Wednesday Update On Love Happens Episode 67 – 69

Read the interesting update on Love Happens, episode 67-69 for Wednesday, November 29, showing on Zee World.

Before Aanya
can react, Raghu starts laughing and pretends that he is joking and makes it
clear that Aanya and he are just friends.

Later, Aanya
tells Raghu that finally she has realised that she is in love with Rahul. Raghu
is shattered but doesn’t express his agony. Everyone is in a party mood in
Mittal’s house, and Rahul and Aanya’s engagement date is fixed. Bhola urges
Raghu to stop Aanya from getting engaged to
but Raghu does not listen to him.
Aanya asks Raghu to accompany her to
the beauty parlour. Raghu is surprised to see Bhola in the parlour getting a
facial done. Bhola tells Raghu that he is doing all this at Isha’s behest.
Later, Aanya and Isha enter into a tiff and Isha accuses Aanya of being
possessive of Raghu. She also tells Aanya that she should marry Raghu instead.
However, Raghu intervenes and brings the situation under control.
Later, Aanya
decides to wear a village outfit for her engagement and urges Rahul also to
wear the same. But GD does not allow Aanya to do so. Meanwhile, Isha trains
Bhola to learn some basic etiquette, so that she can introduce him to her friends
as her boyfriend. On the other hand, Raghu is shocked when Aanya tells him that
she has written his name on her hand with henna.
Raghu chides Aanya for writing his
name on her hand with henna. He tells her that she should have written Rahul’s
name instead. Aanya then shows Raghu the other hand on which she had written
Rahul’s name. She tells Raghu that since he is her best friend, she wanted his
name also to be written on her hand. However, Raghu is not convinced and walks
away. Meanwhile Isha flaunts a vicious smile when Bhola unintentionally tells
her that Raghu loves Aanya.
Later, Rahul
gets irked when Aanya tells him that she has decided to organise a village
theme party for their engagement. Further, he gets furious when he sees Raghu’s
name written on Aanya’s hand and enters into a confrontation with Aanya. Aanya
too loses her cool and walks away saying that she does not want to marry him
anymore. However, Raghu soon intervenes and manage to pacify Aanya. Rahul
heaves a sigh of relief, but at the same time he realises that, unknowingly,
Aanya also loves Raghu.

On the other
hand, while Bhola is sleeping, Isha snips off his lock of hair, which he has
been keeping for a religious purpose. Later, GD gets elated when Mittal informs
her that he has managed to close the case against them.

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