how he does so much for
society. Bheem’s father says being a doctor it’s his duty. Indira says
this is nothing once everyone comes to know what more he did and doing,
then there will be posters. Bheem’s father is quite not sure whether she
is praising him or not. Rishi tells Indira if she is done praising him
in her unique style, then they should leave. Indira tells Rishi he don’t
know him well.

Before she says anything else, Indu interrupts
her and says that she knows him very well. He is her friend’s father.
Indira gets even more surprised knowing he has child as well. Bheem’s
father says, Bheem is not here otherwise he would have introduced him to
them all, and that he is a very sweet child. His wife comes there and
says Indu is also a very sweet child, but seems like she is angry at her
mother. She puts Indu’s hand in Indira’s hand and tells her to solve
their issues when they go home. Indu doesn’t like it and runs out. Rishi
follows her. Bheem’s mother goes to get lunch ready. Dr Singhania
realizes Indira’s pleasing behaviour to be diplomatic and rather fake,
while he interacts with her and Rishi. He then suggests Indira that she
should care about her own family more than the society. Indu asks Rishi
to start the bike. Rishi suggest her to let her mummy come and then they
will go. Indu bet that she won’t come with them, so there is no point
of waiting. Rishi explains her that she don’t say like this about her
mother. They challenge each other. Indu says she won’t come with them,
while Rishi says, she will. Indira comes out and gets a call from
hospital. Hearing about the attack, she decides to go to the hospital.
Rishi asks her to go with them, but Indira refused saying she has an
important work. Rishi is disappointed.

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