Thursday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Nov 22, 2018

Aaliya says to Tanu’s mother that she also wants her brother to marry Tanu, so it’s better not to fight. Tanu’s mother tells Aaliya that she did wrong by saying that she can stop this marriage. Aaliya says her daughter isn’t ready yet and Abhi is busy talking to Daadi because of of her ( Tanu’s mother). Just then, Mitali comes there. Aaliya scolds her for leaving Tanu upstairs. Aaliya goes upstairs to get Tanu but she slips. Mitali laughs at her and helps her get up. Mitali also slips. Aaliya asks her to get up alone.

Pragya is standing clueless, she decides to go downstairs to Daadi’s room. Nikhil sees her and thinks what Tanu is doing alone upstairs. Just when Pragya is about to slip, the unthinkable happens, as Pragya breaks her cover in front of her enemy. Nikhil asks her to be careful. He comes towards her and finds out that she is not Tanu, it is Pragya who is wearing Tanu’s dress. He gets shocked and asks Pragya about Tanu. Pragya says that she doesn’t know where Tanu is. Nikhil asks Pragya then why was she wearing Tanu’s bridal outfit. He immediately figures out Team Pragya’s plan that Pragya is about to take Tanu’s place at the mandap. He says he know Tanu doubted on her and said that she ( Pragya) will do some conspiracy. He adds that Tanu asked him to keep an eye on Pragya and she is caught in colored clothes. Pragya gets upset, she fears that Nikhil will now reveal their secret.

Pragya and Nikhil are arguing with each other. Nikhil who catches Pragya red handed and tells her that she couldn’t fool anyone and asks her to get changed and get Tanu. Pragya tries to tell Nikhil that Tanu is just using him. Once Tanu will be married to Abhi, she will not even look at his face. Pragya says that Nikhil is being stupid to allow his lover to marry someone else. Pragya even pleads with Nikhil, she asks him to not expose them and let this marriage take place and that it would be best for everyone. She further tells him that Abhi and her ( Pragya ) are already married, it is wrong to separate them. And, Tanu will automatically come to Nikhil, once she fails to marry Abhi. Just then, Abhi is seen walking towards them. Nikhil immediately puts his hand over Pragya’s mouth and drags her to a room after spotting Abhi. Pragya is not able to shout, she tries a lot to shout and call for help.

There, Aaliya who is worried about the wedding also comes upstairs to take away Abhi for the rituals and starts talking to Abhi near the room where Pragya is locked with Nikhil. Abhi feels that Pragya is nearby, he also finds Pragya’s hankerchief near the door. Aaliya asks Abhi to feel good as his marriage rituals are starting in a few minutes. She asks Abhi to hurry up, that the priest and guests are waiting for him downstairs. Abhi leaves from there. Nikhil says that he is not a fool, he will not let Pragya win and Tanu will only marry Abhi, he is the one who is letting Tanu marry. Pragya struggles and tries to leave the room. She hits Nikhil with a vase. Nikhil gets furious and attacks Pragya. He hits her so hard that she falls down on the floor and gets unconscious. Nikhil looks at unconscious Pragya and thinks to check outside. He throws her veil away and peeps outside the room. He finds Purabh, Daadi and Indu Dassi outside the room, so he hides inside. Purabh gets doubtful that he saw someone hiding. But, Daadi and Dassi are so excited to see the marriage, they pull away Purabh. Nikhil decides to hide Pragya somewhere.

Tanu’s mother waits for Abhi and Tanu. Mitali asks what is going on and tells her mother-in-law Pammi that Abhi will not return. Just then, Abhi comes back with Aaliya. He sits at the mandap and now everyone is waiting for the bride. Aaliya is frustrated and says she will bring the bride now and asks Tanu’s mother to make sure that Abhi sits there. She agrees. Aaliya then walks upstairs to get Tanu. Nikhil thinks to send Pragya to some place from where she couldn’t return atleast today. He calls Damru and asks him to reach upstairs. Damru says okay. Just then, he hears someone coming.

Nikhil calls Aaliya inside and takes her inside the room. On seeing that he is holding him, Aaliya slaps him and asks how dare he touch her. Nikhil blunt out that he have no interest in her. Aaliya asks how the marriage will happen without Tanu and she is not getting Tanu. Nikhil tells him that the bride is here. Aaliya is shocked to see Pragya lying on the floor wearing a bridal dress.

Aaliya is quarelling with Nikhil when he makes her see Pragya lying there unconscious. She is shocked and asks him why is she dressed up in Tanu’s clothes. He tells her that if she thinks very highly of herself, why doesn’t she figure out herself. He, then tells her the whole ordeal that Pragya was going towards the mandap, he saw her and caught her. He further tells her that it was Daadi’s plan and how he made her unconscious. Aaliya is shocked. He says if he have not been here, then she would have married Abhi by now. Aaliya says she can’t imagine that she can do this. Nikhil says she is 21st century woman and asks her to search Tanu. He asks her to thank him. She says she will give him all the credit and thank him but there is no time right now. She asks him to take Pragya out of the house and she will look for Tanu. She will take care of everything once Tanu and Abhi are married. Nikhil’s goons come there. Mitali’s father-in-law Ajay tells Daadi everyone was asking about her.

Purabh, Daadi and Daasi look at Abhi who is sitting in the mandap. Dadi and Dasi are very happy as they think that Pragya is getting married to Abhi. Daasi says she is feeling relieved now. Daadi says even she is feeling peace but Purabh inquires where Pragya is. Abhi looks at Pragya’s handkerchief. Daasi alert them that Mitali is here and asks where Pragya is?. Aaliya is, meanwhile, looking for Tanu in all over the house. She thinks of possibilities as to where Tanu could be hidden. She searches for Tanu in Daadi’s room and checks under the bed. She thinks Mitali saw her last with Daadi and Daasi and thinks she must be Pragya. She checks in Abhi’s room and decides to check Tanu’s bathroom. She knocks on the door of bathroom and on not getting a response, thinks Tanu is inside only. She sees the door locked and decides to open it with spare key as she remembers she has a spare key. She opens the bathroom door and finds her unconscious. Meanwhile Nikhil and his men are looking over Pragya who is unconscious. Nikhil asks what they are doing and asks them to take her outside. One of them name Damru suggests that why are they even taking her out of the house as she is unconscious. They can just hide her in the house. Nikhil says he don’t want her and her reflection here till the marriage happens. Damru says they will throw her out of the window. Nikhil slaps him and says that he could have done that alone, he wouldn’t need them. He then remind him that the security guard is there if they plan to kill her. Damru says they will make her stand and walk with them, everyone will think she is a family member. Nikhil gets angry. Damru asks if they should take her outside wrapping her with carpet. Nikhil agrees as his men finally come up with an idea of rolling her in a carpet and compliment his idea as good and asks them to wrap her in the carpet. They wrap her in the carpet. Abhi on the other hand is performing marriage rituals.

Aaliya asks Tanu to get up, but she is still unconscious. Aaliya thinks how to make her get up and tries to wake up an unconscious Tanu by sprinkling water on her face. Aaliya thinks how the marriage will happen now. Daasi asks Mitali if she see Pragya?. Daadi decline and asks Mitali that she meant Tanu as she is the right person to be looked for here to which she replies that she left her upstairs. Daadi asks how the marriage will happen if Tanu don’t come down. Mitali says Aaliya went to bring her. This worries both of them ( Daasi and Daddi ). Mitali notice this and asks why they are worried. Daadi and Daasi talk to a guest lady. Nikhil sees the way clear and tells his goon, Damru and Co to take her to his Chandiwali place and tells him to be careful. Damru asks him not to take tension. Nikhil asks him not to take her lightly and meet at the place.

Aaliya asks Tanu to get up. Nikhil is looking for Aaliya and finds her with Tanu. They lift her and take her to bed. Aaliya and Nikhil to try to gain consciousness. He helps her in waking her up by slapping her hard. Tanu is still unconscious. Aaliya scolds him for doing that. Tanu gains consciousness and and sees Nikhil but mistakes him for Purabh asking how dare he to make him unconscious mentioning his name. Aaliya asks her to get up and informs her that the priest is waiting. Sarla and Janki come to Mehra house. Damru collides with Sarla. Sarla apologizes to him. Janki scolds him too. Sarla gets doubtful and asks what is in the carpet. Damru says that it is the extra decoration stuff sent by the decorator, that’s why they are taking it away. Sarla is unconvinced and worried. She then asks which marriage happen at this time. Janki asks Sarla to come along. Sarla feels something is wrong and prays to God. Damru and his goon mistakenly makes the carpet falls. Pragya hand come out and they put her hand inside.

Sarla who collide with the goons finds out that Nikhil’s goons have wrapped Pragya in the carpet as she find the ring Pragya gifted her long back and they are trying to take her away with them. Pragya’s veil comes off and Sarla sees her. She shouts and tries to stop them, running towards the truck to save her daughter, but the goons restrain her as she gets hit with a rod and she falls down. The goons hurriedly take Pragya in the truck. Janki shouts for help, but doesn’t get any help. Abhi is performing marriage rituals but thinking about Pragya constantly and the moments he spent with her while Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga song plays in the background. He hears Pragya’s voice and he turns around but sees somebody else. He is conflicted as to what to do and if he is ready to sacrifice Pragya for this marriage. There, Aaliya offers cold water to Tanu. They ask her what happened to which she tells that she was rendered unconscious. Aaliya and Nikhil narrate the whole episode to Tanu. They tell her about the Team Pragya conspiracy and how Nikhil managed to take unconscious Pragya away from the house. Tanu gets angry and says that she also tried hard to avoid all this, but Purabh made her unconscious through chloroform.

The goons discuss how close they were to getting caught today when they hit Sarla. Pragya wakes up and finds herself in the truck. She panics where she is and tries to run away, but gets hit on the head. She gets injured and lies down. There, Sarla is also injured, Janki manages to take her to the hospital in the auto. Her condition is not good as blood is running down from her head. Aaliya is happy that they are successful in making Team Pragya’s plan flop. She asks Tanu to cover her face like Pragya and walk down. She says that Team Pragya will think that the bride is Pragya, but when the marriage will be over and they will find out that Abhi is actually married to Tanu and not Pragya, they will get shocked. This would be the best lesson for them. And, also the marriage will happen peacefully as Team Pragya will not conspire further. Nikhil also agrees and says that they would beat them in their own game. Tanu, Nikhil and Aaliya shake hands.

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