Top 5 Destinations Suitable For Family Vacations In Nigeria

With the hike in fuel price,
incomprehensibly high foreign exchange rate and the cost of cooking ingredients
in Nigeria at the moment, a 
lot of people are shying away from the
mere thoughts of having any form of celebration, throwing parties or planning a
trip to any exotic location outside the country but as it often rightly said
“black don’t crack.”

However, I implore you to make the most of these situations,
albeit how negative they may seem, to explore the beauty and hidden resources
of Nigeria.
Take some time out with family members and
friends, stick to visiting some of the best resorts in
and taking a well-deserved weekend treat at some of the hidden
beauties in Nigeria, rather than splurging on a vacation outside the country.
Here is a list of 5 of some of the top
holiday destinations ideal for a family vacation in Nigeria:

Ijesha Waterfall

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Erin Ijesha waterfalls also known as
Olumirin waterfalls is a scenic natural sauna located in Ijesha, Osun State.
The seven step waterfall layer offers an awe striking view of nature with each
layer featuring its own flowing fountain.Enjoy the mystical beauty of Erin
Ijesha Waterfall with your family and friends on your next vacation.

Warm Spring Resort


Ikogosi Warm Spring is one of the major
tourist attractions in Nigeria. It is a natural wonder of a pure warm water
spring that flows side by side with a cold spring. There is a local myth
surrounding the history of the spring.
An interesting version states that the two
springs (Warm and Cold) were the wives of the same man, they turned into spring
water after the rivalry between them resulted in a rift. The ill-tempered wife
is believed to have turned to the popular warm spring while the cool-tempered
wife turned to cold spring water. The husband is also believed to have
turned into the undulating hills that surrounds the springs.
Many of the villagers worship the springs
as their deities. The point where the two springs meet is a main centre of
attraction. The resort situated around the warm spring has various
accommodation and recreational facilities suitable for family vacation.

Rock, Abeokuta


Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun State is one
of the most visited tourist attractions in Nigeria. The massive granite outcrop
is a natural wonder that served as a hideout and stronghold for the indigenes
of Egbaland during a civil war in the 19th century. The rock sheltered many of
the war survivors, who were reported hidden in caves located inside the rocks
to evade enemy attacks.
With a modern elevator available for
tourists who have a hard time climbing, a relaxation spot at the top of the
rock and an aerial view of the city of Abeokuta at its peak, Olumo Rock is
definitely one of the best places to visit on next family vacation.

Conservation Centre


Lekki Conservation Centre located in Lekki
Peninsula of Eti Osa Local Government in Lagos State is one of the most
important conservation sites and wildlife reserve in the country. The
Conservation Centre which covers an area of 78 hectares was established to
serve as conservation site for Nigeria’s southwest coastal mangrove resources,
protect wildlife and a centre for procuring information’s for environmental
education and public awareness.
Tourists can view the vast resources of the
nature reserve by using the 2 km trail boardwalk or the spectacular 401 metres
long Lekki Conservation Centre Canopy Walkway. Attractions along the trail
includes a swamp outlook, trees with ladders that enables nature enthusiasts
reach up to the tree houses, bird hides for avid bird watchers and rest stop
suitable for picnics. Other attraction at the centre include a handful of
animals and birds, floor games, a fish pond that contains colourful Koi fishes,
a Jungle Gym, Gazebos and beach volleyball courts.
A nature station awaits tourists at the end
of the trail, it is a recreation facility that lies in the middle of the
forest, made up of a semi enclosed block structure for indoor picnics, outdoor
game facilities for children and conveniences. It is the ideal vacation spot
for nature lovers from around the world.

Cattle Ranch

credit: Diplomatravels

Obudu Cattle Ranch also known as Obudu
Mountain Resort is the number one tourist destination in Nigeria at the moment.
The beautiful resort lies on the Obudu Plateau close to Cameroon border. With
various tourist facilities in place, the resort boasts of both local and
international tourists. It is the number one holiday and tourist resort centres
in Nigeria. The mountain resort boasts of some of the best luxury
accommodation in Calabar
close to nature.

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