Thursday Update On My Lost Home

Mahi calls the hotel again, the receptionist who she spoke to
earlier had close and changed. The other receptionist on duty says that
the other receptionist she spoke to earlier went home. Mahi asks for
Angad’s cell number, but the receptionist tells her that they don’t have
it in their records. Mahi yells at him in anger and slams the phone.
She starts crying in despair, Moni comes to her and hugs her to comforts

Soni returns from the mandir parikrama
rituals. She was feeling very sick and still had fever. Jeet returns
and looks after her. He takes her temperature and puts ointment on her
blistered feet from doing the parikrama barefeet. He tells Soni that
her fever was increasing, he decides to leaves to call the doctor. He
gets up to call the doctor but feels dizzy and lies down on his kunwara

Jeet lies down and passes out, Soni is worried, she
gets up and limps to him. Durga comes in and tells Soni that she
slipped a sleeping pill in Jeet’s food and that was why he fell asleep.
She tells Soni that Jeet will sleep for 4-5 hrs by that time they will
go to the temple and finish up with the final puja rituals as it will be
done to cure Soni’s Graha-dasha. (Unlucky horoscope).

Durga and Soni goes to the temple and the pooja starts. First they wash
Soni’s feet, then she walks on her knees, (dandi kaatna) to the temple,
where two priests pour water all over her again. Jeet wakes up, and he
is shocked to see Soni gone, he yells for Jyoti and he asks where Durga
and Soni have gone.
Jeet and Mr Khurana rush to the temple, just
in time for Jeet to knock over the pail of water from the priests. Jeet
and the priest have a mini debate on Religion, Superstitions, Rituals,
etc. Jeet quotes from the Gita : Karmanye Vadhikarastey Maafaleshu
Kadachanam” which means.” Do your Karma and don’t expect Phal for it”

The Priest is mad at him and says that if he hadn’t interrupted, the
puja would be over by now and Soni’s Graha dosh (unlucky horoscope)
would be destroyed forever. The priest tells Durga that since Jeet
interrupted the puja, he cannot give a guarantee about the outcome. The
priest was leaving but Durga chased him by calling him to stop. Soni
calls out for him to stop and the priest stopped.

apologizes to the priest on behalf of Jeet and tells him that they can
go ahead and finish the puja. Jeet stops her and tells her that she was
well educated enough to understand so why was the need for her to do
all this. Soni tries to tell Jeet to understand her since they were
almost done with the rituals. Meanwhile Jeet was not ready to
understand. He scolds Soni and tells her that he is worried about her.
Soni also tells Jeet that she also worries about his well-being since
she has already been a widow once, she doesn’t want to experience it

Soni tells him that if anything happens to him then she
wouldn’t know what to do. She furthermore tells Jeet that she didn’t
know that it was because of her that the family was in trouble. Soni
tells Jeet that she was ever ready to go through everything as this was
nothing compared to what has happened to their family because of her.
She tells Jeet that Mummji (Durga) lost her son because of her, and
that she can endure anything but if something were to happen to him
(Jeet ) then she wouldn’t be able to face it.

Soni tells Jeet
that if he really cares for her then he should let her finish the puja
and he shouldn’t stop her now. Soni tells the pundit to come and she
promises him that now there will be no further interruption. Durga
requested the priest to go ahead too and the pundit agrees. Soni sits
and they finish the puja. They tell her to light 108 lamps around the
temple. Soni does so whiles Durga does some havan. They stand to do the
final offering and and they light a lamp to Soni’s hand and also she
does the arti. Jeet was looking at them helplessly as Soni’s hand burns.
Soni was feeling dizzy and Jeet catches her in time before she falls.

The next day, Mahi who looked desperate in her room couldn’t stop
pacing around. Moni tells her that she did not sleep the whole night.
Mahi tells Moni that she tried to call Angad but he was not traceable.
She tells Moni that now it was only 1 hr left for the court hearing.

Moni tells Mahi to have hope and also tells her to leave it to God and
he will do everything right. Mahi arrives at the district court and she
prays to God that he do justice with his Shabd. Just then the police
arrive there too with Shabd, they see each other and Mahi tries to go
towards him but a mob of reporters surround him and they were not able
to meet as the police lead him away. Pammi’s mom comes there and says
that she was going to prove Shabd’s innocence now after what happened.
She tells Mahi to stop fooling herself as Shabd will definitely be
hanged. The reporters surround Mahi and start asking her questions but
Moni and Aunt Billo takes her away.

The court is in session. The
defence lawyer asks Shabd if the muffler was his. Shabd tries to explain
but the lawyer stops him. Next they call Moni as a witness. The lawyer
asks her how Shabd’s behaviour was. She tells them everything she knew.
Next they call Tanya and ask her about the photo she took on her
mobile. She explains to the court. They now call Pammi’s mom. She tells
the court that when it came to finding Pammi, Shabd had refused. He was
scared and now she knew why as Shabd had caused the accident and that he
had killed her daughter and he had buried her. Afterwards they call
Mahi for questioning. Shabd is hopeful as he looks towards Mahi.

Mahi enters the witness box. The lawyer questions her and Mahi finally
says that her husband cannot be wrong nor lie as she believes in him.
The lawyer tells her that she admires her faith but the court needs
proof since all the accusations of the crime point to her husband. The
lawyer tells Mahi that it looks like she wanted to say something but she
didn’t want to, then the lawyer starts to instigate Mahi.
boldly tells everyone that she has a witness who saw everything that
happened that awful night. The judge asks her who the witness was and
where he is. Mahi tells the court everything. The lawyer keeps asking
who the person was and Mahi finally tells them that it was Angad.

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Everyone is shocked, the lawyer asks where he is but Mahi says that
she does not know. Mahi tells the judge that she is trying to find him
but she needs time to do that. The lawyer asks her if she was sure Angad
has the proof and if he saw everything. Mahi requests the judge for
some time so that Angad can come there and tell them everything. The
lawyer makes fun of Mahi and tells the judge to give its decision.

The judge tells them that he will give his decision in 10 minutes but
till then the court was adjourned. Soni comforts Mahi. Soni complains
that they did not tell her anything. Mahi tells her that she doesn’t
know what was happening as she was confused herself. Mahi tells Soni
that when Angad kept coming to her and said he can save Shabd but then
he did not believe him and she is now been punished for that.

The court is in session again and the judge says that the court has
found Shabd guilty and sentences him to death since there was no prove
of his innocence. Mahi and everyone is shocked. They take Shabd for
hanging but it was just a dream. The court finds him guilty and was
about to give the sentence when Angad stops the judge. Mahi is relieved.

The judge tells him that he can be punished for stopping the
court proceedings. Angad asks the judge how can he give a decision
without hearing the prime witness. Angad says that he will tell them
everything and prove that Shabd was innocent. Angad recalls everything
that happened on that day. (there is a long flashback of the nights
proceedings) Angad finally says that Shabd was unconsious the whole
time. Pammi’s mom was not happy upon hearing this. The lawyer asks him
for prof. Angad says that he recorded everything on this cell phone. He
says that he knew this would help prove Shabd’s innocence and so he
recorded everything. The judge sees the recording and decides that Shabd
was innocent and dismisses the case. Everyone but Pammi’s mother was
happy. Shabd finally gives Mahi a tight hug.

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Everyone is happy.
Angad leaves quitely. Everyone walks out of the court room and Shabd
stops Angad. He thanks Angad for helping him prove his innocence. Durga
blesses him. Everyone thanks him for the favour. Angad tells them that
have to thank Mahi not him. Mahi says that Shabd is free today only
cause of Angad. She tells him that she didn’t believe her but she thank
Angad says that he used his intelligence and recorded
everything and could possibly help his friend. Shabd thanks Jeet too.
Jeet praises Mahi. Soni tells Mahi to spend every moment with Shabd.
Mahi scold Soni for coming there in spite of being sick.
comes home. Mahi does his arti and welcomes him home. At the Khurana’s,
Jeet and Soni were having dinner and the lights go out. Jeet lights
the candles and they have a candlelight dinner. (“Hum dil dechuke sanam
song plays in the back ground) there is a flash back of all the times
when Jeet rescued Soni.

Shabd and Mahi comes to their room and
Shabd is remembering all the past events he went through. They share a
cute moment together. They remember their past happy moments. Shabd is
changing his shirt and Mahi sees the wounds that he got when he was in

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