Wednesday Update On My Golden Home

Grandma tells Karan and Abha that they are going to Manali for honeymoon. Sanskar suggests to Sania to ask Karan and Abha to stay with them before leaving for Manali. Karan is compelled to agree. Karan and Abha finally leave for Manali. Abha gets upset seeing Karan getting too friendly with a co-passenger, Mona. Sania and Sanskar prepare to welcome Karan and Abha.

Sanskar buys buttermilk for Karan and puts a glass piece in it to kill him. Sania prepares for Karan and Abha’s welcome. Karan and Abha arrive in Delhi.

Sanskar offers the buttermilk to Karan. Karan insists that Abha should have it, but Sanskar purposely spills it. The police inspector tells Thakur that Samarjit has lodged a complaint against Lata, and that they should find a good lawyer. Sanskar tampers with the brakes of the car with an intention to kill Karan. Sanskar purposely sends Karan and Sania in the car.

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