Zara’s Nikah 13 September 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah 13 September

Zara’s Nikah 13 September 2020 Update




Zara’s Nikah 13 September 2020 update begins as Ruksar calls up Rumana in Dubai to confirm that she had dispatched her marriage certificate. Ruksar is pleased to know that it was on the way.

At Ahmad house, Shahbaz is busy with caterers, decorators over arrangements. Irfan Qazi Siddiqui arrives there n wishes to get Zara married from his house. Aisha asks Zara to fulfill her parent’s desires. Zara bids Kabir goodbye to return soon. Ruksar is very pleased to see her leave.

Zeenat asks Ruksar to be dressed as a widow or society would give them a bad name. Ruksar reveals that she was not a widow, but the wife of Kabir. Zeenat is stunned. Ruksar asks her not to reveal this secret to anyone. They would announce this news in presence of everyone.

At the beauty parlour, Zara is getting ready. She is staring at Kabir’s photo on her mobile. Reema is with her. Kabir disguises as a woman and enters the parlour. Zara is pleasantly surprised. Reema pulls his legs, he shares that he was missing Zara, his wife. Zara kisses Kabir. Zara and Kabir enjoy the moments which they had not enjoyed last time.

At Ahmad’s house, Aisha is doing preparations for Zara and Kabir’s nikah. She asks Ruksar to help her prepare the sehra. Aisha says Ruksar will tie sehra for Kabir. Ruksar has a plan.

Wedding celebrations, dholaki, songs, dances begin at Ahmad house. Zeenat is very worried about Ruksar. Aisha asks Zeenat to put surma on Kabir.. who is dressed as a groom. The entire Ahmad family is dressed in shades of green. Aisha asks Ruksar to tie sehra as Kabir’s sister is not there and Ruksar is like his sister. As Ruksar picks up the sehra, Zeenat stops her, but Ruksar proceeds. Kabir too stops her.

Ruksar dreams how Kabir shouts at her that she was his wife, not his sister. Zara overhears this, has heartbreak, and dissolves the nikah, and runs away. Ruksar smiles at her dream and Kabir too is relieved that this was just a dream. Zeenat finally ties the sehra for Kabir. She seeks permission to be his sister as well as bhaabhi with full haq. At her home, Zara is happily getting dressed up in bridal wear. Reema is happy to see her friend so happy.

Zara’s Nikah 13 September 2020 update continues as Zara is happy all her dreams regarding her nikah were being fulfilled now. She shares her happiness with Reema. She thinks that in a few moments Kabir would be hers.

Ruksar gets the news that her marriage certificate will reach her today. Ruksar thanks her friend.

Kabir gets ready to leave for nikah. They reach Zara’s house. Kabir is welcomed with a shower of rose petals.

Ruksar confirms with Rumana that the marriage certificate is sent. She gets happy hearing positive news. Zeenat’s husband asks her what has happened to Ruksar? Why she is smiling and all after such a big tragedy in her life? Zeenat tells him to leave her and asks him to take out a car. He asks her to bring Ruksar with her.

Zara tells Reema that she always wished to get a guy who only loves her and Kabir is just like that. She loves him a lot. Kabir is only hers and she belongs to Kabir only. She will never let anyone come in between them. Reema asks what about her? Zara says she loves her as well.

Zeenat takes Ruksar with her. Ruksar says she needs to change her sandals and asks her to go. She calls and finds out that the package has already reached and gets happy. Kabir comes to his car and finds Ruksar there. He asks her to leave as that’s his mother’s seat. Ruksar says she left already.

Aayesha comes to the wedding venue. Zara’s parents ask where is Barrat. Aayesha says she is going to attend the wedding from the bride’s side. Zara and her parents are very happy.

Kabir tells Ruksar that he is very happy because today he is going to get married to Zara. He’s going to spoil his happiness by arguing with her. He says he will come in a different car, but Imran closes the door saying they are too late and drives the car. Ruksar touches Kabir and teases him.

Aayesha gives gifts to Zara and also gives her something asking her to keep with her until marriage is done. She says that will stop any trouble coming to her/wedding.

Barrat arrives. Zara’s family welcomes Kabir and his family. Everyone is puzzled seeing Ruksar coming out of Kabir’s car. She stands beside Kabir. Zeenat comes in between and takes Kabir inside.

The courier guy calls Ruksar saying no one is at home. Ruksar asks him to bring a package to the wedding.

Zara is smiling thinking Kabir will soon be hers. Ruksar comes and says she looks very beautiful. Zara wishes happiness for Ruksar as well. Ruksar says her happiness is with Kabir. Zara gets confused. Ruksar says she meant Kabir saved her life in the end. She then says she is going to give her a special gift which she got from Dubai. They take selfies. Zeenat comes and asks Ruksar what she’s doing there. Ruksar says she came to meet Zara.

Zeenat tells Zara she looks very beautiful and asks her to come and see her Kabir. She wishes Kabir and Zara always stay happy. Ruksar is not happy hearing this. Zeenat takes Zara with her. Ruksar thinks the certificate is going to come soon and no one’s blessings is going to save this marriage.

Zara’s mom gets worried seeing Zeenat bringing Zara. Aayesha tells her not to worry. Zeenat has changed a lot.

Zara and Kabir see each other. Kabir is stunned seeing beautiful Zara. They stand opposite each other. Ruksar is anxiously waiting for the courier guy. Qazi announces Kabir and Zara still didn’t have a third divorce and they are re-marrying to make their relationship stronger. The courier guy arrives and searches for Ruksar. Ruksar gets happy. Kabir asks whether he can ask one question to Zara. Qazi says for sure. Kabir asks Zara whether she will marry him and stay with him for a lifetime. Before Zara answers, the courier guy asks who is Ruksar, she has a package. Kabir gets nervous. Zara says “qubool hai” three times before Ruksar can open the package. Everyone is happy for Zara and Kabir.

Now Zara asks Kabir whether he agrees to make her his wife. Ruksar quickly opens the package and is shocked to find some other certificate. Kabir says not only for this life but for his every life, he has only one answer – qubool hai, qubool hai, qubool hai!

Zara’s Nikah 13 September 2020 update ends as everyone claps and wishes Mubarak to each other. Ruksar says she won’t give up. This marriage will only be complete when they spend a night together and she won’t let that happen no matter what.

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