Tuesday Update On Hello Pratibha

Read the interesting update on Hello Pratibha, episode 8-9 for Tuesday, September 26. 

Mahen asks the lawyer to get the food and that his wife has cooked it
herself. He serves the food but there was no roti. He asks the peon
where the roti is, the peon says he thinks there was no roti. He sends
the peon for roti and apologizes to the lawyer. Pratibha watches
everyone in the hall, and says it can’t be as difficult because everyone
says no to her. She can also say no to them.

 She moves to the hall, and
tells her kids not to make such noise and that it is not good to make
such noise. Raashi interferes that it is a kid’s house and they will
make noise. The kids run away, playing again. Pratibha comes to Sunidhi,
who is reading magazine. She asks Sunidhi to make pasta for the kids
today as they like it a lot. Sunidhi tell her she is really busy today
and she can’t do it. She has a meeting with a client tomorrow. Just
then, Mahen comes home. Pratibha asks for his tiffin and asks how was
the food. He asks was it something important that she forgot to keep
roti in the tiffin. The kids come there and he asks them to come to
their room. Mahen says there was a guest at his shop, she just don’t do
the cooking well then asks what can she do.

Raashi also stands and blames Pratibha. Pratibha says before going
out, she kept the roti herself. He asks if she go out. She is explaining
to him but he didn’t listen. Pratibha says she kept the roti herself,
Raashi asks if her son is lying. Pratibha is silent while Mahen goes
inside. Pratibha apologize to him, Raashi asks why couldn’t she speak
five minutes ago. Pratibha wonders how is this possible as she kept the
roti herself. Sunidhi hear all this, and says now she is relieved.
Pratibha thinks why couldn’t she say no, when she know she was right.
But she had accepted her mistake and every member of the house had
become angry to her.

At night, Pratibha finishes all her house chores and call Pushpa. She
tells Pushpa chachi that she can’t do it, she thought about it and
tried but she is unable to do this. She know she packed the roti in
Mahen’s tiffin, but there would have been a big drama had she said
something else. She thank her that she wasted chachi’s time and hangs
on. Pratibha counts the roti, and says they are the same. If she had
forgotten keeping them, they should be more numbers and she will get to
know about it. The phone again rings. Pushpa says if she had kept the
roti, she should have stood firm with it. Today, she have to gain
respect and her family doesn’t respect her. She says her family cares
for her. Pushpa asks her to go and question her husband why he poured
his anger of work on her. She says one pours anger on one’s own. Chachi
says the way she sided her family in front of her, she now has to take
her own side in front of her family. The first step in this will be her
no. Pratibha says she will try.

Pratibha comes to the room while Mahen is busy reading a magazine.
Mahen switch the lamp off and lie down to sleep. Pratibha comes to bed,
switches her lights and lie down too. Sunidhi talks to her friends about
her home’s party and assures them that Pratibha will make the snacks.
She scolds Bubu as he disturbs her. She invites her friends tomorrow.
Bubu’s ball goes to the bin as Sunidhi have thrown it away. Bubu then
finds a roti in the bin. Shalu says she had seen the roti in the tiffin.
Pratibha asked to leave it, Shalu says Sunidhi sister in-law came to
the kitchen. Bubu takes the roti, Sunidhi asks him for the roti. Bubu
runs with it. Shalu asks Pratibha to ask Sunidhi. Bubu come to her then,
Shalu smells the roti and says this is stale. Sunidhi come there. Bubu
says he found the roti in his mummy’s room. Pratibha says she will ask
Sunidhi so that mummy and Mahen also know the truth. She questions
Sunidhi if she hid it. Raashi comes and asks her to stop making a drama
out of this and asks her not to tell Mahen about it, and let the peace
of house remain as such. Sunidhi smiles and leaves.

In the café, Pratibha says she wants to have a chilled cold drink.
Pushpa asks the waiter to bring cold drink. Pratibha realizes and tells
her that she was angry at home, and vent her frustration on her, she
will just take tea. Pushpa make her understand that she just said No to
her, and this is what she wanted. Pratibha realizes and says why isn’t
she able to say it at home. She feels her family loves her so much.
Pushpa says here she is mistaken, her family takes pity on her instead
of respect and asks if she doesn’t want to be respected and loved.
Pratibha says everyone wants love and respect. Pushpa asks if she ever
say no before marriage. She recalls her times of college when she was
cheery and talkative. She says that was before marriage and after that
she is so afraid of everyone that she can’t say no to anyone. She
apologizes to her mother in-law everytime, but when she doesn’t hug her
back, she realizes she has become a daughter in-law now. She recalls
when she bought cheese from outside the first time, Raashi had been very
angry. Pratibha held her ears saying sorry to Raashi and Raashi said
this is her in-law’s house and not her parents place. Pushpa says it has
been 15 years now, she came as a daughter in-law and a wife, she became
a mother here, a sister in-law and bari maa ( big mother ) but this
house is still her in-laws. Now she needs to make them realize that if
she says no to them, their love towards her must not lessen. Pratibha

Sunidhi is on stairs and thinks what she should do that Pratibha
forgets her hiding of roti, and is ready to make snacks for her kitty
party. She comes downstairs to Pratibha, and calls her friend. She
cunningly tells her friend that once she taste the snacks of her didi (
sister ) and that everyone appreciated her cooking in the last party but
she indirectly stir up this drama for poor Pratibha so that she can
cook for her friends. Pratibha hears this. Sunidhi boasted that no one
believes this tasty food has been cooked at home. She invites her friend
home tomorrow. Pratibha is busy doing dusting, while Sunidhi says to
Raashi that her friends thinks they get food delivered from outside, but
they think so because Pratibha cooks so well. Pratibha is worried and
wonders what she should do now. Raashi asks what is a great deal in it
as she has been cooking for so many years. She says that in her times,
she used to work a lot. Sunidhi says that after her, Pratibha cooks
really tasty.  Pratibha is worried in the kitchen thinking how she will
straight forward say no to her. This time she will say no for a little
thing this time. She is worried that Sunidhi never asks anything from
her and that everytime she just orders her. She gets spice in her eyes,
and puts water in it. She comes out of kitchen recalling whatever
Sunidhi had done to her in past. She wonders if she should cook or not,
but if she doesn’t cook there will be a big problem in the house. She
wonders why is it always that when she is not in a mood to do anything,
there is a drama. Sunidhi always do what she wants, no one doesn’t ask
her anything. She doesn’t understand anything, and wonders if to say no
to Sunidhi.

At night, Sunidhi is excited about her party. She tell her husband
that this party could be in a hotel as well, but she wanted people to
come to their home and this will improve their social circle and benefit
the business. Sanjeev says this means there will be a big bill of food.
She says didi ( sister ) is there to cook. Pratibha comes there.
Sunidhi tells Sanjeev that Pratibha will cook tomorrow, as she is good
for nothing else. Sanjeev says it will be too much, she gets annoyed
about him taking side of Pratibha. Pratibha thinks she dislikes what
Sunidhi says, but will dislike more if her business gets flop because of
her denial. She keeps awake all night thinking about this.

The next morning, Shalu wets the chanay as she had forgotten that.
Pratibha comes to see them there, and gets worried again. She thinks the
question has made her worried. She gets an idea, she will just make
cholay. This way Sunidhi will get the answer that she will not do
anything and she won’t have to say no as well. She opens the bowl, when
Raashi calls her. Sunidhi comes to see the preparations, she is worried
that nothing has been done yet. She goes looking for Pratibha and finds
raw cholay in the bowl.

Pratibha is in the temple, asking where has she been caught. If she
says yes to her, chachi would think she has accepted defeat which she
doesn’t want to do, but if she says no there will be a problem in the
house. Sunidhi tells Shalu to prepare the new crockery for serving.
Shalu is cutting the vegetables, she angrily look at Sunidhi and says
all her preparations are left now like facial and mani and pedicure. She
thinks she will also leave Raashi somewhere.

Pushpa tells Pratibha that some tensions come in Shagun to in-laws.
Pratibha says even Sunidhi doesn’t know she is not cooking for her
party. Pushpa says that is even more interesting. Pratibha says she
doesn’t have anything else to do as well. Pushpa says her free time is
for herself. Shalu comes and asks if there is something else for her to
do. Shalu tells her about the preparations of Sunidhi’s party, Pushpa
asks her to say no to her. Pratibha asks Shalu to tell Sunidhi she isn’t
going to do anything. Shalu is happy to hear this, Pushpa cheers as
well. She tells Pratibha that her no is her most precious jewel and
hangs on. Someone drops money on her table in the café and it turns out
to be Mahen. Pushpa is shocked to see him there.

Pushpa Chachi tells Mahen that she wants to reconnect with her
family, to regain the relations which broke due to times. Mahen says he
had no relations to her ever. Shalu asks Pratibha why is she joking.
Pratibha says she has prepared the lunch, but she won’t do anything.
Shalu laughs, and asks what will happen to the party. Pratibha says she
will ask Sunidhi about it. Pratibha asks her to stop laughing, Shalu
says this is her home and she will laugh in her owns. Pratibha says
Shalu is right, this is her home. But she fears if there is a problem in
the house because of her denial. Shalu makes dust, Pratibha coughs but
Shalu says that sometimes they have to make the dust to clean it.

Peehu opens the door to find Sunidhi standing ready for the party.
Peehu is excited and says she looks so beautiful. Sunidhi asks where her
mom is, and that she can’t even smell the cookings. Pratibha practices
to say no to Sunidhi, as she isn’t feeling well. Sunidhi comes calling
her, she wonders what she will do and lie down on the bed. Sunidhi comes
inside the room, and breaks a photo frame. Pratibha gets up, Sunidhi
apologizes and offers to pick it up. Pratibha also comes there. Sunidhi
asks why aren’t the snacks ready till yet. Pratibha says she can’t make
the snacks and she didn’t ask her. Sunidhi says she hasn’t asked
anything from her till today and she just said it to her. Pratibha tells
her she was busy today. Sunidhi asks when was she busy. Pratibha says
she get into cleaning furniture, then she has cough and headache.

Sunidhi says she will not make up now and she is frustrated that her
guests are coming in an hour. She tells Pratibha to do the preparations
but Pratibha stops her and says she won’t be able to cook. Sunidhi says
she now understands and that she is making the drama for all those roti.
Pratibha says she now accept her mistake, she created the drama and got
her disrespected from Mahen and family. Sunidhi asks if she is now
taking revenge from her, and creating drama. She says she has now
recognized her, and has ruined everything. Just then, Peehu announces
that her friends are here. Sunidhi panics, and says she will show her
that kitty party can be successful without her cooking. Sunidhi comes to
welcome the guest, she tells Peehu to serve the guests and indulge them
in talking, she will just be here. Sunidhi goes inside and calls fast
foods but no arrangement could be done.

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