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Achint Kaur

Today, we are crushing on beautiful, fun-loving and talented, Jamai Jai (King of Hearts) actress, Achint Kaur.

The actress who turned 49 recently is not only a definition of ageless but fun stylish and confidence. You will understand this when you visit her Instagram page.

The mother of one is also a fitness freak, fashion enthusiast as well as obsessive self-lover.

Achint Kaur started her acting career in 1995 in Swabhimaan where she played the role of Soha. She has also featured in many Bollywood movies such as Om Jai jagadish, Corporate, Julie and others. For the Hindi dub of Lion King, Achint Kaur was cast as one of Scar’s hyena minions, Shenzi,

For Achint, growing up, she never thought she would become an actor, however, she found herself in movie the industry, a career that has also won her several awards for her strong character driven roles.

What gives her the most satisfaction as an actor is not the number of soaps or movies she has featured in or the number of awards she has received but when you are watched and appreciated as there is nothing that can match up with that.

The yummy mum and fitness freak maintains her body doing some form of physical activities like yoga, swimming, sports and jogging to keep fit. The secret of her fitness according to her in an Instsgram video is that she was naturally athletic since she was young and it is genetic as well. She says she’s lucky to have such physique at her age.

The single mother revealed that she is happily single. However, she describes her perfect man as a person who is complete in himself.

Achint’s style can best be described as fun, stylish, sexy and attention-grabbing. The actress steps out donning various beautiful outfits that suits her style and persona.

Aside from her style, one thing that is unique about Achint is her short bob hairstyle on and off screens which she loves so much. Her short hairstyle sure looks good on her as it beautifully frames her face shape.

When it comes to accessories, she loves anklets and nose rings. But she prefers nose rings because according to her, it is a piece of jewellery which you can wear with any kind of dress.

Check out why she is our Woman Crush Wednesday.

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Achint Kaur Achint Kaur Achint Kaur

Achint Kaur

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