Zee World’s The Heir: Where It’s Dangerous To Be A Girl

The insane and archaic discrimination against women’s freedom, equality and the protection of
women’s rights takes centre stage in Zee World’s new series The Heir, which replaces Twist of Fate on Sunday, June 9.
The show’s Hindi title is Waaris, which means Heir.
The Heir is described as a social thriller and tells the story of Amba Pawaniya (played by
Aarti Singh) whose daughter Manpreet lives her life on the brink of death
because she’s a girl.
Amba is a
pregnant widow to the former chieftain, Charan – a benevolent leader. He loses
his life in a battle with an opposing clan and Jagan, his brother, takes over from him as the chief but their styles of leadership are very different.
Amba vows that she is pregnant with a son who will take over the chieftainship.
The family matriarch promises to kill the child if it turns out to be a girl. Faced with
two insurmountable threats, Amba, after giving birth to a girl, lies about the gender of her child.
She announces that she has given birth to a boy. Lying about a child’s gender is one thing,
the challenge of keeping this lie up on a daily basis is quite another.
She is faced with her mother-in-law’s impatience, her brother-in-law’s threats and her
daughter’s frustration at having to grow up as a boy.
The concept of girls and women dressing as boys and men to protect themselves and their
families is a cultural practice in Afghanistan known as Bacha posh. 
Amba must raise her girl as a boy in order to keep her reign. But for how long can she keep up
with the charade? Find out as the series premieres on Sunday, June 9 at 20h00.


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