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Karan is ready to go for his new job, he is waiting for Abha and grandmother comes there as well. Abha also comes. Karan asks her to take care of grandmother, he has already given her the first dose of medicines to be given to grandmother.
Later, Grandmother requests Abha to feed yoghurt to Karan and Abha does so. Karan keeps on staring at her and he leaves afterwards.

At work, Karan’s boss asks him how much salary he wants. Karan tells him that he would first have to see the  work before passing his comment. He tells his boss that the salary can be decided later on. His boss tells him to prepare a contract on the new book that they will be publishing about Swarn Bhavan which is written by Uday Pratap Singh. Karan is stunned for a while. He then makes up his mind to do the job sincerely.

Meanwhile, Sanskar and Uday reach the publications. The owner of the publication tells them that the book will surely be published. Karan comes there with the contract and he is quiet. Uday sees him and angrily asks him why he is there. Karan shows the contract and deliberately drops a pen. He goes to pick up the pen and he intentionally touches Uday’s feet to seek his blessings. Karan’s boss reads the contract and sees that only 100 copies of the sale of books have been mentioned. It is revealed that his boss had given him the wrong details. Uday gets angry and also says that he has been insulted. Karan apologies to him. Karan’s  boss tells Uday that it is his fault and not Karan’s. Karan however says that he is quitting the job but his boss tries to stop him.

Karan is leaving and Uday goes behind him and shouts out that he knows nothing. He adds that he has no respect for elders and no manners. Uday remembers how Karan had behaved with him earlier at Swarn Bhavan during the holi celebration but Karan just keeps going without uttering a word to Uday. Karan leaves and his boss requests him to stay but he tells him to get the book published. While leaving, Karan drops something and Sanskar picks it up for him. Karan express his gratitude to Sanskar.

Abha tells something nice to Grandmother and Grandmother is impressed with her. Abha asks her to eat but grandmother asks if Karan ate anything. Abha tells her that she will send food for Karan through the driver. Grandmother is again impressed with her. Abha goes to the kitchen and asks the servant to pack Karan’s launch box. She tells the servant to put more rotis and pickle as Karan likes pickles a lot.  Meanwhile, Karan returns home. He tells Veer that he left the job. He adds that he wasn’t quite happy with it. Abha coincidentally hears their conversation. Veer scolds Karan about quitting the job. The servant comes there to give the pickles to him. Karan feels happy and says that he loves pickles adding that he is very hungry. Shelly stops him from eating and asks Abha why she entered the kitchen.  Shelly angrily tells Abha that she is doing her best to get Karan on her side. Abha angrily shouts at Shelly and also tells her that grandmother had asked her to make food for Karan.

Karan also tells Shelly that his own family members don’t have time for him. Shelly and Kanika angrily leave. Abha tells Karan that he would have behaved very badly with her father if he was present. She leaves in anger whiles Karan takes the tiffin and starts eating.  He smiles and tells himself that this is the first lunch box his wife has packed for him.

Shelly and Kanika go to grandmother’s room. Kanika is busy on the phone and a servant brings a glass of juice for Shelly. Shelly shoos him away. She tells grandmother that Karan did wrong by letting her stay at Swarn Bhavan since she is sick. Shelly adds that grandmother would have been looked after better in a hospital. Uday and Sanskar returns home.  Uday tells Raghav that he didn’t sign the papers because Jagmohan’s son (Karan) prepared the papers wrongly. Abha also listens to their conversation. Uday then tells Raghav that he scolded Karan a lot. Abha hears everything. Sanskar says that Karan didn’t say a word adding that he listened quietly and then left the job. Abha listens and remembers how Karan had informed her at Swarn Bhavan that he left the job because he didn’t like the environment.

Sanskar visits Lata and Chandra. He has got a gift for Lata. He tells her that since she is pregnant she must see good things. He gives her a photo of Lord Krishna and Uday is impressed. He tells Raghav that there is so much difference between Sanskar and Jagmohan’s son (Karan)
Meanwhile the phone rings and it is Samarjeet. He shouts at Lata for leaving him and going to her parents house. Lata starts crying. Uday takes the call and shouts at Samarjeet for behaving so badly with Lata. After disconnecting the line, he consoles Lata.

Abha comes to Swarn Bhavan, she remembers how she had scolded Karan the previous day. She tells Karan that she didn’t know the truth adding that she scolded him without any reason. She tells Karan that he should have told her that he left the job because of her father. Karan tells her that he didn’t stop her from scolding him because she scolded him like a wife does to her husband when he is wrong. Karan lovely tells Abha that she was right in scolding her. Karan also tells her that Uday is like his father as well. He holds Abha’s hands and smiles. Karan leaves and Abha stands there thinking.

Lata wakes up suddenly while sleeping and starts shouting in fear. Everyone comes to calm her. Uday gets angry at Samarjeet. Sheetal then brings kesar milk for her and then again tells her how the prices are rising. Abha orders the servant to prepare something for grandmother. She tells the servant that she will prepare soup for grandmother herself. Karan also comes there. He is playing with a basket ball. He also tells the servant to listen to Abha’s orders.  Karan tells Abha that she is the daughter in law of their family. Veer comes there and asks Karan to help him in the office but Karan tells Veer that he is independent as his responsibilities have increased. He tells him that he is trapped in a very tricky case. Veer asks what case.  Karan then tells his own story but hides his and Abha’s name. Veer tells him that if their love is true then that girl will surely accept her husband. Karan is just too happy and he throws the ball. Meanwhile, a girl shouts “Karan’s name and it is Saniya, his childhood friend.

Karan is really excited and happy to see her. They both hug each other. Abha sees them and feels jealous. Both Karan and Saniya start talking so much and even say that they had promised that if they remain single till the age of 25, they will get married to each other. Abha sees and hears them.  Saniya tells Karan that he has grown so tall adding that he has changed also. Karan tells her that time changed him. They both go upstairs together to chat whiles Abha feels bad and jealous about it.

Kanika and Saniya are chatting and Kanika asks her if she likes Karan. Saniya replies yes. Abha hears her response.  Saniya then asks Abha to hand over her bag. Abha accidentally drops some things and Kanika gets angry but Saniya doesn’t say anything. Abha goes upstairs to give soup to grandmother.  The doctor tells Karan that grandmother is fine now adding that she has been looked after very well. Shelly comes there and tells them that she was the one who took care of grandmother all this while, but Karan tells the doctor that Abha looked after grandmother just as a daughter in law. Shelly fells really annoyed upon hearing Abha’s praises. Kanika and Saniya also comes. Grandmother is suppose to go somewhere for the preparation of a prayer veneration. Shelly asks who will be in-charge of the responsibility and Karan says that grandmother has already given all the instructions to Abha.  Kanika and Shelly get angry.

Saniya offers to help Abha in the preparations of the prayer veneration and Karan agrees. After she leaves, Karan thanks Abha. Abha tells Karan that she looked after grandmother because she is old and because of humanity.  Saniya asks Karan to take her out but Karan tells her that he is going to buy some medicince. He adds that they will both go out after he returns. Abha tries to call Karan but he has left by that time. Saniya asks Abha if she needs something urgently but Abha says nothing.

Abha asks Veer where Karan is. Veer tells her that he must have gone out with Saniya. Abha asks Veer if Karan has already ate his dinner and Veer says yes. Abha feels jealous upon hearing this. Just then Karan comes. He is about to say something about Saniya when Abha stops him and says that she doesn’t want to hear what others think. She angrily leaves. Karan wonders what is wrong with Abha.  Sankar is sitting in the courtyard staring at the moon and Abha asks him what he is thinking about.  Sanskar tells Abha that he likes staring at the moon. They both start talking about romance and Sanskar asks her to close her eyes and see who her love is. Abha does so and she sees Karan riding a bicycle. She then asks Sanskar to do so as well and Sanskar sees Abha.  He is then left in shock.

Abha then asks Sanskar which girl he saw when he closed his eyes. Sanskar tells her that he didn’t see her face. Meanwhile, the car they had ordered had arrived. Abha calls everyone and they are all very happy.  Sheetal smirks and says that they would go out and have dinner together as a family but Raghav and Uday refuses, even Lata refuses as well. Sanskar and Abha both enter the car and a song “Dil Diwana Bin Sajna Ke Mane Na” plays. Abha remembers some cute moments with Karan.

At the restaurant, Karan and Saniya arrive whiles Karan and Abha see each other. Abha starts to feel jealous. Both Karan and Saniya talk about their childhood days and Abha constantly stares at them. Sanskar keeps on asking her what she would like to eat but Abha just doesn’t concentrate. She is about to leave when the manager comes and tells her that there is going to be a contest as to how one knows his or her partner. Saniya gives all correct answers while Abha gives all the wrong answers. Abha is furious at this. Saniya and Karan win the contest. Saniya kisses Karan on his cheeks and Abha feels very bad about it. Karan looks at Abha and he tells himself that he knows she (Abha) cannot see him with any other girl.

It is Ram Navmi Puja and Sanskar is trying to wear a dhoti. Lata offers to help him but he refuses. Abha then helps him out. Sanskar is very shy and embarrassed about it. Chandra sadly tells Abha to offer something to the idols at Swarn Bhavan as this year they wont be at Swarn Bhavan for the prayer season. Abha leaves for the office.

At Swarn Bhavan, Saniya tells Karan that she loves festivals as they are so bright and colourful. Karan tells her that he loves this attitude of her’s. Meanwhile, Abha comes and feels jealous when he sees them together. Karan sees her and starts acting. He tells Saniya that she does look good in white but he thinks yellow will suit her even more better. Saniya agrees to change into white. Abha feels so jealous. Karan tells Abha that his favourite colour is red and his favourite movie is “Maine Pyar Ki” He also adds that he loves Ma Ke Haath Ka Halwa. Karan then tells her that no one asked him who his favourite person is and Abha mentions Saniya’s name.

Karan in a jovial manner tells her that he can smell something burning. Abha tells him that she is not feeling jealous. Karan tells her that he didn’t say she is feeling jealous. He laughs and says that maybe the cook burnt something in the kitchen.  Karan then gives a sari to Abha which belonged to his mother. Grandmother had given her the sari. He tells Abha that he took so much care of the sari all this while for his future wife. Abha keeps staring at Karan.  Karan tells her that if she refuses to wear the sari he can give it to someone else (Saniya)

Abha immediately snatches the sari and agrees to wear it.  Meanwhile,  Saniya dresses up and tells herself that she can do anything for Karan. She adds that if Karan wants her to wear yellow she will wear yellow for him. Abha dresses up in the sari. She wears some jewellery and bangles. Abha looked really pretty in the sari. She then takes what her mother gave her to offer at the Swarn Bhavan temple. On the other hand, Karan is anxiously waiting for Abha. Karan is eager to see her in his mother’s sari. Abha and Saniya come at the same time but Karan constantly stares at Abha. Abha also lovely stares at him.

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