Tuesday Update On Gangaa Nov 13, 2018

Drishti and Pulkit come across a photo of Akshay with another girl on
social media. Omkar is walking in the corridor when he comes to the
kids’ room. He notices that Pulkit’s laptop has not been shut down
properly. He picks it up to set it right but gets shocked and angry
after seeing Babli’s photo with Akshay and the other kids. Meanwhile,
Prabha tells the kids to eat as soon as possible as Babli’s father must
be waiting for them. Akshay promise to manage everything as they have
met finally so he won’t let her go away so early. He orders banana
milkshake for everyone.
Gangaa too comes there. She smiles looking at
Sagar but he is not so happy to see her as he starts to give Gangaa a
cold shoulder. Akshay happily welcomes her and says his little
sister-in-law has come. She asks Sagar if he has called her here. He
denies. Akshay asks her if she won’t come in case he calls her. He asks
her to sit. Sagar stops her from sitting next to him as Prabha’s purse
is kept there. He declines again but Babli makes Akshay give the purse
back to Prabha. Sagar thinks of his uncle Omkar’s words. He shifts his
chair when Gangaa sits next to him. He also refuses to share food with
Gangaa from his plate. Pulkit is confused as his brother Sagar starts to
give Gangaa a cold shoulder whereas Prabha is happy. Akshay offers his
plate to Gangaa but she declines and says she is not supposed to eat
anything after evening and she had forgotten it but she remember it now.
Akshay goes to check why the banana shake hasn’t been served yet.
Gangaa keeps on looking at Sagar but he doesn’t even so much as look at

Omkar paces angrily as he cannot get that photo out of his
head. Niranjan comes there to ask him to have food. Amma notices it that
he is in some tension. Just then, the kids return home with Prabha.
They all go quiet when they see the angry expression on Omkar’s face. He
asks Babli where she had gone to. She is about to reply when he slaps
her. Everyone is taken aback. Gangaa hides behind a pillar. Amma reminds
her son-in-law that Babli had taken his permission before leaving.
Niranjan adds that he feels Babli is old enough to get married yet he (
Omkar) behave like this with her. Babli’s father tells him again to keep
his ideals with him that he know how to behave with his daughter. Amma
reasons that he cannot raise his hand on a 18 years old girl. He says
she had gone with Prabha and the kids but someone else was with them
too. He shows them the picture and he scolds Babli. He further asks if
it was not enough for hee to meet him alone in the house that day that
she went to meet him outside too?. Babli runs to her room. Omkar then
scolds Prabha next that she had taken responsibility as she is elder yet
she also didn’t manage things well. Amma agrees with him. Prabha
replies that she had no idea that Akshay was coming there too and the
kids took her there. Prabha adds that she got worried when she saw
Akshay and she is not at fault and it would have been an insult to him
if she would have walked off from there as he is the prospective groom
after all. Omkar tells her to talk in Hindi. Prabha blames the kids for
intentionally takes her to that place. She asks Pulkit and he fumbles.
Omkar clearly tells them all not to make such mistake again as he don’t
like such things. Amma tells him to calm down that they are talking to
him and his family regarding Babli. He replies that the relation has not
been fixed yet and asks what will his family think of how the daughters
of their house behave. Niranjan tries to talk positive but he reasons
that he (Niranjan) cannot understand his pain as he has no daughter. He
almost compares daughter to a burden that he has to bear till she is
married and he ( Omkar) don’t have to explain anything to Babli from now
own. He also tells Amma to explain it to Babli that she will not go out
of the house till her marriage is fixed.

While Madhvi is trying
to comfort Babli that she know Babli wouldn’t have gone there if she
knew Akshay was coming there. Babli denies and says she only had called
him there as she wanted to discuss a few things with him before
finalising the marriage. Madhvi advises her not to tell anyone else
about it as she ( Babli ) know how orthodox her father is. Babli says
she have a right to know more about the person with whom she is going to
spend the rest of her life with and she don’t want a husband who
behaves badly with his wife, has no respect for her, dying his every
living moment and then dying suddenly and she don’t want to die like her
mother. Madhvi is shocked listening to her and asks if Suman was happy
in her life or not?. She requests Babli to tell her the truth. Babli
runs away from there in tears. Amma comes there and she understands
Babli’s pain and her father’s worry as well as he has raised Babli all
by himself after Suman’s death. He would want Babli to spend a happy
life at her in-laws. Babli’s words continue to echo in Madhvi’s head and
she looks disturb.

Pulkit and Sagar talk about the incident.
Sagar notices his sword and crown ready at the bed. He loves them as
Gangaa got them ready so soon. He was about to practise his lines with
Babli but she is crying now. Pulkit refuses to do it. Sagar finds Gangaa
in the balcony and asks what she is doing here and further asks if she
upset with him?. She asks him why he isn’t talking to her nicely and he
didn’t even come to fly the kite. She adds that he didn’t even let her
sit next to him and he lied about place that there was so much place
there. Sagar again thinks of his uncle Omkar’s words and lies smartly to
her. He thanks her for the crown and sword. She agrees to practise with
him. She also boosts his confidence when he isn’t so sure if he will
get Prithviraj Chauhan’s role.

The next morning, as Amma and
Babli are praying, Babli’s father calls out for Niranjan and he informs
him that he had a word with Dubey and he have fixed Babli’s marriage. He
adds that it will happen real soon, Babli will go to her house and he
want to go on a pilgrimage. Niranjan says he know he should not speak in
between but he ( Niranjan ) didn’t do it right yesterday by hitting
Babli. Babli’s father calls out for Babli and he accepts his mistake. He
folds his daughter and apologizes to Babli that she know her father and
that her mother would have explained the same to her if she was here
with them today. Babli stands there all scared. Madhvi says to him that
this info would have made Suman really happy. He agrees that was her
only concern on her death bed. Madhvi asks him if this was her only
problem as there wasn’t anything else. He declines. Madhvi asks about
Suman’s other wishes. He replies that Suman was terminally ill and he
didn’t leave any stone unturned in taking care of her. Amma supports
him. Niranjan too nods and says they all have seen him taking care of
his wife. Babli’s futher remarks that he tried his best but life and
death are in God’s hands. Madhvi looks at him suspiciously. Then Babli’s
father nod his head as he looks at Babli.

Gangaa takes
care of Sagar, who is busy practicing for his play. Next day, Sagar
reaches for the play’s audition but forgets the crown that Gangaa had
prepared for him. Meanwhile, Gangaa too realizes that Sagar has
forgotten his crown and decides to run to the school to handover the
crown to Sagar. Upon reaching the gates of the school, Gangaa is not
permitted by the guard to cross the gates, but manages to jump the
walls. She manages to reach Sagar on time. Meanwhile, Omkar and Amma are
busy shopping for Babli’s upcoming wedding. Omkar tries to misbehave
with one of the saleswoman and this upsets the lady. Sagar later reaches
home and Gangaa rejoices when she learns that Sagar has bagged the lead
role in the play. Sagar gives credit to Gangaa which irks Amma and
Omkar. Amma sends Gangaa away to make the garland for evening prayer.
Omkar indirectly tells Sagar that the teachers would have actually
chosen him for his talent and not this crown or sword made by Gangaa.
Sagar gets thinking. He nods. Omkar tells him not to give credit for his
excellence to someone else and he ( Sagar ) got this role as he is
capable of doing it brilliantly.

Amma takes him to get Lord’s blessings.
While Gangaa is making garland in the room, Amma and Sagar pray after
which she gives him offering. He asks her to come to see his play as
Sagar got five passes so everyone can come. Amma agrees. Gangaa thinks
that she will be the fifth person for sure as Sagar is her friend after
all which is why he requested his teacher for the 5th ticket. Meanwhile,
Drishti ( Babli) accidentally tells Madhvi that her mother was abused.
Babli starts to blurt out the truth about her evil father to Madhvi that
her father had lied to her. Prabha drinks sherbet and she asks about
Madhvi. Maharaj tells her that she is in her room with Babli. Omkar gets
alert after hearing this and asks if Niranjan there too?. Maharaj
declines and says he will come at his usual time after 4 pm. Omkar
recalls Madhvi lying to him that Niranjan will be coming home early

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